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Podcast Episode – New Roku Devices Are Coming

Show Notes

Dennis explains how Roku threw a wrench into his weekend getaway to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

If you don’t want any spoilers on Horror Night then skip ahead to about 12:30, but Joel and I had some fun with this so you may want to listen anyway.

For a full breakdown of all the new Roku Devices, new functionality, and just about everything you need to know about Roku,check out this companion article to the podcast – https://www.groundedreason.com/a-beginners-guide-to-roku/

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Dennis Restauro :Dennis is the founder of Grounded Reason. He also hosts the Grounded Reason Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: Follow Dennis on Twitter

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  • I'm on the verge of cutting the cord...(thanks in part to this podcast and blog) I had planned on getting a Roku and was interested in the Slick TV deal whereby you prepay for 3 months of Slick ($60) and you'd get a Free Roku 2. I had been looking at the Roku 2 on Amazon, priced at $60, so this seemed like a win-win; get the hardware and try out Slick for a while. Then came the new Roku announcements. :(

    I know the Roku 2 isn't (wasn't) the latest and greatest, but I'm not in need of 4K or the extra features of the remote but I did want the Ethernet port, so the 2 seemed like a low cost best fit. Now, in the new lineup that can only be satisfied (at the lowest cost) by the Premier+. At $99 that is way more than what I was going to spend on the Roku 2.

    I guess my question is this...is the Premier+ worth the extra $40 over the 2? Is the software the same or are the older units going to be left behind? In the Podcast you cast the Premier+ as the sweet spot device, but I think something a little bit less sweet is all I need for now.

    I'm leaning towards just forging ahead with my original plan as if the new devices were never announced. Am I missing something that would compel me to go with the latest?


    • I completely understand the dilemma. I was a bit annoyed that they moved the Ethernet up to the Premiere+ as well. If you can get the Roku 2 deal from Sling TV then I would take it. While the device is a bit older it should work fine. The reason I referred to the plus as the "sweet spot" is I feel it's the most useful value per dollar. However, my golden rule of tech is never over-buy functionality. Tech evolves so fast these day I tend to go with a "minimum viable" approach.

  • Thanks for the response.

    A quick update. I found that both Walmart and Kohl's were clearing out their stock of 2's & 3's (I think I found that straight from the Roku site). A quick check found a 3 at our local Kohl's for $49 (advertised online at $44, but upon checking in store it was higher and they wouldn't honor the online price :( ) This was even cheaper than the $59 from Amazon for the 2 or even the free 2 via the Sling promotion...so I went with the 3. 2's were going for $34 but they were gone in the stores I checked.

    I've also picked up a refurbished Mohu Leaf Metro antennae for $12 that surprisingly nets me 40+ channels from 25 miles away - although only a handful seem interesting. I also ordered a refurbished Tablo 2-tuner for $160 (+ shipping) so I'm on my way to setting up everything in parallel with our current cable setup. I plan on running that way for a couple of weeks to compare and contrast and if all looks good I'll cut the cord soon thereafter.

    • Thanks for the update Greg! Those are some great price. Let us know how it goes.