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Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor TV Antenna Review

Product: Mohu Sky 60
Rating: Rating:5
-Rated for 60 Miles
-Has a Discreet Look
-Easy Installation

Last November, Mohu sent me a few of their antennas to test and share my thoughts. If you’ve read my Mohu Leaf review, you know how impressed I was with their indoor antennas.  They could almost keep up with the outdoor HDTV antenna I was using at the time, especially their amplified Mohu Curve.

At the time, they also sent the Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor HDTV Antenna. However, the weather wasn’t suitable for me to hang out on the roof and install it until now. Well, the wife took the kids to a birthday party and it’s 65 and sunny so here is my install and review of the Mohu Sky.

Mohu Sky 60 Review

The Mohu Sky is a multi-directional HDTV antenna, meaning it will capture HDTV signals from all directions. This type of antenna is perfect for the area I live in because I have stations in 4 directions, and I’d rather not fuss with re-positioning a directional antenna when I change the channel. Once I install the Mohu Sky, I should just have to  just set it up and never think about while I enjoy free HDTV.

The best outdoor antenna for you  is going to be relative to where you live and where your TV signals come from. If your TV towers are far and in one direction,  you may want a directional antenna. But, if your within 50 miles of the channels a multi-directional antenna will be easier to install and get channels from all directions.

To see stations available in your area, you can use the Mohu Station finder online. Not only will it provide a list of channels available, but the tool will give you an idea of the expected performance of their various antennas.

To see how well the Mohu Sky performs, we need to compare it to a baseline. Below is a picture of my current antenna. Ignore the red stuff at the base. It’s foam I sprayed in there to keep the bugs from living in the antenna.

This thing has served me well so far.  I’m able to get 38 channels with it.  I live right outside Baltimore, which provides all the major networks. I also get a few Washington D.C. stations, but they can come and go depending on the weather.

So after installing the Mohu Sky, which I will take you through step by step in a moment, I ran channel scan on my TV to see how it compares to my current antenna. Typically, every HDTV has an auto scanning function usually found in the settings. Below is and image showing the number of channels my TV found after hooking up the Mohu Sky.

As you can see the Mohu Sky pulled 48 channels.  That’s over 25% more than I had before.  In addition, those DC stations that used to be hit or miss with my old antenna now come without fail with the Mohu Sky 60.

The image above demonstrates the picture is crystal clear. It’s considerably better than what I was getting from cable TV provider. I highly recommend the Mohu Sky 60 if you are looking for a multi-directional antenna. Not only do I have more channels with excellent picture, but the install was relatively easy as you will see.

This is the installed Mohu Sky from my front yard. Even though it’s surrounded by a dense canopy of trees, it’s pulling every channel I hoped and more.

In a recent post, I revealed that over the air broadcast TV has a much better picture than cable or satellite. So it only makes sense that if you are getting rid of cable, get the most broadcast channels you can by getting the best outdoor TV antenna for the best price. So, If you are interested in purchasing the Mohu Sky be sure to use this Mohu Promo Code for 25% off.

Installing the Mohu Sky

The Mohu Sky 60 package includes, the Mohu Sky 60 antenna, mounting brackets, adjustable arm, and mounting screws. It also includes an amplifier and 30 ft of coaxial cable.

The Mohu Sky 60 comes with everything you need to mount the antenna in your attic or on your rooftop. However, it’s design allows for it to be installed almost anywhere.  I can see this easily mounted on the side of the house or on a balcony with some simple wire ties.

When mounting an outdoor antenna, be sure to have it properly grounded. It shouldn’t be expensive to have a professional do this, but this task can be accomplished with a little DIY chutzpah. If you want to give this try, check out my post on how to ground an outdoor antenna.

As you can see by the image at the beginning of the article, I prefer mounting the Mohu Sky on my rooftop. There it will get the best reception and most channels.   While the included directions walk you through installation, I outline the steps below with images.

Step 1: Insert coaxial cable into Mohu Sky antenna

Make sure you use the rubber cover at the end of the included cable.  It will keep water from rusting the connector  or  interfering with the signal.

Step 2: Screw mounting bracket to the back of Mohu Sky

The included screws go through holes on the Mohu Sky Antenna, fastening the bracket to the antenna. There are nuts that you hold on the back which the screws go into. Leave the screws very loose in order to complete the next step.

Step 3: Insert adjustable arm in bracket

The arm has a slight bend on one end.  You want to slide the longer/straighter piece of the arm into the bracket and then tighten the screws on the bracket. After that, head to the roof or the attic with the antenna and the rest of the parts.

Step 4: Install the “I” bracket.

The “I” bracket must be positioned like an “I” and not an H.  This is required as the adjustable arm fits in the center and needs to be vertical. The image above is the “I” bracket being screwed in just below the peak of my roof.

Step 5: Connect the Arm to the “I” bracket

You are connecting the other end of the arm to the “I” bracket. The arm has 2 holes on this end. The lower hole fits into the center of the bracket.  A screw passes through a hole where my right index finger is. A nut and washer are added on the other end. The arm can then be rotate in a semi-circle to adjust the antenna. When the antenna is where you want it, a second screw is added to lock it in place.  Yes, I’m still scrapping off the foam from the old antenna.

Step 6: Connect the Coaxial

This is fairly self explanatory.  I used my existing antenna cable.  If this was a new install I’d have to run the cable to my TV or other digital tuner.

Step 7: Connect the TV and Amplifier

Connect the amplifier to the other end of the coaxial and then the amplifier connects to the TV. The connections on the amplifier are labeled so it’s plugged in correctly.  If you are connecting the antenna to multiple TVs the amplifier needs to be installed before the antenna splitter.

After this step turn on the TV, scan for channels and enjoy some HDTV. If you are interested in purchasing the the Mohu Sky 60, please use my affiliate link below as it supports Grounded Reason.

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