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Podcast: VPNs, Privacy, and You

Today’s episode discusses Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, and why every home user needs one. They can provide access to content on the internet, protect your privacy, and keep your information secure.

Topics discussed today are covered in this article: https://www.groundedreason.com/what-is-a-vpn-and-how-to-chose-the-best-one

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  • Love the podcast as a supplement to my cord cutting research.
    I was a little surprised you failed to mention how using a VPN often blocks access to Netflix and Amazon Video. I know this is the case for IPVanish. I feel people would benefit from this info. Obviously, you can still access these services by disconnecting the VPN when using them, but it rules out the option of using a dd-wrt router to provide whole house VPN protection to all connected devices. I found this out the hard way

    • Yeah, it slipped my mind. I have the VPN set up on my phone and laptop, but my streaming isn't. I'll mention it next time we record. Thanks for listening!.

  • I was on a cruise and fell behind. Just catching up now.

    I've been using a VPN on all my devices for about two years. I learned several things from your podcast. Thanks. I'll be reviewing my current provider and my own practices.

    You could have simplified VPN features by categorizing them on a scale of 1-3 Dennis tin foil hats. A coffee shop customer would select the 1 Dennis tin foil hat features. A dissident or reporter in Iran or China might be better choosing all the 1 Dennis tin foil hat features plus the 2 hat and 3 hat features.

    Oddly, I found that several cruise line sites block VPN users. I had to turn it off several times while doing my research.