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  • Hey Dennis,

    I'm a high school English teacher who is finally burnt out on the greedy games Comcast plays.

    I have alternatives to phone and TV (I have their bundle), but need a reliable and fast internet access, especially since my wife does medical coding from home.

    Have you critiqued "internet sticks"? Aren't they like prepaid phone cards, and allow the user a cheaper and reasonable online alternative?

    Please advise on the pros/cons on ending my high speed (105Mg?) internet relationship with Comcast and going with sticks.


    • Internet is the toughest part of the equation. I'm not sure a cell card will work for you for streaming. It can gt expensive fast. I would search around for internet only deals in your area. Comcast was recently advertising 50 Mbps for $45 in my area, which should be more than enough speed.

  • The one issue I could not find discussed is cost savings w multiple televisions. I have an xbox one, a wiiu, and a Blu-ray player. Can I use sling, amazon, hulu, and Netflix on all of these devices? Do I need a separate account for each of the above services for each television? Thank you.

    • With the exception of Sling TV, all those services can do multiple streams on one account. Sling TV CEO has recently said that they are looking into using multiple streams on one account. Currently you can only use one stream at a time per Sling TV account.

  • Hello Dennis,
    I recently bought the Tablo and have a few irritations. I'm wondering if TiVo or other alternatives might suit me better. My biggest gripe is that it doesn't show pictures while you are rewinding or fast forwarding. So if you are trying to back up to the beginning of the show or shoot past the commercials you can't see where you are.

  • This is a great site, a lot of good info. I just wanted to add EyeTv to the resource list. I'm a Mac user and I have an HD Homerun connected to my network, and I use EyeTv. This allows me to watch tv on my Mac, record shows, set up a smart list and then I can edit out the commercials or just export to iTunes. From my Apple TV i can watch what I record, I also have Plex, so I can watch the shows on my devices. Sort of made a whole house DVR.

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