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Watch U.S. Netflix and HBO Worldwide

Want to watch Game of Thrones in India? Do you want to check out the content on U.S. Netflix in Canada or the UK? Perhaps you are outside the U.S. and want to watch HBO online. These services seem as though they can only be enjoyed by people living in the US, but it’s easier than ever to unblock U.S. streaming content by making the content available using a different DNS or VPN.

Why is US Content Blocked?

The Internet may be global, but unfortunately, media licensing isn’t. The laws governing licensing and ownership rights differ from country to country. Therefore, deals are struck with content distributors on a per country basis.

Production companies don’t mind as this creates a separate revenue stream for each country they deal with. It’s so profitable, most major US sports forced content distribution to be on a regional basis. This is the reason we have blackout rules for NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB.

Ultimately, this leads to streaming service like Netflix to strike a deal with content producers in each country they serve. This is the main reason streaming services have a slow out, instead of immediately going global.

These deals are managed through region codes with hard media like Blu-ray and DVD, but the Internet leads everywhere in the world. Digital media viewed over the internet is based on where your device is located. However, there is an easy way for your PC, streaming device or smartphone to look like it’s anywhere in the world you want it to be.

Overplay SmartDNS

Overplay SmartDNS opens up U.S. streaming content to those living or traveling in other countries.  Want to watch Game of Thrones online from anywhere in the world? Overplay makes it appear as though you are living in the U.S. so you can download HBO Now from the iTunes App Store and watch HBO in the UK, India, or anywhere in the world. They are even running a promotion for HBO Now and walk you through the process to set it up.

Their service works much the same way with any content that is blocked based on region. For instance, Netflix in the U.S. has much more content than in Canada or the U.K. Overplay allows you to watch U.S. Netflix in Canada, the U.K. or any other country.

The Best part about Overplay is the user support. Overplay explicitly states on their website which channels and devices work with their service. This information is hard to come by with similar products.

Why Smart DNS Works

When your smartphone, streaming device or computer accesses content on the web, the device uses a DNS or domain name server to look up the IP address of its destination. Content providers use the location of your DNS to know the region you are based.

Overplay sets you up with a virtual location by allowing you to use DNS servers in other parts of the world so you can view the content available in other countries. With their JetSwitch product, you can even set a location specific to each streaming service you would like to use.  This allows you to watch HBO in the U.S. while streaming the Canadian flavor of  Netflix.

This service is legal in almost every country in the world. As a matter of fact Overplays SmartDNS with VPN service is a more secure way to surf the web as your communications are encrypted, hiding your information from identity thieves.

Of course, you should always check with your countries laws to be sure. If you are concerned about violating the terms of service with your content provider, please check their user agreement.  It is typically published on their website.

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