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How and Why You Should Cut the Cord in 2017 – Podcast

In today’s episode we discuss why you should drop your pay TV package in 2017 if you haven’t already. We also cover how to ease into the cord cutting lifestyle while saving money and adding more time to your day.

Here are some important links discussed in the show.

Affordable Internet Plans – https://www.groundedreason.com/how-to-get-internet-without-cable/

How to choose the right antenna – https://www.groundedreason.com/watch-tv-free-antenna-guide/

Want to hear the episode on TVFool.com? Check out this episode – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/011-tv-fool-improve-tv-antenna-reception/id1140661229?i=1000375799691&ls=1&mt=2

Need a DVR for that antenna? Check out this episode of the pod https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/018-dvrs-record-tv-from-an-antenna/id1140661229?i=1000377318396&ls=1&mt=2

Sling TV – https://www.groundedreason.com/sling-tv-review-watch-live-tv-online/

Playstation Vue– https://www.groundedreason.com/replace-cable-with-playstation-vue/

Direct TV – Now we covered in in Episode 23 but here is a High level https://www.groundedreason.com/directv-now-online/

YouTube TV – We covered in episode 35. https://www.groundedreason.com/youtube-tv-channels/

Hulu TV – https://www.groundedreason.com/tv-shows-hulu-worth-cost/

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  • We can't cut the cord. Our best internet connection is 3mbps over dsl which has a problem of disconnects. We tried for a year. It was brutally unsatisfactory. To pay for a faster satellite connection for the internet to watch tv is way more expensive than DISH tv with their flex plan. Antennae? out here in the boonies we only get 1 pbs, fox, & cbs. When we get old and need to get back to the city and hundreds of mbps we will surely cut the cord then!

  • ESPN is in deep trouble if the bundle goes away. You mentioned people would pay $8 or $9, they'd have to charge a lot more than that to be revenue neutral to where they are now. There are a lot of people who pay for ESPN who have no interest in it.

    Everything I've heard is that the over the top offering is different content, most notably additional NBA games.

    • Hi Dennis.

      I want to "cut the cord" and have learned a lot from your website. My question is if we have more than one "non-smart" TV, do we need streaming devices for each TV?

      • Any TV you want to stream to will need a streaming device. Now, you could purchase a Fire Stick or a Roku Express and just move it from TV to TV. You would just need to make sure each TV you want to use has an HDMI port.

    • I was just passing that off what they currently make off of subscribers through Pay TV. However, you are correct, since it's not a bulk buy it may be a bit more expensive.

  • Hi -- I have been wanting to get rid of cable for ages and have decided that this is time to do it. So -- I am taking one television and using that as a testing ground for what I will do in the house generally. I have a Roku stick which is great (better picture than cable) and I bought an antenna (MOHU Curve 50). Because my SONY LCD WEGA was made in 2004, I figured out quickly that I needed a digital converter. I bought a Mediasonic/Homeworx, HW180STB. I can get the local channels plus a couple of others (not including any PBS by the way) but the color is dreadful. I can watch the local CBS network affiliate and then switch to the CBS All Access through my Roku stick and there is a world of difference -- same thing (I assume, maybe wrongly). So -- do I need a better piece of equipment and if that's the case -- what equipment?? Thanks!

    • Hmm, the picture could be a number of things. The Mediasonic is an "on the cheap" DVR solution, combining with a more than 10-year-old TV can result in a poor quality picture. That said, you would need to have someone troubleshoot the solution to really figure out what is going on.

  • I am elderly and do not watch much tv at all, but do like some ABC shows and would like to have HGTV, I have one new tv (Samsung LED Series 45, and 2 other much older TV's. Watching the Samsung, what would I need to get regular channels and what extra to get HGTV?