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Watch NFL Games Online Without Cable

The word is out. You can watch TV without cable and still enjoy your favorite shows without paying thousands to cable and satellite TV companies. Watching NFL football without cable is no exception. While the “Watch NFL without Cable” section gives you the best overview, I put links to jump to specific sections of the article below.

Watch NFL Without Cable

Basically, Sunday day games will air on FOX and CBS. Sunday Night  Football will air on NBC. While Monday Night Football will require ESPN. Meanwhile, Thursday Night games will air games on a mix of NBC and CBS. However, all those games will be simulcast on NFL Network. In the summary below I’ll cover the cheapest way to line up all these networks.

NFL Online

Update: You can get the first 2 months of FuboTV for only $19.99 per month. They stream the local CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliate for most NFL markets. This is an easy way to watch your local NFL teams game. They give you the first week free, so you can try with no risk.

You can get full access to ESPN and NFL Network online and tons more sports content through Sling TV. ESPN is available through Sling TV’s Orange Package, while NFL Network is available on their Blue Package. Both packages cost $40 per month and will give you Monday and Thursday Night football via ESPN and NFL Network without requiring a cable TV or satellite subscription. You can sign up here and get a free Roku, or you can simply try their 7-day free Trial.

The Blue Package also offers live FOX and NBC in select markets. Be sure to check out my review of Sling TV for more information.

Sling TV offers the following for football fans :

  • Monday Night Football through ESPN on their Orange Package
  • NFL Network on the Blue Package to catch the Thursday Night Games
  • Sunday Night Football on NBC through the Blue Package in Chicago (WMAQ), New York (WNBC), San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (KNTV), Los Angeles (KNBC), Philadelphia (WCAU), Dallas/Fort Worth (KXAS), Washington DC (WRC), Miami/Fort Lauderdale (WTVJ), San Diego (KNSD), Boston (WBTS) and Hartford/New Haven (WVIT)
  • Sunday Day Games on FOX through the Blue Package in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Gainesville, Fla., Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pa., Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, Fla. and Washington D.C.

NFL Over the Air

Your local NFL team’s games will be available for free, over the air. That means you simply need a TV antenna. Furthermore, Sunday Night Football is carried by NBC. NBC also airs five Thursday Night Football games. Five other Thursday Night games air on CBS. You will need NFL Network for all other Thursday Night Games.

The Thursday Night games on each of those networks are as follows:

Thursday Night Football On CBS: Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, and Week 8

Thursday Night Football On NBC: Week 10, Week 11, Week 13, Week 14, and Week 15

You can read the first part of the article below for TV antenna suggestions or check out my HD antenna guide for more information. If you are unable to use a TV antenna, check out the section below on PlayStation Vue in the “Other Ways to Watch NFL without Cable” section. They do offer some local FOX, NBC, CBS markets.

If you are having trouble getting CBS, CBS All Access will be streaming NFL games airing on CBS in over 150 local markets.

NFL Game Pass

For everything else, there is NFL Game Pass. NFL Game Pass costs $99 dollars for the season for U.S. customers. This provides all games, all season, but there is a catch. You can’t watch live on devices in the United States. However, you can watch every NFL Game live on Game Pass if you are using a device outside of the U.S.

You can simulate your computer being outside the U.S. very easily using a Smart DNS service. I use a service called Overplay to watch baseball online since MLB has similar black-out rules. I also go into a bit of detail on this later in the article.

Here are the delay rules for NFL Game Pass for those living in the United States:

Sunday morning and afternoon games (9:30am ET, 1pm ET & 4pm ET) are available at the conclusion of all Sunday 4pm ET games, and Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday and Saturday NFL games are available following the conclusion of the applicable game telecast. However, if you are accessing NFL Game Pass through a free trial, Thursday night games will not be available until 3 days after the telecast.

Those are the major details, but there are some other possible options for Verizon Wireless customers and some select online streaming of NFL games. There is also an online option for NFL Sunday Ticket for folks in certain living situations. I cover all of this in the rest of the article.

Watch Monday Night Football Online

Monday Night Football airs on ESPN. If you are solely interested in watching Monday Night Football, the services below offer ESPN.

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Watch Thursday Night Football Online

If you are interested is just catching Thursday Night Football, then NFL Network is what you need. While other networks air certain Thursday games, NFL Network will air all of them. Below are the services where you can find NFL Network.

Thursday Night Football on Amazon

Amazon Prime will be showing eleven Thursday Night Football games this season on their Prime Video App. Amazon Prime members will stream be able to watch Thursday night games in weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16.

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NFL Without Cable for Free

Living just outside Baltimore, I can watch all 16 regular season Ravens games, and their postseason games as well with my Mohu Sky 60 antenna. Whether your local NFL team is playing home or away, on Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football, your local affiliate should be broadcasting the game over the air (OTA). I’ve written a guide so you can choose the best TV antenna for your needs.

Additionally, since broadcast TV is less compressed, the picture will be of much higher quality than what you are used to with cable and satellite TV. I’d much rather watch football OTA. Watching on cable or satellite just feels grainy by comparison.

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Watch Out of Market NFL Games

The NFL announced that is will stream all 256 NFL regular season games, all preseason games, playoffs and Super Bowl for the 2017-2018 season with NFL Game Pass.

Currently, NFL Game Pass will be available on iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets and Phones, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, and Apple TV. More devices are to follow.

In the past NFL Game Pass was only open to people living outside the US. Now it appears people living within the U.S. will be able to enjoy NFL streaming as well. Unfortunately, there is a slight blackout delay. If you read the fine print on the NFL Game Pass Website . . .

*NFL Game Pass includes live access to most preseason games. Such live preseason games do not include all nationally-broadcast preseason games and any preseason games televised in a user’s local market. Preseason games that are not available live in NFL Game Pass will be made available on-demand in the NFL Game Pass archives shortly after the conclusion of the original telecast. NFL Game Pass does not include live regular season, playoff, and Super Bowl game broadcasts. Access to these games is available within NFL Game Pass on an on-demand basis in the NFL Game Pass archives after such games have aired on broadcast television. Sunday morning and afternoon games (9:30am ET, 1pm ET & 4pm ET) are available at the conclusion of all Sunday 4pm ET games, and Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday and Saturday NFL games are available following the conclusion of the applicable game telecast. NFL Game Pass is unavailable during the telecast of the Super Bowl. Some 2009 regular season games are not available. NFL Game Pass is only available to users within the United States, Bermuda, Antigua, the Bahamas, any U.S. territories, possessions and commonwealths (including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), and Mexico.**Some live Preseason games may not be available live on phones, but will always be available in the archives.

Now that we’ve all gone cross-eyed, I’ll sum up what that means in English. Essentially, for the regular season, you have to wait until the 4 pm EST Sunday games are completed before you can watch the 1 pm and 4 pm Sunday games.

Any Night games (whether Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Saturday) will be available at the conclusion of the game. Preseason games will be live, except if they are televised in your local market. Then they will be available once the telecast has concluded.

NFL Game Pass will provide the following functionality and more . . .

  • The ability to connect to multiple devices
  • Turn scores on and off to avoid spoilers
  • Condensed game versions that are about 30 minutes long
  • Full replay of every game from 2009 until present day
  • Coaches Film
  • DVR Controls

Getting Around the Black-Out

As I mentioned earlier, if you are outside the U.S,  you can watch every NFL game live through NFL Game Pass. For example, all we have to do is make our computer look like it is in France and you can stream all NFL Games live as if you are living there.

To do this you can use a SmartDNS service or VPN to simulate a French based IP address. The details of doing this are described in my article on using a SmartDNS. I personally use Overplay SmartDNS to do this. The basic steps to do this are below. Make sure you set up your DNS before purchasing Game Pass. You will need to purchase it while using the foreign DNS.

Setting up SmartDNS for NFL Game Pass

  1. Sign up for Overplay SmartDNS
  2. Follow the instructions here to setup your device
  3. While logged into Overplays website click ” My Account” then click “SMARTDNS”
  4. Here you can configure your SmartDNS settings for the services you want to use, including NFL Game Pass. Make sure NFL Game Pass is set to “France”
  5. Now that it looks like you are in France. Navigate to NFL Game Pass and start your free trial. Create an account (you need a new account, don’t use  U.S. Game Pass Account)
  6. You will be asked for a payment method. Using a U.S. based credit card shouldn’t matter.
  7. You are billed the € 189.99 (about $210) for the entire season when the 1-week free trial ends. Therefore, if you decide to cancel, make sure you do it before the trial ends and you will not be billed. It’s easy to cancel from your account settings.

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Other Ways to Watch the NFL Online

NFL On PlayStation Vue

PlayStation VUE also provides NFL Network and ESPN in their “Core Package” for $44.99 per month. The VUE also has ESPN rivaling Sling TV when it comes to watching prime-time football.

PlayStation VUE also offers the Live Local Affiliates for the following broadcast networks in the following markets:

CBS: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Harrisburg, Hartford/New Haven, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and West Palm Beach.

FOX: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Gainesville, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, and Washington DC

NBC: Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Hartford/New Haven, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington DC

NFL Mobile from Verizon Wireless

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, then you have a way to watch Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football online for free. New and existing customers with Verizon’s More Everything Plan have full access to the NFL Mobile from Verizon app. This doesn’t require you to have a cable TV, satellite, or even a Verizon FiOS account.

The NFL Mobile app through Verizon Wireless not only provides a way for those without cable to watch Monday and Thursday Night Football online but Sunday Night Football as well. It even allows you to watch your local team’s regular season games online.

In addition, you have live full access to the NFL Network. That’s right, you can watch NFL Network Online Free. This includes the ability to watch NFL RedZone online, providing live NFL scoring updates for fantasy football fans.

If you are a cord-cutter and an NFL fan, Verizon’s More Everything Plan fills a huge void in your ability to watch NFL without cable. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Unfortunately this app currently only works on mobile devices. The app shuts down when attempting to mirror your phone to Apple TV or Roku.

NFLSundayTicket.TV Online

Typically, NFL Sunday Ticket is only available to Direct TV subscribers. However, there are situations where NFL Sunday Ticket is available to you online without subscribing to Direct TV.

During last years NFL Season, NFL Sunday Ticket Online was available to people living in select apartment buildings, attending one of the 10 select universities, or living in select areas within the metro areas of New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco.

This year they are expanding that offering to “select multi-dwelling unit buildings nationwide.” They have also expanded the offering to more Colleges and Universities. You can verify eligibility on their website.

Blackout rules still apply, so you will still need an antenna to catch games within your local market.

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You Don’t Need Cable to Watch the NFL

That’s the takeaway here. There are plenty of ways to watch NFL football without paying an arm and a leg for cable or satellite TV. Your local NFL team’s games can be seen on an OTA antenna along with Sunday and Thursday Night Football.

Set yourself up with NFL Game Pass and you can watch every NFL game online. Verizon Wireless customers can watch Thursday Night Football online for free along with the Sunday and Monday Night Game as well. If you have Sling TV, you have access to Monday Night Football live on ESPN. The options are plentiful.

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  • There are man, many other ways and places.......dig deeper and throw off those corporate shackles!!

    • I know there are live streams, but I was concentrating on more legal means to watch NFL football.

  • How do you get around the billing address on your credit card when hiding IP? I would love to get out of DirecTV, but the NFL Ticket is what is keeping me there. Thanks.

    • It is easy. Legal too. Look up my ex-pat network. Here you will see how the company makes your IP "local". I watch a show I like in Canada. If this one works, I am sure you can find others like it to watch your team play even if it's blacked out. Also, if you Google "hide my iP" it will explain it there also.

    • In 2014 they didn't seem to factor in billing address. It's most likely because the license is based on where you are viewing, not where you live. They also take Paypal if you are concerned.

  • Great article. I know I'm late getting to it, but as a recent cord cutter I'm trying to cover all my angles when it comes to the NFL. I'm going to add Verizon Mobile to my arsenal of SlingTV and antenna. Thanks for the post.

  • Im using the Verizon app right now and mirroring it fine to my Apple TV, so no problems there! Looks as my way to watch all the NFL games this season without spending $200+ on the DirectTV packages!

  • What if I just want to watch my local team and an antenna won't work. So need to watch online?

  • I live near Chicago and NBC only plays one game over the air while CBS plays EVERY other game during the day. CBS is the only channel I don't get.

    How do I simply watch NFL games, live, without a cable subscription? I will pay money for an app that just streams games.

    • Game Pass will show every game, but it's on a delay. If you follow the Antenna Guide instructions to getting a TVFool OTA report, I may be able to see if there is an antenna that will get you CBS.

    • If the service supports Roku, then it should work fine on the Roku 2.

  • If you live in the middle of nowhere like here in Manhattan Kansas, a TV antenna will not get you local TV. Then after you pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket on your Roku, the locally broadcast games, like the Lions Thanksgiving game, are not available due to broadcasting laws. So you have no way of getting locally televised NFL games without paying for cable even when you pay for the NFL's own streaming package.

    • You can watch them on NFL mobile if you are a Verizon wireless customer. They worked a deal with the NFL to show in market games.

  • You sound like the most knowledgeable out there when it comes to cutting away from cable.
    I'm walking in circles trying to figure out how to get it all done and keep some kind of simplicity to the "channel flipping"
    Can you help set me with setting up all of this madness? It's not just NFL, but really all of it. I think I've just pretty much confused myself to a point of no return
    Thank you

  • Well the only best thing i could share here is possibly to aware ppl about geo restriction and how to bypass it via vpn to watch nfl clashes outside UK
    use purevpn and unlock streaming
    NFL matches should be aired in regions outside North America for the sake of their growing fans

    • I signed up for Verizon and watch all the NFL Network shows on my mobile device. NFL network is included on NFL Mobile.

  • Hi Dennis

    Really great guide thanks. There's a big price difference between signing up to NFL Gamepass in the US vs UK (almost 2X on even on current exchange rates). Do you need to sign up in the UK as well as spoofing your location or can you sign up to the $99 US deal and spoof? Thanks.

    • You need to get the U.K. deal. You could try other countries in the SmartDNS setting to see if it's cheaper. Brazil tends to be cheaper, but I haven't experimented with it. If you give it a try, let me know how it works out.

  • Dennis,
    What about Sling Blue? It has NBC Sprots and FS1, FS2, and FSN (fox sports network), built into the channel lineup. I see you mention Sling Orange, but not Sling Blue. Sling Blue alao allows 3 streams compared to the 1 in Sling Orange.

  • I am too far away from the city for even a powered antenna to work, and I'm in an apartment, so I can't install anything on the roof. So streaming is my only hope for NFL. Near as I can tell, if I get sling orange and blue packages, I will have espn, fox & nbc. So I just need to figure out how to get CBS. I believe CBS has it's own app. Do we know for sure that Sling airs NFL on the network channels?

    • Sling TV has said that if you have the Local Fox affiliate through Sling TV then you should have access to the local NFL games on Fox. As for CBS, I haven't seen official word that the same is true for CBS All Access, but I have heard CBS has been in talks to resolve that issue.

  • Sling TV with my Apple TV looks like my best bet for the NFL season. Here is my question. I live in the Mpls MN market, but am a Green Bay Packers fan. I know that there are 3 games that I won't get for sure because the Packers play at the exact same time as the Vikings on the same network in the Mpls market. Would I be able to watch a CBS, FOX or NBC affiliate in the Green Bay market from my home in Minnesota with Sling TV? does it allow you to watch affiliates from other markets?

    • CBS isn't on Sling, and FOX is only in select markets. That said it only allows your home market. Your best shot is using the NFL Game Pass workaround.

  • How do I get to the UK game pass? I found the UK nfl network website, but when I click on the gamepass, it takes me to the normal USA game pass website.

    • You need to set up the smart DNS first for the UK, then you will get the UK version of NFL game pass.

  • What about PlayStation VUE!!!! Forget SlingTV . I can watch more channels and have DVR functionality on all channels. Plus it's got the NFL baby.

      • They recently announced it was coming soon. It may be available in some areas if they are doing a staged rollout.

    • Vue works as well. I'm hesitant to recommend it due to repeated reports of people getting locked out of their services when they reset their router and their IP address changes.

  • I currently live at the bottom of a mountain and no longer receive any antenna signal (huge bummer for someone who normally just watched games OTA). I am currently trying to evaluate options to watch games (particularly the Steelers). I live in VA and frequently their games are shown in my market, making the initial NFL Sunday ticket useless. I already have access to ESPN and NBC, but would like to have access to CBS (eliminating Sling TV), and Fox. I could pay $25/month for the local channels to be piped into my house via Comcast, which is absurd to me since they were free if I were in an area that had signal.

    Is my best bet using comcast, or would the VPN concept be perfect for me?

    • I'd verify the fees with Comcast. I'm betting the bill is going to wind up being more than $25 a month. In the end, I'd go with the cheapest option.

  • I have signed up with Overplay, but I am concerned that when I try to sign up with game pass,
    I will be showing my US info. Will using Paypal help?

    • I used PayPal, but it shouldn't make a difference. I know people that have claimed to use their U.S. billing address.

  • Dennis, how kind of you to help all to get our NFL fix! I need help, however, and I am not a techie. I have DirecTV (because of the Sun. ticket), and I live out in the country where no cable is available. I get the internet on my laptop from a Verizon air card. I have an iPhone with Verizon, both owned by my employer with many security blocks. I own an iPad and can use my phone as a personal hotspot to get the internet on my iPad. Personal cell phone is Sprint. My dilemma: I am a huge GB Packer fan and want to watch pre-season and every other game, but I live in Springfield, MO. They play tonight, Friday. How can I watch it live...other than driving to Green bay :-)

  • Man, I must be stupid. With a new Roku 4, signed up for NFL Game Pass, paid my $99 and now read in your article that it won't be available till sometime in October. Not once do I remember seeing or reading the October effective date. Why wasn't this clearly noted? I feel like I'm being cheated out of 1/3 of the current season.

    • Frump is correct. NFL is updating app on Roku. They claim their working hard to have it ready for the season. Thank God my son has a Xbox one

    • No it hasn't been working on Roku for weeks now. Just a message saying we are preparing things for the 2016 season.

      • Sorry about that. I use my laptop with Game-pass, so I was unaware of them having issues on Roku. hopefully they will get it taken care off before the season starts.

    • No, it's not on Roku now. It says they are updating it. So when will it be on Roku? Good article though!!

      • It should work using the "NFL Channel" from the channel store on Roku. Is it not?

  • So I'm right in-between two markets...I live 30 miles above Florida and 30 miles below a GA market. But all we get on cable is the Fl market. I want to watch Falcons games, but stuck with Tampa Bay and Jax. With Sling, would it automatically pick up the Fl market since that is what our cable uses?

  • Everything worked perfectly... For a day. NFL GamePass (UK version) still works on my laptop no problem (which is still awesome, thank you!) with OverPlay but the NFL apps on my AppleTV's seem to block access every time I change the DNS settings. Anyone else experiencing this in the US?

    • Ok I went through all the steps provided by OverPlay, created a UK based Apple ID and downloaded the NFL apps from the UK App Store. The steps do work perfectly on iPhone and iPad for the GamePass app over the VPN. The Apple TV (4th gen) recognizes the NFL UK based app but doesn't recognize my UK purchased GamePass subscription. It appears at least for now Airplay is the best option for connection to Apple TV which works flawlessly with no lag and is crystal clear.

      • Awesome! I suspected there would be an issue using the Apple TV. Overplay only lists iOS as supported for Game Pass. Apple TV uses tvOS.

    • Thanks for the reply Dennis. After researching it further with OverPlay it appears for iOS I need to create a foreign iTunes account and download the foreign version of the NFL app for it to work. Not sure if I'll go this far as the HDMI out is the easier option here but if I do I'll reply with the result. Thanks again.

      • Cool, thanks Bill. I do the HDMI out to the TV with MLB.tv, overplay and my laptop and it works great for baseball.

    • It only works on laptop, and I think iOS devices for game pass. Since each service is different you need to look on overplay's support site to see the recommended way of watching. You may be able to airplay? I have an HDMI out on my laptop. I just plug it into the computer when I want to watch.

  • I love PlayStation Vue, myself. Now, if either they would pickup the NFL network (they have tons of sports networks), or if ROKU and the NFL would just get it together, life would be perfect! PlayStation Vue.has just about everything I need.

    • Then you are in luck Elisha. NFL Network is coming, and the Vue just expanded to Roku in June.

  • I signed up for NFL Game Pass and SmartDNS. Do I now need to purchase a UK subscription to Game Pass also? It appears I'm on the UK Game Pass site, but it won't allow me to view any of the Pre-Season games on right now.

    • Wes,

      You need to purchase the UK version. The U.S. version doesn't offer live access. You can just cancel your current U.S. subscription and then go through the DNS to get the U.K. version.

  • this may have already been answered, forgive me if it has, just in search of clarity,I have the Roku3 and a huge sports fan and fantasy football player, leaving cable for streaming has disabled the RedZone channel that has been very important to me. does the NFLNetwork app provide it? Should I subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket for it? Is there a free option or alternative? what steps or should i do to ensure that my football season enjoyment doesn't suffer? thank you for your response and time.

    • Hi Kelly. NFLNetwork and Redzone are available through the NFL mobile app if you are a Verizon Wireless customer. Otherwise, you can get it through Sling TV. You can get all the games if Sundayticket.tv if it's available to you without Direct TV. Otherwise, you will need to use the NFL Game Pass method I outlined in the article.

    • I want to watch on my android phone on the go.
      Last year's write-up had a link to int'l gamepass app.

      • The only way you can see the international offering from within the U.S. is with the VPN or Smart DNS

    • I use Overplay and they currently only support in browser streaming and iOS. I simply run an HDMI out from my laptop to the TV and watch it that way on the big screen. No App needed.

  • i live in an area that an OTA dose not pick up any channels. How can I watch local game? pittsburgh area

  • I set up Overplay on my iPad but can't find Game Pass. My option is to buy it from the Albanian iTunes store, but then it says my account is not valid there, and switches me back to the U.S. store. How do I get UK version of Game Pass.

    • You need to make sure your iTunes is set to the correct store in smartDNS. Personally I use my Mac and not my iPhone. Overplay does support iOS for game pass. If you are having issues they should be able to help you out.

  • Hi Dennis ,

    I bought Overplay service and already configured my Windows laptop. I assume now that I'll need to purchase the UK version of NFL game pass, correct? Which website do I go on to purchase the service?
    Thank u for all your help!

    • If you have overplay on, you should just be able to go to the normal website and you will be directed to the international offering.

  • Hi Dennis,

    I was wondering when you say laptop, does that mean either window base or Macbook pro in order to use Overplay and UK Game Pass?

  • I signed up for NFL Game Pass and it's passed the 7 day trial, is there a way to still cancel the U.S version of Game Pass and get the U.K version? I've looked all over on the U.S. version and can't find a place where I can cancel it. And if not, can I still purchase the U.K version and watch live games?

    • Has anyone had a problem signing into their game pass account since after the Sunday games?

    • Thanks for the quick response. I Submitted my request for cancellation and will let you know how it goes. I do have one more question, do I have to wait until my U.S. version is cancelled before I can get the U.K. version? Thanks

      • Sorry Joe, I'm not really sure if you have to wait. I've never really been in your situation.

    • Make sure you are on the U.S. site and log into your account. From there you should be able to disable your auto renew. To cancel outright you would need to click "Submit a request" and talk to support. I've never tried to cancel and re-sign up so it's a bit of uncharted water for me. Could you let me know what happens?

  • Hi Dennis, I apologize if you've answered this already, but can I watch any sports (ESPN, NFL. MLB) on my new Kindle fire now that I've cut the cable TV cord?


    • Sling TV is available on KindleFire. However other sources of NFL and MLB may be tougher.

  • Hello, I just wanted to ask what would be the best way to watch my team (Raiders) game live on my iPhone? I have AT&T so the Verizon thing is not an option. What would be the best way to watch the games?

    • Game Pass should work. If you live in the Raiders Market then you may need to use a SmartDNS.

  • Ravens vs Steelers on Christmas Day. I'll be in Ohio and my brother in law doesn't have NFLN. What's my best one time option to watch the game live? Have iPad, iPhone and an Verizon customer. Thanks. Go Ravens!

    • If you have an iPad, pick up a free week of Sling TV and watch. They have NFL Network. I love the do or die game we have with the Steelers. Classic.

  • I have a sprint phone and will be flying Sunday January 22nd. anything I can do with watching the Packer's/Falcons game on my phone? if there is wifi on the plane, this will be my only option to see the game. Help!

    • Are you a Verizon customer? You may be able to get it on NFL Mobile. If not, Sling TV has Fox Networks. However, I'm not sure how the local fox channels would work on an airplane. You may want to talk to sling support.

  • I live midway between New York and Philly & am an Eagles fan, but most services have decided I am in the NY area. Can I use smart DNS to get Philly stations?

    • If you set the DNS to the UK, you can watch any game through Game Pass.

  • Hi! Cool article!! I really wanna watch all the eagles games live! I wanna get the NFL game pass with the U.K. Service! I live in California so games over here start at 10 am. Anyways would I be able to watch any game live with NFL game pass? Or just the local ones?

  • Thanks for your article Dennis. I followed it to get Overplay with a UK NFL GamePass address on the DNS list.

    When I log in to the internet, does the IP address automatically kick in to being a UK (not NY) address?

    I wonder about the NFL Game Pass subscription also- does it require an address for the payment, when a credit card is being used? Does it matter that a US address is the billing address on the card?

    Also the NFL Game Pass link that you have in the article is not valid (Pepperjack something.com?). Can you just go to NFL.com to access the NFL Game Pass sign up screen? Obviously I haven't gone there yet, as I do not want a costly mistake.

    Also, what is JetSwitch and do I need that for this purpose?

    The best to you in your cord cutting enterprise

    • Last season billing info didn't affect this. They seem to go off of your IP Geolocation information. Sorry about the link, I use a global linking system that allows me to change a link in one place. I had the Game Pass record misconfigured. It's fixed now. In order for the SmartDNS to work Properly follow the support information on overplays site for the device. It's really just a matter of using their setting up their DNS and then going to the SmartDNS settings page for your account. JetSwitch is part of the SmartDNS system. It allows you to set up Location info for each service they support.

  • what about college football. I've given up on pro ball. it has become way to political and frankly don't care of most of the personalities of the players and the commentators.

  • Hi Dennis,

    I tried following the steps to set up the VPN with SmartDNS. I tried Spain and then London. I keep getting this message that game day is not available in my area:


    Needless to say, I'm getting close to giving up on the NFL all together until they open up their services like other major sports. Any suggestions here?

    Thank you.

    • Dennis-

      Eventually I was able to get NFL Game Pass Europe and can see it on my ipad and desktop. However, it does not play with the AppleTV app (that I can figure out yet), so I'll have to look into some type of hookup from my iPad or see if airplay is an option when the real games start.

    • Is it possible you are logging in with your U.S. game pass? Make sure you are logged out, and then clear your browser cookies. You will need a separate account for international.

  • I have followed your steps and signed up for Overplay and a free trial of NFL Game Pass and all seems to be working on my laptop. I would like to have the option to view these games on my iPad and iPhone. I am a Verizon customer and my iPad and iPhone both have service through Verizon.

    - Do I need an international app to use NFL Game Pass on my iOS devices?

    - If so, how do I get it since I live in the US and it is not available in the US iTunes store which is the only one I can purchase from?

    - Is there another way to use NFL Game Pass on the mobile devices?

    Thanks for your help!

  • If I have NFL Game Pass - US bought for preseason. I want to screencast to my TV. Can I do this with Chromecast from computer ? All I get is an NFL Logo. Or from an android tablet with a Chromecast. Or can I just buy a Roku for my TV? What is easiest option to get GamePass - PreSeason games cast to TV?

  • All internet football sucks. They are delayed like 60 seconds. I thought the 7 seconds was bad when HD came out but this is unwatchable.

    If you live in an apartment before they snap 2nd down, they are cheering and going nuts for the 3rd down touchdown play.

  • Signed up for Sling Orange and Blue package in order to watch Broncos. Even though last night's game was listed as a pre-season game I could watch on NFL channel, it was still not available due to local station blackout. Sling reps say they can't tell me what games I will be able to watch partially or fully because blackouts by local stations often mean you lose access in the middle of a game. They're best consolation was that I could watch games after they've aired live. Seriously. No point in having Sling for NFL live games as far as I can tell.

    • It's an issue with the NFL license agreements. If the game is being shown on a local market affiliate network (CBS, FOX etc) the game will be blacked on on NFL Network over streaming. You should be able to watch it on the local network.

  • I want to download the NFL mobile and pay for subscription but I dont have Verizon. Can I still live stream games if I pay for it?

  • Thank you for this comprehensive article on watching live NFL games for cord cutters. But I'm also considering Hulu TV or YouTube TV, would be able to provide detailed insight into those options as well?

  • So I'm not clear on something. I have signed up for Overplay and will sign up for NFL Game Pass. So do I need to sign up for game pass from the UK? It appears there are differences in the prices by doing so. $80 cheaper in the U.S. Is that right or am I doing something wrong?

    • I just updated the post. The U.K. has been showing a few games locally which will black them out on Game Pass. I recommend now using France as no games to my knowledge are blacked-out. The reason the international services cost more is that the games are live. The U.S. version delays the broadcasts.

  • I recently cut the cord and am happy with a combination of Amazon Fire and Apple TV , but one thing is missing local coverage of Pirates baseball that is on AT%T sportsnet formerly root sports. Is there any free or paid streaming service that carrys this? Thanks.

  • First off, thank you for all the hard work you put into this. I recently used all your articles to make the plunge and it's been great thus far. Couple asks though. I live in Baltimore so I can get the local Ravens games for my wife and her family via Playstation Vue's local CBS coverage. However, I'm a Panther fan and was wondering, can I VPN into say, Raleigh, and use Playstation Vue's live fox channel?

    Also, Sunday night games are NBC and Playstation Vue doesn't offer live NBC coverage. Is there an app or other option outside of an antenna to get live streaming for Sunday night games?

    Thanks in advance, love the site!

  • Thank you for your very detailed email. Is the cost of the NFL Gamepass still $90 US dollars or is it more when you are purchasing through the UK IP address as suggested? I went to their website to see if I could find out but it wouldn't give me info for international.


    • How does that end up being cheaper than what you would pay for the football packages with cable or satellite? 200 Pounds is $258 US and 200 euro is $235 US. Plus the $5 or $10 a month for the SmartDNS. The football packages cost about $200-$250 for the season.

    • It should give the information in pounds or Euro instead of dollars. It's close to $200 at the moment.

  • for NBC Games u can use the NBC sports live app. U get like 3 hrs free then u gotta use cable/sat provider . Use a friend or family members and ur golden!

  • I'm 42 miles from Indianapolis. The COLTS are the team we like to watch, especially on Sunday afternoon, or basically whenever we're home to watch.

    I have Direct TV, ROKU and an Amazon Firestick.

    Why can't we get anything here! Actually, none of the NBC stations are available live

  • Hey dennis, thanks for the full explanation of setting up DNS setting for the game pass, im a little confused on #5 where it says create an account. What did you mean by USA Based?

    • Sorry about that. I'll correct the wording. You can't use a U.S. account. You will need one for the international service.

  • If you watch PlayStation Vue for NFL the CBS and NBC cities you list, are all of them available if you live in say the L.A. market?

  • What about direct tv now? Won't that have all the games, with exception of NFL network?

    • You are correct. It is however a bit more expensive. I will update the article though. It was an oversight.

  • I have used the VPN method and can watch the game on my Android tablet and pc. However when I use my Roku to watch it on TV it won't let me. As well with my minix android device. Any suggestions?

    • A Roku can't typically be set to use a VPN. However, you can stick a router in front of the Roku and configure the router to use the VPN. I haven't done this myself, but your VPN service may have a "how-to" available.

  • Hey dennis, im a little lost on a few things, so i got the game pass, made a INT NFL acct first, i have over play, the smart dns + VPN, on overplay i have the DNS set to france, then when i navigate to gampass app it sas not available in my area, so i connect to a France VPN and it still says the same, just curious on how it shluld be working, or if i should be even using the SmartDNS and VPN together. When I purchased the gamepass, i got the 124.99 (Mexico) because it was cheaper than the 200$+ locations. Was that my error?

    • You have to watch it on the computer that you have the DNS setup on. If it's not working properly, Overplay support should be able to help out.

  • I live in Indianapolis and want to watch the dolphins play so what would be my best way to go

  • That is a ton of great information, thank you! Im afraid it left me a bit overwhelmed with options and decisions though. I live in Tucson, our team is the Seahawks, and we have Verizon internet, and Direct Tv cable. I cancelled the NFL package on Direct TV because it was so pricey, and I heard we could stream from Verizon/Comcast now. Just not exactly clear how to watch the games on our tv...we do have an Xbox if that helps, or laptops we could access...help please?! What gadget or subscription do I need??

    • It looks like you would need the International GamePass option in the article.

  • For NFL Game Pass, what is the difference between the two product options: Launch Offer (on sale) and Season Pro (more expensive)? I want to be able to watch any game live via your DNS suggestion.


  • Would a VPN service be sufficient to use to sign up to international NFL Pass? I have NordVPN and can select servers in any country to connect to?

  • I live in Tampa florida and my teams are the new york jets and giants I don't have cable or satellite what do I need to do to get to be able to watch those games. Live here please

  • I'm in central New Jersey, and I am a Ravens fan but only get Philly and New York stations. What's the best way to see Baltimore play?

  • What can I say? You Are a football saviour for a fanatic who lives outside his home teams viewing area .A lifesaver who is going to make my families Sunday's,Mondays and Thursdays livable again.They will love you as much as I do.Thank you so much for your time,effort and knowledge and the sharing of all of it with us poor depressed football junkies.
    Steeler fan in Tampa

  • You conclude that you can watch NFL games without cable and without paying an arm and leg after every option you lay out (other than an antenna which I have and cannot get Fox) costs an arm and a leg. If I was going to pay $40 a month for Sunday Ticket or Sling, then why wouldn't I just pay $40 a month and get cable?

    • Because you can't get that content for 40 bucks a month. Don't look at the promo. Look at the actual bill.

  • I'm it the PA area. I'd like to get an intl. game pass to view all NFL games live. I'm confused between using a vpn vs smart DNS or do I use both?

    • You can use one or the other. The SmartDNS allows you to configure which country your in based on the service you want to use. A VPN requires you to join the VPN in each country. That said, VPNs and Smart DNS are very different. There is a lot of security benefits that come with a VPN that aren't native to a smart DNS. However, Overplays SmartDNS has a VPN option if you are interested in some security benefits.

  • Hi, just so I understand this right, If I am outside the country and buy game pass I can stream all the games live? I am studying abroad in Sweden for this semester and have to have my football and watch my Dallas Cowboys. Im willing to pay for the best version of game pass but I just want to make sure if I get up at 3 in the morning to watch the game, I actually will be able to stream it since I am outside the United States through Game Pass.

    • I am just planning on watching it on my Laptop or iPhone while abroad. Do I need to check into anything else or can I just simply buy the $269 version (Most expensive version) and be good to go?

      • If you are already abroad then you should be able to access without the VPN. However, you need to make sure you have the international version. The U.S. version will not show live games abroad.

  • I cut the cord between basketball and football since my household barely watch tv. Now it's football season and I can't catch any games. I have an antenna but my area only have CBS. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg. I just want to catch SPORTS. Based on the articles I read (which gave me mixed emotions because you seem to love all - FUBOTV, Sling, Playstation Vue, Directv Now...) I have no idea what to pick. I hate to pick the wrong one and be lock in a contract for years.

    • Just warning you that Sling is a rip off. I did it and didn't get any of the football games. So far Directv Now is best for me, but it seems like you don't get NFL Network with them so you will miss some games that way. If you have an Amazon Prime account though that will fix some of the games for you. You can stream some of the Thursday night games with it.

      • Ryan, I recommend Sling for ESPN and NFL Network. You do get locals in some areas of the country. DirecTV Now is picking up more locals but lack NFL network. It's a fluid situation as a lot of local CBS and Fox stations have been coming over to streaming. I'm planning on adjusting the guide accordingly.

    • None of them have any contract and they all offer free trials. Try them and pick the one you like best.

  • Hi, I've just moved into my first apartment and I desperately want to be able to watch my local nfl team but I do not want to pay for cable. I have tried NFL Sunday ticket but they don't play local games. Sling tv is a rip off ect... any idea what I should do?

    • Check out the section of the article about getting around the blackout for game pass.

  • So after setting up as if in France, I go to Europe Game Pass and pay/sign up for free trial. Then in under 7 days, I cancel. How does that help me for games after I cancel?

    • It doesn't. I'm merely saying that if you are not happy with the service; make sure you cancel within the free trial window.

  • Thanks for the awesome info. Does the computer need to "be in France" every time game pass is streamed, or just when signing up? I'm sure that's a dumb question. Just need to know how much of the OpenPlay to pay for. Thanks again!

  • I'm in NC trying to watch NY Giants. I've also heard if you sign up for live TV through Youtube, Vue, Hulu, etc. you can put in a different "local" zip code and will get stream the stations in that area. So if i say .my local zip is in NYC, i would be able to see the games. Do you know if this works as another option? I was planning to cut the cord and sign up for Live TV anyway. Thanks

    • Most services work of the location of IP addresses. You can subscribe to a VPN which can simulate the IP address in another city.

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