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Multiple Streams and FOX Comes to Sling TV

One April 13th Sling TV announced that is was bringing both multiple streams per account and a host of FOX networks online. Not only can one account stream up to 3 devices, but there is finally a way to watch FOX Sports 1 online.

Due to the way the deals are arranged with Disney and FOX, Sling TV now has two different base options. There is the “Best of Live TV” single stream, which is the standard Sling TV without the new FOX additions. Then, there is the new “Best of Live TV” Multi-Stream beta which includes the new FOX channels minus the Disney owned networks. I’ve outlined all the changes in my updated review of Sling TV

The changes were announced in a press release detailing the multi-stream package as follows:

“Since launch, our customers have asked for more channels and multiple streams. We believe our new multi-stream service, anchored by a strong lineup of Fox content, including top franchises like ‘Empire’ and ‘The Americans’ on FOX and FX, as well as access to Major League Baseball in 15 markets, including the New York Yankees, is the first step in answering their requests,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “We look forward to incorporating our customers’ feedback throughout the beta phase as we evolve the multi-stream service to include additional channels, features and functionality.”

Sling TV went on to detail the channel changes by stating:

“The new “Best of Live TV” multi-stream service includes content from FOX Broadcasting, FOX Sports, FX, National Geographic and other popular networks from AMC, A&E, Turner, Scripps and Univision.

Similar to Sling TV’s single-stream service, beta multi-stream customers can tailor their experience by adding “Extras,” including “Hollywood Extra,” “Lifestyle Extra,” “World News Extra,” HBO and Cinemax.”


Sling TV is considering this a beta release, which means they will be relying on user feedback to improve and update the service during this beta period. Typically with a beta release there is an expectation that the service will be evolving and improving during the initial release period.

It looks like 2016 is going to continue previous the trend of breaking the content monopoly of Cable TV by making more TV networks available online to cord cutters

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  • We are looking for a way to get totally away from Cable or Satalite TV. We purchased a Roku which we have not yet hooked up but one of the concerns I have is my shows like Fox News, A&E, The Inspiration Channel, TBN, Church Channel, Daystar plus local channels.

  • I am still confused re ability to receive O'reilly if I subscribe to Sling. Does this include Fox cable?news? I have held off joining Sling due to the absence of Fox Cable News. Larry Scher

      • I think leaving Fox news behind is a positive, and I'm more inclined to purchase Sling.
        Perhaps Sling might get Politico, Huffington Post and Wikileaks to get behind a camera. I'd definitely like to see John Q Public get news from actual live journalists, not what's handpicked and biased to serve a very rich media mogul's purpose.

        • While I try to stay as neutral as possible when it comes to politics on the blog, I can whole heartily agree that cable news is a bit lacking when it comes to informing the public.

  • You could stream Fox Sports 1 (and 2) with the Playstation Vue Access Slim package.

    • You could, but I've been getting complaints about Vue blocking access when a customers ISP renews the lease of there IP address. I put an update in my Vue article.

      • I have had Vue for less than a month and have not had any issues. I am assuming the external IP address is dynamic (Comcast). I don't know if they change it when it renews. I'll keep an eye on it.

  • We've had Sling for about 2 months now...sadly the only thing missing is FOX NEWS CHANNEL. I also have family that are ready to cut the cord as I have and go with Sling...but only when they can get FNC. PLEASE PLEASE add it. Thank you.