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Share Files to Every Device With My Cloud

Sharing data across your home network is usually a chore for many.  Even if you possess the technical skills,  it can easily consume an afternoon. Once everything is set up you will find yourself constantly tinkering with the network any time you want to get data to a new device. Thankfully, Western Digital has made this task extremely simple by offering a Network Attached Storage solution called My Cloud.

An Amazing Home Cloud Solution

Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is essentially a file server that hooks directly to your network.  It’s hardware can be geared for specific tasks like backups, file sharing, or even serving digital media. In the past, home users would have to design and build their own NAS solution, or spend into the thousands for a vendor supplied NAS.

My Cloud from Western Digital provides the everyday user with a NAS solution that allows sharing files, serving media, and backing up your data. Furthermore it allows storage of photos, movies, or any other file from your smartphone or tablet. This provides a location to free up space on all your mobile devices.  Moreover, you can  receive this functionality from the My Cloud for less than $150.

User Friendly Setup

Setting up My Cloud is extremely simple.  You simply power the NAS from your wall outlet, and connect the NAS to your home router with an Ethernet cable. Once My Cloud is powered and connected to the network, you simply download an install package on each device you want to use and follow the easy setup guide.

Backup All Important Files

Everyone should have a means of backing up their critical data on their home PC or tablet.  Typically, home users will buy an external hard drive and schedule periodic backups for each device.  That can get very expensive at $50-$150 a drive.  Since My Cloud is connected to your network, all computers on the network can backup to My Cloud.  If you backup phones and tablets to a PC or laptop,  then all your data will be protected from system crashes and user mishaps. Furthermore, My Cloud supports backing up both Windows PCs and Macs.

The Ultimate Media Solution

Not only is My Cloud essential for backing up and sharing your photos, files, and data, but it’s also the perfect solution for streaming media. My Cloud comes with TwonkyMedia DLNA media server already installed.  This will allow streaming of music, movies, and TV shows to any DLNA or iTunes compatible device.  Here are just a few examples of the possibilities.

I’m only mentioning a few of the things I’ve seen done with a NAS.  My Cloud adds limitless flexibility for  a home media solution. Consequently, this opens up endless possibilities for creative media solutions.



Mirror Your Cloud

For those that want more protection from data loss, Western Digital also offers the My Cloud Mirror.  This NAS offers all the functionality of My Cloud with double the storage to allow for RAID 1 mirroring.  Ultimately, this  provides a direct copy of data on the NAS in case of a drive failure. Having a backup of your backup ensures your data is protected from NAS failures and destruction of photos, videos, and other precious data.

Whether you want the piece of mind of convenient backups for all your data, or you are building a top notch media solution, the Western Digital My Cloud offers one of the best values on the market today.  If you are interested in purchasing a My Cloud or My Cloud Mirror you can click on either affiliate link below.

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