A Great Antenna in Bad Weather

Readers of this blog know that a digital TV antenna will provide network TV shows for free. It’s an easy way to watch live events like the Academy Awards and The Olympics. Aside from all that, an antenna will also give you access to your local markets NFL team, PGA events, Pro Tennis, and more.

All this content is available, and the only cost to you is the cost of the antenna. These signals are broadcast for all, why not take advantage?

In the comments on my guide to watching TV without cable, I have had a few folks asking how well certain antennas hold up in extreme winter weather. Living in the Mid Atlantic, I haven’t had many experiences with my antenna in extreme conditions.

That is, until this weekend. This weekend Winter Storm Jonas dumped 30 inches of snow on the Baltimore metropolitan area in about 24 hours time. This historic blizzard not only blanketed the area in snow, but treated us to hurricane force winds.

There was snow, thunder, lightning and whiteout conditions. Meanwhile, my family was safe inside watching TV with hardly a hiccup in TV reception. This is all thanks to our Mohu Sky Antenna. Due to it’s thin design it deters snow from building up on the antenna, which can ruin TV reception. Furthermore it’ mast is extremely stable which keeps the antenna from shaking around in extreme wind.

To give you an idea of how bad this storm was, it has broken every snowfall record in Baltimore since snowfall statistics have been recording. The storm came spinning towards Baltimore like a cyclone, anchored itself off the Eastern Shore of Maryland and dumped snow on the area until it ran out of energy. A 60 mile stretch of Interstate 70 had to be shut down due to the storm

Just check out the pictures below. I took these while digging out the day after the storm.

For those of you in the Mid West, you deal with this weather on a yearly basis, but hopefully this will give an idea of how well this antenna holds up in these conditions. If you want more information on this wonderful antenna, check out my review of the Mohu Sky 60.

While this antenna can be installed in attics or on roofs, I recommend a roof install. It will eliminate any attenuation from the signal passing through the roof. This gets worse when there is a layer of snow on your house. Having installed outside will give your antenna a clear view of the sky in the worst of conditions. An outdoor antenna is a great arrow in the quiver for any cord cutter.

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