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Big News from Grounded Reason

I have some big news for cord cutters and readers of this blog. Currently, I am working on producing the Grounded Reason Podcast. Don’t worry. It’s intended to be an extension of the blog. In fact, episodes will be accessible from the groundedreason.com and subscribers will be notified of new episodes as they are release.

This is one of the steps I’m taking to make Grounded Reason more interactive and a way to invite some reader participation. To that end I’ll be looking for comments on the blog to fuel podcast topics. Perhaps we’ll even introduce some reader stories on their cord cutting experiences.

I’m looking to release the first episode around August 10th, as that is the 2 year anniversary of the website. Episodes will occur weekly and will be about 30 minutes in length. While the first several will focus on issues around cord-cutting, I plan on expanding the platform to discuss technology and how it affects our lives, both positively and negatively.

Ideally I’m hoping the podcast will give you a chance to know me a little better, and provide a way to better explain some of the nuances of cutting the cord and other tech topics. If there is something you specifically want me to address in the podcast you can tweet @groundedreason (follow me on twitter for updates) or leave a comment here.

I’m currently working hard putting episodes together with my Co-Host Joel Rives, whom you will meet shortly. Like me, Joel has worked a majority of his career in IT and is a great resource for the blog to have. Furthermore, he still has cable, so he will be able to provide another perspective for the podcast.

So far we have put together episodes on general cord cutting, TV antennas, streaming live TV,  and watching the NFL without cable. We didn’t want to make a podcast of techies droning on and on about technology so we mix it up with personal stories and other shenanigans. I’m really excited for you to hear it.  Stay tuned for updates, and please let me know your suggestions on Twitter or in the comments.

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Dennis Restauro :Dennis is the founder of Grounded Reason. He also hosts the Grounded Reason Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: Follow Dennis on Twitter

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  • I wish you all the best possible success with your new venture. I cut the cord several years ago and your excellent blog has helped me to acquire some quite fine substitutes to cable. I always look forward to reading your blogs and am sure I will equally enjoy your new podcasts.
    Best regards, Steve

  • I have found this site and Dennis's recommendations to be excellent. I'm now not only a cord cutter, but a cord cutter in TWO places, for double the savings. I split the year between 2 homes, and was paying for TV, phone and internet in both places. I used to be able to suspend at least the TV part when I wasn't there, but no longer. So I gave it up! Now I have a Mohu antenna in AZ, which gets dozens of channels, an antenna in NH which gets only one channel (but that's OK - it's PBS) plus Sling and CBS All Access. I already had NetFlix and Amazon Prime. With that arrangement, I can watch all the TV I need. If occasionally I miss something I used to have, I ask myself "Is it really worth $100 a month?" So far, the answer has always been NO.

    I have a single phone number, which I have set up to ring on my cell phone too, and take my little Broadvoice box with me when I go back and forth. My life is simpler and I've saved thousands, thanks to Dennis. I wouldn't have known enough to tackle this on my own.

    I was interested in the article on recording over-the-air channels and watching them anywhere. I believe this means that, with the right equipment, I might be able to record the AZ channels, where I have good reception, and watch them in NH, where reception is lousy.

    As for future subjects, I was going to ask for your thoughts on the various remotes on the market. I used to use a fancy Logitech Harmony programmable remote, but it doesn't seem built for streaming, and it's overkill with my simpler setup. Is there now a good single remote for cord cutters, or does everyone just use their phone?

    Dennis: I don't always remember to use your links to order things, but I would be happy to donate something to your efforts. You might consider a 'donate' button on your site.

    • Thank you Stephen. I'm yet to test remotes. I will definitely note it for a future topic. As for the donate button, the site ad space funds the website. While I know some would gladly donate, I wouldn't want to make people feel obligated to do so.

  • I am looking forward to it! I have until June 2017 on my current contract and, thanks to your website, I already have my antenna, DVR, and streaming channels selected. If there are any new updates, I have all the confidence in the world that you will tell me about them. Thank you for your invaluable service to those looking to cut the cord.

  • I have a Mohu Sky 60 antenna in my garage attic getting about 51 channels and have Roku 3 box and 3 Roku 2016 sticks all work great only issue is one of my favorite station freezes I think its something to do with the atmosphere maybe a stronger amp will be leaving cable soon

  • here is something that can be added to the blog in a future test: WinTV. i think the latest version is 8. the hauppauge digital tv tuner for xbox one, unless they removed it, comes with an activation code for it and the tuner, USB type, works with the mohu leaf 50 as they have a live tv bundle on microsoftstore.com with the leaf 50 and the tuner, and possibly wintv 8. WinTV allows Windows to act like a TV for OTA TV using a tuner, like what they supply, and has DVR functionality. if the program is only what is after, it is found at happauge.com or something along those lines. hauppauge is known for making computer based tuners that take an antenna and play it on the device and they were the makers of both the xbox one tuner and wintv 8. if just the tuner is gotten it comes with a 10 mile antenna but not mohu brand. only the live tv bundle comes with the leaf 50 and tuner to play wintv 8 with really good quality.

    if the tuner is used on the xbox one, as well as an antenna, and the channels are loaded, any device with the xbox one smartglass app can stream OTA channels while the person on the xbox one could be watching sling tv or netflix or playing a video game.

    • I definitely want to look into this. I need to get an Xbox One to try this. I currently only have a 360.