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Sling TV Adds Apple TV and more Channels

Today has been a constant stream of announcements from Sling TV. First, Sling TV added a slew of new channels. They now offer FS2, FXX, Nat Geo WILD, Comedy Central, BET, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick, MTV, Paramount Network, MTV2, LOGO, CMT, TV Land and VH1.

The channel additions break down as follows:

The Multi-Stream “Best of Live TV” beta base package added FS2, FXX, Nat Geo WILD, Comedy Central, BET, and Nick Jr. The Single Stream Best of Live TV base package added only Comedy Central.

A new “Comedy Plus Extra” add-on is now available for both base packages. The single-stream service consists of MTV, Paramount Network, MTV2, LOGO, CMT, TV Land and truTV (moved from the former Lifestyle Extra). While the multi-stream service includes MTV, Paramount Network, MTV2, LOGO, CMT and TV Land.

A “Kids Extra – Beta” add-on is now available for the multi-stream service and includes NickToons, TeenNick, Boomerang, Baby TV and Duck TV. The existing “Kids Extra” for the Single Stream service has added Nick Jr., NickToons, and TeenNick.

The Single Stream Lifestyle Extra package picked up BET and lost TruTV as that moved to the new Comedy Plus Extra package.

The New UI on Apple TV

Sling TV promised a new UI back in January. Well, it’s arrived along with new device support. Not only will the 4th Generation Apple TV have a Sling TV app, but it will debut the new UI.


The My TV menu let’s users mark their favorite shows so they appear in the “Favorite” ribbon. That means you will never have to search for the new episode of The Walking Dead or Better Call Saul ever again.

You can also add your most watched channels to the “My Channels Ribbon.” This is a fantastic feature as you can pull up you most watched networks in one click, There is also a “Continue Watching” ribbon, so you pick up where you left on a show you stopped watching.

The new interface also features a mini-guide that you can pull up while watching a program. You continue watching your show while scrolling through whats on other available channels at the foot of the screen. This is a feature many have been waiting for.

Other features include “On Now”, which allows you to see live program options by genres like “sports” or comedy for easy navigation of live TV. There is also a series view that makes it easy to search for a specific episode of a series like Game of Thrones. You can see you which episodes you’ve already watched, and ensure it’s easy to find the next one you want to play.

We’ve all waiting a long while for these features. Heres hoping they roll out to other devices soon.

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  • Do any of the a la carte platforms offer TCM as an option? That's the only thing my husband and I really miss.

  • First, let me thank you for taking the time to keep us informed and updated. I'm not a tech person but my cable bill is now 160 per month and being on a limited income this is no longer an option. I have read your articles and my main concern is with the quality of the picture, buffering or any type of interruptions. As I mentioned above, I'm not a tech person. I have used a samsung comcast hub for over 5 yrs to mirror movies from my phone to the tv but in the past year, there has been many issues with buffering, over lapping delays and just the quality of the picture. I have an older samsung hd tv and would like to know which device would you recommend. I was considering amazon fire tv w antenna bundle, prime membership w Showtime, Sling tv w HBO. Also, would I still need Hulu and Netflix? I must have sport channels for the hubby. Thank you.

    • I prefer the Roku 4, But the Amazon Fire TV is a fine device. The differences are minimal and I can see myself being happy with either. I would only get Hulu and Netflix if they have shows you want to watch. They both offer free trials, so you can give them a shot and see if they are worth keeping. If you want to save money you can do what I do and only pick up Netflix to bing watch their original shows, then drop it until the next season comes out.

  • We would like a "cord cutters" service that includes Fox News Channel. Most of the services cover the other channels we watch frequently.
    But we need to retain our current home phone number. Is there a lower cost single offer service that would allow that?

    • Hi Jack,

      There currently isn't a service that offers Fox News. Roger Ailes isn't too keen on cord cutting. There are many non cable phone service plans that will let you keep your number.

  • I watch a lot on Destination America---- Doesn't look like anyone supports their programming very much anywhere for streaming. Love the Haunted Collector, Ghosts of Sheperdstown, Paranormal Lockdown. Are these programs supported streaming anywhere?