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Easier Ways to Find TV Online

What I love about this blog is not only am I a cord cutter, but so are you. A number of you have either already canceled your cable subscription or are at least considering it. When we all have this shared mutual interest, it makes it much easier to find things to write about.

Typically, if there is something that bugs me, then it most likely bugs you too. This works both ways. I usually find myself nodding in agreement with commenters when they express their disdain for the cable company that is sucking their wallets dry, or share their excitement about a new TiVo cable alternative.

As a cord cutter, one issue I run into is locating content. It’s not because there isn’t enough. It’s that it is too scattered and takes a lot of effort to remember all the places I can watch TV shows and movies. I figure many of you have this same issue. While I attempted to put a page together to address this, it wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been.

So to address that issue, I’ve put together a page to catalog all the Online TV Channels out there.

I’ve broken the page down by subject matter so there may be a little overlap, but the categories I started with are as follows:

I’m always on the lookout for new sources of content, so I will be adding channels as time goes on. If you find anything out there, let me know and I’ll add it to the page. Then, we can all have a consolidated reference to help everyone looking for TV Shows and movies online.

I eventually would like to open up a forum. The thing holding me back isn’t setting it up, but the management of it. A lot of effort goes into moderating a forum and I fear the blog will suffer if I tried to take that on. So if anyone would like to volunteer their time to moderate the forum, it may be a project we can get started on.

This blog has really done well since I started it 2 years ago, and I just want to thank all the readers out there who have supported, subscribed, and kept coming back. It’s hard to find the words to truly express my appreciation. I promise I will continue to work hard and make this website into a resource and community we all can enjoy.

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  • Here's my problem; to get these streaming services an internet provider is still required and in my area it is Comcast or Verizon "Hi speed". No FIOS available in my area for the foreseeable future. Comcast internet has good speed but is expensive therefore I am with Verizon. Problem: speed is less than 4mb/sec and sometimes less than 2mb/sec. Accordingly, there is a lot of buffering with movies transmitted over the internet. Not only buffering but when the internet speed is sufficient, movies are not in hi def.
    Is there an alternative to Comcast or Verizon? (No AT&T in my area) or is there a workaround to get streaming services. I have an RCA OTA antenna running 3 TV's and it works fine. 30 mi south of Boston, MA getting 18 channels including all local CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX

    • Victor,

      I'm looking into alternative providers for a post. I'm still gathering information, but I should have something together soon.

  • Dennis, I want to repeat my appreciation for all your hard work in the "Grounded Reason" Blog. You not only influenced my efforts in cord cutting, you provided all the tools I needed to "Git 'Er' Done!" I am on my last few days of Dish; the antenna and Roamio OTA & Mini are here and will be installed next week.
    We are already "weaning" ourselves from Fox News and finding that the free Ap "CBS News Live" is a good substitute with the Fox News Ap providing the previous day highlights.
    I did subscribe to Sling TV, and find that it operates fast on the Ethernet powered Amazon Fire Box, but more slowly on the Fire Stick (still ok tho). The 50% off Roku 3 (thru the Sling TV offer, THANKS TO grounded Reason and Dennis!) arrived today and I will be using it in my home office (Ethernet powered to network).

    I agree that moderating a forum would probably negatively affect your Grounded Reason Blog. How you do all that you do here is more than enough. It is essentially a forum already, with our comments and your responses.
    Keep up the good work! You are doing a tremendous service!

  • Dennis,

    I'm pretty new to your blog and also very much appreciate your efforts.

    I'd be very interested in a post about watching the Olympics this summer. As far as I can tell, if you don't have cable, you are limited to watching the normal NBC channel (prime time), but would appreciate any of your insights.

    Peter Pawlak

    • I will definitely put something together soon on watching the Summer olympics this year. Stay tuned.

  • Dennis, I finally got logged in to Play Station Vue. I think the main thing if you are using Amazon Fire as I am (or perhaps other devices), is DO NOT CHANGE the ZIP Code you are presented, even though it (most probably) NOT your correct Zip.

    If You like, I will post the exact steps I just went through to finally get logged in and watching Vue.

    I am now complete with every thing I wanted and NO MORE Satellite! Will probably drop Sling after the three months is up that I used to get the 50% off Roku3.