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Mohu AirWave: Wireless OTA Antenna (Release Date Announced)

Mohu, the maker of the Mohu Sky,  unveiled the Mohu AirWave at last year’s CES. The AirWave is the first of its kind OTA Antenna that works over your wi-fi network. At the Time Mohu announced the AirWave would be released this spring. It appears Mohu will not make that target. However, they have announced that the AirWave will be available for purchase on October 8th.

The AirWave is an OTA antenna can be placed anywhere for optimal reception and then streams the OTA signal over your home network. Any device on the network can then pick up the stream and watch TV over the air for free!

The AirWave is will be available in Spring of 2017 and will retail for $149.99. At launch, AirWave is compatible with the following video streaming devices on the market, including:

AirWave wirelessly connects to the Mohu TV application (available for free across all compatible devices), which allows users to channel up and down through live broadcast content and free streaming content in a familiar, cable-like TV guide.  According to the original press release, the AirWave provides features such as:

  • Combine OTA and OTT content: The device combines live, local channels with streaming video in a cable-like program guide, complete with program descriptions, ability to select favorite channels and view up to 14 days of upcoming content.
  • First Wireless Antenna: No coax needed. Users can set up AirWave anywhere in a home where there is an Internet connection, giving users the freedom to set up the device where they choose.
  • Free TV Everywhere: Watch TV across your favorite connected devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, iOS, Android and the web.
  • ClearPixTM Technology: Proprietary, first-of-its-kind dynamic pixelation reduction technology automatically adjusts to improve image reception of over-the-air broadcasts.

I for one am excited to test this device. I’ve reached out to Mohu and hopefully will get my hands on one soon. I’ll publish a full review as soon as I do.

I know many of people who are turned off to using a TV Antenna because they feel the installation is too much of a hassle. Hopefully, the Mohu AirWave will be just with these people need to enjoy free TV over the air.

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  • I have a Mohu sky 60 antenna in the attic of my garage presently picking up 50 channels took me about an hour to install running 3 tvs off it works fine cable contract runs out soon have Roku on all the tvs can't wait for this new antenna

  • Fantastic! Fantastic! Just what I and (I'm sure) many others have been waiting for Pls tell us as soon as you can how to get one. Great news!

  • Dennis
    do you think we could use this antenna for multiple simultaneous TV viewing? Could we use it as a master antenna in a small multi tenant building?

    • An antenna can be split as long as there is signal power. If it's numerous TVs I recommend contacting a professional. An amplifier can overcome noise caused by multiple splits, but you need a strong signal to start with.

  • Would I still need to be connected to a cable channel? It's hard to believe you get free tv broadcast. This would be great due to cables high payments

    • No Cable needed. Broadcast TV is free if you are near a signal tower. My wife is watching the Golden Globes wight now for free on NBC.

    • I would need to test it. I just got word from Mohu that I will get a look this Spring.

    • Won't know until closer to the time of release about app availability.

  • I have the Mohu sky 60 antenna in the attic of my garage approx. 25 ft when we have windy days I notice a pixel on some stations if I got channel master adjustable gain pre amp woul that help talking of wind at 40mph or more

    • The wind affects reception. This has nothing to do with your antenna "waving" back and forth. I have found that rather, the wind is changing somehow the signal path between the transmitter and your antenna. This occurs even if the antenna is in the attic and does not move. Think of it this way: The signal is moving through the air and bouncing off nearby objects that are themselves moving, i.e. trees, bushes, etc. A similar thing occurs when you are listening to a distant FM station and then an airplane is between you and the station. The signal bounces off the airplane and changes your reception.

    • You say its in the attic not on the attic roof? Not sure why wind would be a factor.

    • I would try it. A more Aerodynamic antenna may help. The Sky unfortunately catches more wind than most antennas.

    • It depends on the TV and whether the Mohu app will support it. We'll know more this spring.

  • I live approx 80 miles from the (local) broadcast tower. What is the range of this antenna.

    • I have a Large Clearstream 4 and i get stations from up to 90 miles away. I'm boosted from my spliter and it runs on 3 tv's in my home. Its pretty great to not pay 100+ bucks for cable i only used a few times a year and didnt enjoy. I get about 20 stations i watch and about 60 i dont care for. Im in Florida and my antenna is mounted centered at 7 feet high.

    • It's not out yet, so I haven't tested it. However, be aware that it's more about signal power than range. Antenna companies use miles because it's easier, but it obscures a lot. I recommend checking out this guide to TV Antennas for more info.

  • Sounds like this is basically a Tablo with an antennae. This could be better than Tablo since the antenna and tuner are made to work together.

  • Let's say someone has really awful internet connection speed and they live in an area where there is no direct line of sight to a tv tower. Would it still work for ota content like NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX?

  • Would love it if this picked up ABC? What is going on with their live streaming? It worked for me briefly and then nothing the past month or two?

  • Hello. While a bathroom renovation was done our cable was somehow damaged and I just receive snowy basic cable stations. The fella suggested using a Roku stick to receive more stations. My original stick is not working as the wi-fi signal is only one bar strong. I was wondering what we can do? Get a newer streaming stick, get an antenna like in this article? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you. Kath

    • I was just going to ask if there was a wireless antenna because where my is it's opposite of where the best reception is. Most antennas that I looked at only have 20or so ' of cable.

      Let us know what you yhink asap

  • I realized your article is just re-hashing what Mohu has on its website. However, there are a number of things that are stated that just don't make sense.
    1. "streams the OTA signal over your home network" - what does this mean? I get 72 subchannels with my Mohu curve - are all of these converted from analog to digital and somehow transmitted over my WiFi all the time, just waiting to be received by one of my network devices? How much bandwidth would that take on my local WiFi?
    2. Is there an equivalent of a tuner? Is it built into the individual apps? Is there a fixed number of tuners built into the antenna? If I have 10 connected devices, can they be watching different channels?
    3. "The device combines live, local channels with streaming video in a cable-like program guide" Why would the device, i.e., the antenna, do this? I can see the apps doing that, but not the device.

    I hope you can provide some real information when you get an antenna and test it.

    • It translates the OTA signal to a wireless signal that you can watch on your device. The tuner in the antenna itself, it then sends it over the network via TCP/IP. It will only be able to to have one "feed" per tuner. Considering Mohu hasn't released the device, I wasn't able to test it myself. A Mohu App which you can install on various devices will grab the signal the network. I will have more info as soon as I get my hands on one.

  • Hi Dennis

    In the Minnesota town I grew up in we are roughly 45 miles west of the western edge of the Twin Cities. There are basically 2 clusters of broadcast antennas fairly widely spread with low hills in between resulting in a poor line of sight. You aim the antenna at one set or the other but can't get both and even then the results are much less than the report indicates it should be.

    So if Mohu pans out in your testing & in my application can 2 of them aimed at the two clusters residing on the net without fighting?

    I have had some success using 2 antennas (one Yagi type with an amp in-line (in the house) on the roof aimed at Shoreview and one digital bunny ears type in the living room) using a splitter (signals fed backwards) to combine them. It forms a crude array but sort of works. Can you recommend a device to combine the signals. Preferable something that won't require a NASA or military budget.

    Thanks - Keith

    • The bunny ears are great for VHF while your Yagi rocks at picking up UHF. I'd get a UHF/VHF Signal combiner. Plug the Rabbit ears into the VHF side and the Yagi into the UHF side and then you have the best of both worlds.

  • I have cut the cord. A little expensive initially but will re-coup in about 6 months and from that point on its a freebee. I also switched from cable phone at 34.00 per month to ooma which after the 100.00 purchase price my bill is now $4.34 per month no extras no taxes. All I can say Dennis is thank you I believe my first 6 months of savings will total $800 from then on it's solid gravy. Hope this might enourage some people that are on the fence to take your advice and cut the cord. One final note when you do cut the cord you will need internet, I have spectrum and they wanted $79.00 a month. I demanded a supervisor and was able to have the bill cut to $49.00 no tax no charge for modum and no charge for wifi and no taxes. Stick to your guns and you will win AL

    • Spectrum is not really a deal! I used Spectrum and totally cut the cord with them. Got a cheaper price and better services with CenturyLink...only internet now. FREE TV. Looking for the new AirWave. I live in Fayetteville and need just a little better in receiving programing.

  • Labor Day weekend is here, and still no release. Is this device eventually going to be released, or is it just vaporware?

  • The website now says fall. Does anyone know is there are similar alternative that sleek with OTA?

    • I just got this update from Best Buy on the expected release date, for a pre-ordered Mohu Airwave:
      "We were just informed that the release date for the item listed below has been updated to Sunday, October 08, 2017. " When I inquired with Mohu, they confirmed the date.

    • Yeah, I'm hearing fall now. I'll have to update the page. I will look into other options in the meantime.

  • Received a notice from Best Buy stating that the AirWave has been delayed from October 8th to November 8th. No reason was given.

    • Yeah, I'm not seeing it available for purchase on their website. I'll reach out.