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Getting Rid of Cable Savings Calculator

Many want to know if getting rid of cable and utilizing modern streaming solutions with save them money . With that in mind, I would like to announce the Grounded Reason Cord Cutting Calculator. It takes time to hunt down and price out the services you would like to use. This calculator eliminates the trouble.

The tool allows users to fully configure the subscriptions services they’ll use to get rid of cable TV and the what “internet-only” service would cost from their internet service provider. Users also enter their current cable bundle costs from which the Cord Cutting Calculator derives an an annual savings or loss from the information entered.

The calculator will give you an idea if getting rid of cable is worth your while.  Furthermore, it will let people know how much extra cash they should expect to have at the end of the year after ditching that cable TV subscription.

I was recently inspired by my disappointment with the calculator at Slate.com.  Their heart was in the right place, but they completely gloss over half the cost of cable by requesting users to use the promotional price offered by their cable provider.

Anyone who has been trapped by cable providers know that the bill quickly doubles from the promotional price once they factor in device rental fees, broadcast fees, taxes, DVR fees, etc.  I know my original $99.99 per month offer turned out to be around $150 when I opened the first bill.

My goal was to provide a cord cutting calculator that allows users to examine all the costs buried in their cable bill and fairly compare it to streaming solutions on the market.  My hope is to make the decision to get rid of cable TV much easier for everyone to make.

I plan on keeping this up to date and adding options as they become available.  Please try out the Cord Cutting Savings Calculator and let me know what you think in the comments. Suggestions are welcome as I want this to be the tool potential cord cutters want to use.

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