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Podcast Episode – Cable Boxes and Corruption

Dennis and Joel discuss how the Pay TV industry uses cable TV boxes to hide the total cost of having pay TV. They also cover cable companies use shady tactics to obscure the facts, like funding “academic” papers. Dennis will break down the actual cost of those “low cost” cable TV plans.

Dennis and Joel also discuss the FCCs plan to end these shenanigans.

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Dennis Restauro :Dennis is the founder of Grounded Reason. He also hosts the Grounded Reason Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: Follow Dennis on Twitter

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  • Dennis,
    I had to cancel my cable, internet and phone with Comcast. It was getting too expensive for my modest income. It was $201 a month for cable but no HBO, Start, etc. I live on the 2nd floor of name East facing condo. What is best equipment do I start with? How do I get internet (WiFi) and tv again? I am a total tech know nothing. Please HELP!

  • Hey Dennis and Joel,

    This is one of the main reasons I dumped Dish and went to streaming. When I only had 1-2 TVs in the house, the cost was manageable. When I started adding additional TVs, I refused to pay per box to have Dish on them. I started setting up streaming on these other TVs and then realized I was rarely using the Dish on the main TVs.

    On the topic of set top boxes, I will say that Dish/DirecTV seem to be a little better than cable. Their boxes are a little more modern, more modern interfaces, etc. I haven't had cable since I worked for a cable provider and it was free but their set top box was horrible. Totally agree it was like something from the 80s.

    Dish does play the same games when you go to cancel. Dish did every thing under the sun to keep me from cancelling (offering to reduce my fees, free HBO, etc.). Once I did finally cancel, they charged me a processing fee as well and shipping fees to recover the equipment.

    • Thank you for listening Justin. Pay TV is a perfect example of what happens when you allow monopolies to exist. We had the same experience when we cut the cord. It's amazing how much you really don't miss. I'm actually a bit mad at myself for not doing it earlier. Imagine all the wasted hours watching garbage I really didn't care to see in the first place. Pay TV forces you into a passive viewing mindset. Once your there, you'll watch almost anything they put in front of you. Streaming, on the other hand, forces you to actively decide what to watch. It breaks your passivity and forces you into a mindset of deciding what you want to watch.

      Take care,