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Sling TV Channel List and Review

Sling TV has gone through an evolution since it first launched. Therefore, I thought it was time to update my review of Sling TV for 2017. Sling TV was a pioneer in 2015, making it easy to save money by cutting the cord on pay TV. Since then, Sling TV has continually added channels, making it one of the top live streaming services available

What Is Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch live TV online from networks previously only available to cable and satellite TV subscribers. Since launching their service in February 2015, Sling TV has expanded its channel listing to add favorites like A&E, TBS, ESPN, Disney, Lifetime, and AMC. In this article, I provide a Sling TV channel list that breaks down the channel package that’s right for you.

First, I want to provide a list of some the things Sling TV accomplished since launching the service in early 2015:

Sling TV Channels List

There are two base packages available. slSling TV Blue is a multi-stream option with FOX and NBC-owned channels for $25 per month. Sling TV Orange is a single stream service that includes Disney-owned channels for $20 a month. You can subscribe to both the Blue and Orange package at a discounted rate of $40 per month.

The table below is a breakdown Sling TV packages and channels each package offers. The table columns are colored to the package (except for Orange+Blue which is yellow). Sling offers add-on extras package. The availability of add-on packages varies between the services. If the channel is available on the service, I simply put the name of the add-on in the appropriate cell. Channel extras package typically add $5 per month. However, you can get the Comedy, Kids, News, and Lifestyle Plus Extras for just $10 per month.

Sling TV also offers premium channels like HBO as well. For those channels, I simply display the price in the table.

Channel Sling Orange $20 Sling Blue $25 Sling Orange + Blue $40
Bloomberg YES YES YES
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim YES YES YES
CINEMAX $10 / Month $10 / Month $10 / Month
Comedy Central YES YES YES
Disney Channel YES NO YES
Disney Junior KIDS NO KIDS
Food Network YES YES YES
FOX (Select Markets) NO YES YES
FOX RSN (Select Markets) NO YES YES
Freeform YES NO YES
Galavisión YES YES YES
HBO $15 / Month $15 / Month $15 / Month
Lifetime YES YES YES
Nat Geo Wild NO YES YES
National Geographic NO YES YES
NBC (NBC Live Stream in Select Markets) NO YES YES
News 18 India NEWS NEWS NEWS
Polaris+ YES YES YES
SHOWTIME $10 / Month $10 / Month $10 / Month
STARZ ENCORE $9 / Month $9 / Month $9 / Month
Travel Channel YES YES YES
Viceland YES YES YES

I go into detail on the various Sling TV offerings in the Sling TV Packages section of this article. First, I wanted to cover the devices you can use to watch Sling TV, how to set it up, and provide some information on the overall user experience.

Sling TV On-Demand Channels

Sling TV allows subscribers to purchase select streaming services through Sling TV. Not only can you watch these streaming services through the Sling TV interface, but it will consolidate billing for these service into one bill with your monthly Sling TV bill. Sling plans on adding services in the future. Here are the streaming services currently available through Sling TV.

CuriosityStream – This service offers 00 science, history, tech, and nature documentaries on-demand. Check out our full review of CuriosityStream for details on the service. The price to subscribe through Sling TV is $6 per month.

UP Faith & Family – Features family-friendly programming like exclusive seasons of the beloved drama “Heartland,” and select fan favorite series and movies from the cable network UP TV such as “Bringing Up Bates.” The price to subscribe through Sling TV is $5 per month.

PANTAYA – Offers the largest and most varied selection of movies in Spanish not available anywhere else, PANTAYA offers blockbusters and critically-acclaimed films like “No Manches Frida” and “Everybody Loves Somebody.” The price to subscribe through Sling TV is $5 per month.

Sling TV Devices

All Sling TV Channel options work on Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, Android and iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus player, Xbox One, and 4th Generation Apple TV. Here are some tips and information regarding each device.

Sling TV on Roku

Not only is Sling TV supported on Roku, but you can sign up for three months of Sling TV and get your choice of either 50% off a Roku 3 or a free Roku Streaming Stick.

Setting up Sling TV on Roku requires a Roku account. Once you have a Roku account, follow these steps to install the app:

  1. Add Sling TV to your Roku account.
  2. Follow the instructions presented.
  3. From your Roku, check for updates by following these steps: Press the Roku Home button > Settings > System > System update > Check now.

Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV

Sling TV also has a great deal for Amazon Fire TV. Sign up for three months of Sling TV and receive either 50% off Amazon Fire TV or a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. Once you sign up for Sling TV, simply download the Sling TV app from the Amazon App Store and sign in.

Sling TV on iOS and Android

Sling TV requires iOS 7.0 or newer. To use Sling on your iPhone or iPad, simply download the app from the iTunes App Store.  Android users can get the Sling TV app from the Google Play Store, and it requires Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 or newer.

Sling TV on Apple TV

As of June 13th, Sling TV is available on the 4th Generation Apple TV. Sling TV had also introduced a new User Interface on the New Apple TV. Unfortunately, 3rd generation Apple TV and earlier does not support Sling TV. However, simply download the Sling TV app to your iPhone or iPad, and you can watch it on your Apple TV using Airplay Mirroring. You need to simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center. From there you can choose “Apple TV” and turn on mirroring (slider shows green).

Sling TV User Interface

The My TV menu allows users mark their favorite shows, so they appear in the “Favorite” ribbon. That means you will never have to search for the new episode of The Walking Dead or Better Call Saul ever again.

You can also add your most watched channels to the “My Channels Ribbon.” This is a fantastic feature as you can pull up your most watched networks in one click, There is also a “Continue Watching” ribbon, so you pick up where you left on a show you stopped watching.

The new interface also features a mini-guide that you can pull up while watching a program. You continue watching your show while scrolling through what’s on other available channels at the foot of the screen. This is a feature many have been waiting for.

Other features include “On Now,” which allows you to see live program options by genres like “sports” or comedy for easy navigation of live TV. There is also a series view that makes it easy to search for a specific episode of a series like Game of Thrones. You can see you which episodes you’ve already watched, and ensure it’s easy to find the next one you want to play.

Cloud-Based DVR

Sling TV’s Cloud-based DVR went live in early March 2017. It’s currently available on Amazon Fire, Roku, Android, and Apple TV devices. Subscribers can activate the cloud DVR feature on any Sling TV package. The cost is $5 more per month and provides the following features

  • 50 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Watch recordings anytime, anywhere
  • Record multiple programs simultaneously with no conflicts.
  • Keep recordings as long as you want with no expiration
  • Space is easily managed as Sling TV will make room for new recordings by deleting your oldest ‘watched’ recording when capacity is full

While cloud recordings can currently only be activated on Amazon Fire TV, recordings can be viewed on Roku and Android as well. Functionality for recording with other devices will be rolled out in coming months. Sling TV has said that not all channels will allow recording, so your mileage may vary.

How to Subscribe to Sling TV

You can sign up for all Sling TV channel offerings at sling.com. They are currently offering a one-week trial to try the service and see if it’s worth the subscription. If you decide to subscribe, you can cancel anytime as there is no contractual obligation to the service.

Sling TV Troubleshooting

While Sling TV offers a viable way to drop your cable TV subscriptions, there have been reports of buffering, pixelation and lag during TV shows. The lag tends to happen for shows with an extremely high volume of viewers (like the season premiere of “The Walking Dead.”) I suspect that some of these issues may be due to sub-optimal network situations. I’m not giving Sling TV a pass. Sling TV service quality is ultimately their responsibility. However, I find that the following recommendations alleviate many of the issues.

1. Make sure you have the latest software or firmware update for your streaming device. Depending on what you are using to stream, verify you have the latest Sling TV App.

2. Whenever possible use Ethernet. If you have an 802.11ac router and an AC compatible streaming device (like Roku Premier+) that will work also. It’s my experience that home wireless installations are sub-optimal for streaming video. That’s not to say yours is, but using wired connections eliminates many variables when it comes to poor streaming quality.

3. Dedicate bandwidth to your streaming device. I configured my router to deliver a minimum of 5 Mbps to my Roku by setting Quality of Service or QOS on my router. Since doing this, I haven’t dropped a stream.

4. If you already have a streaming device, then I wouldn’t recommend getting a new one. However, I find that Sling TV works best on Roku.

The Bottom Line

Sling TV is perfect for those contemplating canceling cable as it makes for an easy transition to a streaming based TV solution. Consumers need to be aware that Sling TV isn’t a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix. Sling TV focuses on watching live TV over the internet, which it does very well. Those purchasing Sling TV and expecting a vast on-demand library may be disappointed.

Ultimately, if you currently have cable and are looking for an easy way out, Sling TV may be just what you need. Adding a TV Antenna to get local channels without cable and a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime should be much more affordable than your current monthly cable TV costs.

Sling TV Packages

As of April 2016, Sling TV added a second “Best of Live TV” base package that includes FOX-owned stations. That means we finally have a way to watch FOX Sports 1 online. Furthermore, it’s multi-stream. One account can stream up to three devices. However, there is a catch. Sling Blue doesn’t include Disney-owned channels. You will need Sling Orange for those. It’s essentially a FOX and NBC Channel package Vs a Disney Package Service. I’ll get into all the details in a moment.

While most of this information is covered in the chart at the beginning of the article, I wanted to add this addendum to go into a bit more detail about the channel offerings.

Sling Orange

Cost: $20 per month

This base package is the original offering from Sling TV. The channel lineup consists of A&E, Freeform (formerly ABC Family), AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, BBC America, BBC World News, El Ray, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, Galavision, Adult Swim, H2, HGTV, History, IFC, Lifetime, Maker, TBS, TNT, Newsy, Flama, Viceland, Bloomberg Television, Polaris+, AXS TV, and Travel Channel.

This option is currently only single stream, so you can only watch it on one device at a time. You can view Sling TV Orange on separate devices, just not simultaneously.

Sling Blue

Cost: $25 per month

This channel lineup consists of FOX, FOX Sports 1, FOX Regional Sports Networks, FX, A&E, AMC, Viceland, TruTV, Bloomberg Television, Local Now, Univision, NBC (for select markets) and NBC Regional Sports Networks, NFL Network, USA, Bravo, Syfy, BBC America, BBC World News, UniMas, Polaris+, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, El Ray, Food Network, Galavision, H2, HGTV, History, IFC, Lifetime, Maker, TBS, TNT, Newsy, Flama, FXX, Nat Geo WILD, FS2, BET, Comedy Central, Nick Jr, AXS TV and Travel Channel.

Differences between Sling TV Channel Options

The notable differences between the FOX “Best of Live TV” and the Disney anchored offering are as follows:

Different Channels: ESPN, ESPN2, Disney, and Freeform are being swapped out for FOX, FOX Sports 1, FOX Regional Sports Networks, NFL Network, FX, NBC (for select markets), USA, Bravo, NBCSN Syfy, truTV, UniMás, Univision. While losing ESPN, subscribers do pick up UEFA soccer matches, NASCAR races and the ability to stream UFC Fight Night are available on FS1. As of June 2016, Sling TV has added FXX, Nat Geo WILD, FS2, BET, Comedy Central, and Nick Jr. to the lineup of Sling Blue.

Multi-Streaming: You can stream up to three devices on the same account in Sling Blue vs. only one stream on Sling Orange.

Regional Sports Networks: You will now be able to stream Fox Regional Sports Networks Online. The networks available include FOX Sports Ohio, FOX Sports West, FOX Sports Florida, FOX Sports South, FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports Arizona, Fox Sports Cincinnati, FOX Sports Detroit, FOX Sports North, FOX Sports Prime Ticket, FOX Sports San Diego, FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports Southwest, FOX Sports Sun, SportsTime Ohio, and YES Network.

Sling TV Blue also offers the following NBC regional sports networks: CSN California, CSN Bay Area, CSN Chicago and CSN Mid-Atlantic.

Having regional sports networks available is great news for both cord cutters and sports fans that are subject to the ongoing battle between cable TV providers and Regional Sports Networks. Comcast customers that happened to be Yankees fans were left without Yes Network due to it being dropped by Comcast over such a dispute.

Of course, to have access to any of these RSNs, you must live in the area that the RSN services.

Local NBC Networks Sling Blue customers will have access to live, local NBC broadcast stations in the following ten markets: Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Hartford, Conn., Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and San Diego. Sling TV has added NBC on demand to all it’s Sling TV Blue customers. So that means everyone will have access to NBC Prime Time on demand as long as they have the Blue package, even if you are outside of the ten markets with live NBC.

Local FOX Networks: The local FOX network affiliate is broadcast live in the following markets: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Gainesville, Fla., Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pa., Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, Fla. and Washington D.C.

While living or traveling outside of these markets, you’ll still have next-day access to FOX’s hit shows like Empire, New Girl, Gotham and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on demand. Furthermore, you’ll have access to stream in-market NFL games on FOX.

While live local ABC broadcasts are available through the Disney based package, it’s part of a $5 add-on package. FOX is part of the base package with its option.

Sling TV Package Add-Ons

With each base package, you can add on additional channel packages. I’ve outlined those below and which base package they are available.

Sports Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month for Orange and Sling Blue customers can add Sports Extra for $10 per month.

The Sling Orange Sports Extra package adds beIN Sports, NHL Network, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Goal Line, ESPNEWS, ESPN, SEC Network, Universal Sports, Univision Deportes, and more.

BeIN Sports and Universal Sports allow you to pause and rewind, provides the last eight days of content, and offers a little on demand. Univision Deportes offers all that as well, except it only provides the past three days of content. Most channels in Sports Extra are live only.

The Sling Blue “Sports Extra” contains Golf Channel, beIN Sports, NHL Network, Outside TV, NFL RedZone, Univision Deportes, and more.

Both Blue and Orange packages also now contain the Pac-12 network for college sports. The following college teams are available through this network nationwide.

  • Pac-12 Arizona – University of Arizona and Arizona State University
  • 12 Bay Area – University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University
  • Pac-12 Los Angeles – University of California, Los Angeles and University of Southern California
  • Pac-12 Mountain – The University of Utah and University of Colorado
  • Pac-12 Oregon – University of Oregon and Oregon State University
  • Pac-12 Washington – University of Washington and Washington State University

Kids Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both

On Sling Orange, Kids Extra provides Baby TV, Boomerang, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, TeenNick, and Duck TV.

However, the adding this package to the Sling Blue will only add Nicktoons, TeenNick, Boomerang, Baby TV, And Duck TV.

Baby TV and Duck TV allow you to pause and rewind, provides the last eight days of content, and offers a little on demand.

Disney Junior and Disney XD don’t allow you to pause and rewind, but there is a decent amount of on-demand programming.

Nick Jr, Nicktoons, and Teen Nick offer live and On-Demand programming.

Boomerang only allows you to watch live.

World News Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

World News Extra offers Bloomberg TV, BBC World News, Euronews, France24, HLN, NDTV, News 18 India, and RT. Subscribers to Sling Blue will also receive CNBC and MSNBC with this add-on.

HLN can only be viewed live. However, all other shows in this package allow you to pause and rewind, provides the last eight days of content, and offers a little on demand.

Broadcast Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Sling Orange

Broadcast Extra provides the live local affiliate broadcast for ABC, Univision, and UniMas affiliates. This package is currently only available in Chicago, Fresno-Visalia, Houston, L.A., New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. Sling TV is looking to expand this offering to all local markets at some time in the future.

Hollywood Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

This one is for the movie lover. Hollywood Extra offers Epix, Epix Drive-In, Epix2, Epix3, HDNet Movies, Turner Classic Movies and Sundance TV.

Sundance offers no pause or rewind function with live TV but has some on-demand programming. All other networks in Hollywood Extra allow you to pause and rewind, provides the last seven days of content, and offers shows on demand.

Lifestyle Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

Lifestyle Plus provides the Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Vibrant TV, FYI, LMN, WeTV, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.   WeTV doesn’t allow pausing and rewinding live TV but has on-demand programming. BET is available for this add-on, but only for the Sling Orange as it comes included with the Sling Blue. Sling Blue also provides E! and Oxygen with this add-on.

* On June 13th, 2016 TruTV moved to the “Comedy Plus Extra” add-on package.

All other networks allow you to pause and rewind, provides the last three days of content, and offers a little on demand.

Comedy Plus Extra Package

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

Comedy Plus Extra provides live and on-demand access to MTV, GSN, Paramount Network, MTV2, LOGO, CMT, TV Land and truTV (moved from the former Lifestyle Extra). TruTV is already a part of the Sling Blue base package.

Heartland Extra

Cost: An Additional $5 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages
Heartland Extra includes Outdoor Channel, PixL, RFD-TV, RIDE TV, Sportsman Channel, The Cowboy Channel and World Fishing Network.

HBO Package

Cost: An Additional $15 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

The HBO Package doesn’t allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but it does have a large on demand section. It isn’t on par with HBO Now, but it’s one of the better on-demand offerings.

Cinemax Online

Cost: An Additional $10 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

You can also now purchase Cinemax as a Premium add-on channel. You get all the live, and on-demand Cinemax offered to those with Cinemax on cable. Much like HBO, pause and rewind are absent from live TV.

Starz Package

Cost: An Additional $9 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

The Starz Package includes not only Starz but Encore as well. This package sports a fairly large on-demand section of TV and Movies airing on Starz and Encore.

Cinemax Online

Cost: An Additional $10 per month
Available on: Both Base Packages

You can also now purchase Cinemax as a Premium add-on channel. You get all the live, and on-demand Cinemax offered to those with Cinemax on cable. Much like HBO, pause and rewind are absent from live TV.

Sling TV Spanish Packages

As reported by Multichannel, Sling has recently announced more options for Spanish Speaking Customers. These are considered standalone packages. Therefore, customers aren’t required to have the $20 base Sling TV package. However, you may choose to have it if you wish.

Below are the details on a few of  Sling TV’s Spanish Speaking Offerings. However, I recommend checking out Sling TV’s website for all the details on their Spanish language offerings. They are quite numerous.

For $10 per month, Sling TV’s Centroamérica package offers the following channels.

  • CB24 – Get around-the-clock Central American news on CB24, broadcasting 24 hours a day from Costa Rica.
  • Centroamérica TV – Watch live news, talk shows, music and culture-focused programs from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and more. Plus, get exclusive first division soccer from the Central American countries.
  • Tele El Salvador – Central American customers will now have access to content from El Salvador, such as news, sports, travel & lifestyle and cooking shows.

For $12 per month, Paquete Total provides access to Univision, Cine Sony Television, UniMás, Galavisión, Univision Deportes Network, beIN Sports en Español, Azteca, Az Clic, Cinelatino, De Película, De Película Clásico, BabyTV, Cbeebies, Pasiones, NTN24, Univision telenovelas, Az Corazón, Telehit, Bandamax, FOROtv, TeleFórmula, with AZ Cinema and Teleromántica coming soon.

For just $7 a month, you can subscribe to Sling Latino Paquete Esencial, which offers 16 live Spanish-speaking channels. They are Azteca, Az Clic, Cinelatino, De Película, De Película Clásico, BabyTV, Cbeebies, beIN Sports en Español, Pasiones, Univision telenovelas, Az Corazón, Telehit, Bandamax, FOROtv. AZ Cinema and Teleromántica are reported to be added soon.

Colombia Pack can be purchased for $7 per month, as a standalone pack, or as an add-on to Paquete Total, Paquete Esencial or the Best of Live TV English core pack. It provides Nuestra Tele and NTN24, with RCN Novelas coming soon.

España Pack can be purchased for $7 per month, as a standalone pack, or as an add-on to Paquete Total, Paquete Esencial or the Best of Live TV English core pack. It adds Antena 3 and TV Española Internacional. MIS Películas and SupereÑe will be coming soon.

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  • I'm finding the cord cutting experience to be a disappointment. I've installed a Mohu Sky antenna (as suggested), but many of the 18 channels I'm receiving are in Spanish. Alternatively, I have looked into Sling TV, but with multiple TVs in the house (being watched by 4 family members simultaneously), have learned that I will need 4 separate Sling TV accounts ($30.00/account) totaling $120.00/month. Toss in an HBO account at $15.00 each and I'm now worse off than I was with Cable TV…. I just am not seeing the financial benefits I had expected to - suggestions?

    • It is a bit of an adjustment, and with 4 tv's, I can understand why you feel as you do. I guess, at least for me, investing in a streaming device, in the long run, beats the cost of cable. I also felt ripped off by cable. Have you looked into streaming apps? I have Amazon Prime as well as Netflix, and between both of them my cost per year is a little over 200, for the entire year. I get free shipping on anything from Amazon Prime, as well as discounted prices on some things. It has been a great thing for me as I love Amazon. Best of luck!

      • Yes, we love Prime. We tend to juggle services throughout the year depending what we want to watch. One of the best parts of being a cord cutter is no contracts.

    • Cable TV is expensive because customers pay for a lot of content they do not watch. The cost savings realized in cord cutting is due to eliminating content you don't want or need to watch. Putting Sling on 4 TVs is a lot of redundant content. Considering the $30 a month price tag, I'm assuming you are using 2 add on packages. Personally I treat Sling as a way to augment your main TV. Secondary TVs in the house should be fine with streaming, which is no additional cost.
      As for the antenna, I have many Spanish channels as well, but as long as I get CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, PBS, and the CW I'm fine. If you want, post your TVfool.com report and I'll take a look to see if any improvements can be made.
      Cord Cutting is mainly about changing viewing habits to an active mindset instead of a passive one. Instead of flipping channels and watching what cable dictates, you make the active choices on your content. You can make quite a savings just by getting Hulu plus and buying current seasons of the shows you watch from Amazon or iTunes. The best part about that is you can watch them on all your TVs as you own the content. If you want a better idea on how to craft your services to meet your needs then check out my post on the best streaming services for you.

  • If slingtv offered Fox News and local channels I would do it in a heartbeat. I don't get local channels even with a digital antenna as I live in a rural area too far from big cities. I hate satellite but right now have to keep it. Hoping you can help with the above soon.

    • I have had sling for over a year and I just can not take CNN any more.I will be switching to SONY'S PLAYSTATION VUE thanks for info

    • Fox News is available through Sony’s PlayStation Vue. The price is a bit high though.

  • I have had Sling TV for about a month now. I have the roku stick but I have had the best success with my IPad and an HDMI cable adapter direct from my IPAD. A function I just discovered on the IPAD app is there is on demand programing available. If you hit the arrow button above the channel listing on demand programing for instance comes up. For instance on ABC family there was a few full movies. Just started watching 3 musketeers. Only bad part is it does not have a fast forward function so If you are going to watch a movie you better have the full time set aside because you can not go back to where you left off. Most of the channels have some on demand programing.
    For instance on A&E there were 10 selected episodes of Duck Dynasty. I don't know how often these change. ESPN has a lot also. It is the only place I have found College football final. You have to hunt around for it. It is only an ESPN logo, so until you open it up an watch it you can see what they are. You have hours of programing available. It is not just live programing...TBS is about the only one that doesn't have any on demand programing. Oh and ESPN2 is only live but there is a lot on ESPN... Don't forget that you also have access to ESPN3 on the watch ESPN APP as well. Have fun. I know this is the wave of the future. Make sure you have a strong Wifi connection.

    • If your TV has an android OS and supports the Google Play store then possibly. Sling TV doesn't officially list any smart TVs on it's site, just OTT players.

      • I called yesterday and they only support certain smart tvs. I think it's line 2 tvs they support roght now. I suggest calling first, but if they don't support yours, you can get a free roku stick

  • For my wife and I, Sling TV will work. You get seperate access to ESPN app wtih your Sling account creds. The HBO app also support seperate and one can access it with Sling creds. With a good antenna setup for local stations. Add Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and the makes a good package that is lower priced than cable. My point is, If someone is watching over the air, HBO app, PBS app, or ESPN app, then then the Sling TV app will be available to watch in another room.

  • I am a little confused about Sling TV and the equipment requirements to make it work. I have two TVs and both are SMART. Do I really need anything more than an internet capable TV to use Sling?

    • It depends if the TV supports Sling TV. It's why I recommend a Roku with Sling TV. It's the best device for that service.

  • My questions have been answered about sports and news, but I don't see ANYTHING about religious programming. Any ideas/suggestions?

    • There are many channels available on Roku like TBN, Daystar, Joyce Meyer Ministries, HisChannel, CBN TV, and God TV

  • I have Sling on my computer and a tv also. My question is how, after I have logged in, do I get the program going? I watched it earlier today, but now I can't get it going again. It's bowl game day on ESPN, and it's up there, but I can't get it. What's up?

    • It should start right up. Contact support if it isn't starting on your system.

  • I found your article very interesting. We presently have cable and would love to get rid of our high bill every month too. It doesn't include any of the paid subscriptions such as HBO, showtime, etc. either. We do have a smart TV and was wondering how to watch what is currently on showtime? I did read your article, very informative, thank you but I'm not very tech savoy and my son usually hooks all this up for me so it was a little overwhelming. I'd like to watch a showtime show airing tomorrow. Thank you.

  • want to get rid of Charter.... seems every time we open a bill, the cost keeps going up. My question is how do you keep an interenet / WiFi connection without cable? Thanks

    • Hi Tom,

      Most providers will have an internet only option. I have one under Verizon.

  • Hi. I'm new cord cutter. Am wondering about Fox/Fox Sports. NHRA drags are being aired on that this year. Who streams that? Thanks.

  • I am almost ready to sign up for Sling TV. Have they updated what channels have replay and on demand options. I'd really like to see that AMC and TNT now have those options. I don't actually watch much Live TV anymore except for some sports and news, so the replay and on demand choices will help me decide. Thanks!

    • The On Demand Options are up to the individual networks. That said, AMC and TNT do have some On Demand.

      • Might be to early to know, but I hope AMC offers TWD and Better Call Saul as On Demand Choices. I think I'm going to give it a try regardless. The free or discounted Roku alone is worth at least trying it for 3 months I think. Plus if I like it, I get a discounted price for a year since I'm a T-Mobile customer. I'm only 6 months in to streaming most of what I watch with Netflix and Hulu. So far I haven't missed what I can't watch thanks to Vudu and Amazon, but I'm hoping Sling TV will help me cut out some of those purchases. Thanks!

        • AMC does offer the last few TWD on demand through Sling. I'm pretty sure they do the same for Better Call Saul.

  • Alright so this is the best group of channels I have found yet on any of the cable cutting companies! ESPN, TBS, Disney, ABC Family (or now it is FreeForm). Those are the main channels we watch in our household! I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly because this is 100% new to me. My husband has the Xbox One in our living room, my son has his One in his room, and then I would use the Roku in our bedroom. So, if we switch to SlingTV - create an account, if my son wanted to watch Disney, I wanted to watch TBS and my husband ESPN, would we have the option to all watch on 3 different devices at one single time? At first we were unable to with Netflix but now we can watch different shows on different devices. I just want to make sure I understand before signing up!

    • Brittany/Dennis,

      Thanks for your comments. I read through many pages and posts, and it wasn't until reading this one that I realized you can't stream to three devices (unless you have three subscriptions). That is just silly. Is this even with Sling Blue? I may still be misunderstanding. I thought you could stream to multiple devices with that one.

      I was considering Sling (now a Direct TV customer). However, my daughter and I tend to watch TV at the same time in different rooms.

      I do have three questions...

      1) I am a bit confused about internet speeds. ATT has speeds from 6mbps to like 32mbps listed. However, I thought Sling required closer to 40 for some reason.

      2) Have any of you gone over your cap using Sling in a month? I currently have ATT internet, and Direct TV Now allows you to ignore the cap (from what I understand) if you are an ATT customer.

      3) Is there a DVR in the works for Sling TV?



      • 1. For HD quality you want about 7-8 Mbps. You can go lower if you don't want HD, but I'd try to stay around 5. Keep in mind that is for just one stream. 3 streams at the same time in HD would require around 25 Mbps.

        2. Sorry, I have Verizon. What is your cap?

        3. Sling TV is testing a Cloud DVR. I'm hoping it comes out soon.

    • Sling TV is compatible on multiple devices, unfortunately, only one account can only be streamed on one device at a time. So in order to stream three devices with Sling at the same time, you would need 3 subscriptions. Sling has recently mentioned that they are investigating changing this.

  • Thank you for the very informative article. I am also one of the many thinking about cutting the cord from cable. I would still need to pay for internet through Charter though. Here is my question since this is NEW to me.

    We have three flat screen TVs (not smart) - all with cable boxes. If moving forth with Sling TV, our bedroom and our child's room can make due with just DVD players... so that would mean only the living room would need SlingTV - one account and not three.

    Besides missing NBC, Sling TV covers the channels we'd watch and I like the add on feature for additional children programming.

    That being said, if we keep internet via Charter - what device would you recommend for the Sling TV? I read on their website, they work well with a Roku Player, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV stick or your Xbox (we have a PlayStation). I feel that I've read so much information I've now confused myself. :)

    Finally, in addition to the best device; any recommendation on ways to watch NBC? I could not go without The Blacklist or Chicago Med... or when major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Series and Stanley Cup?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi MB, A TV antenna will get you NBC, Check out my article on Cable TV Alternatives, it should clear up a lot of questions. As for my favorite streamer for Sling TV. I'd go with the Roku.

    • The Roku box has faster hardware and is more responsive. There is little difference in the function.

  • I have been searching for help before I drop TimeWarnerCable for ever. After over 30 years and Thousands of dollars to help make this Company filthy rich and me poorer every year, I have finally had enough after all the lies and gorging they have given to me and good paying customer!
    As a Disabled Vet in a wheelchair not able to do much more than enjoy TV and the Internet I was so pissed-off the TWC lied to me and then started charging me nearing $200 a month without any special channels just needed a new DVR box after 12 years, I nearly lost my cool when I call them!
    I realize I am not alone with this issue, but, I felt as if I had been rape again by these Damn Billion'dollar companies! So before I tell them where to stick their TWC service I need to make sure there will be a descent way to replace, them with good TV and internet service. Otherwise, I will have nothing but to sit in my mobile chair or to be in be until my nurse comes! If someone with real help on this matter can help I would be very grateful! Thank you for taking the time to read this!


  • Please, please clarify something for me that I am not understanding.

    So in order for SlingTV to work I must have a working internet connection? If that's the case, I wouldn't be "cutting the cord" from cable. I would still be on the hook to them for the internet costs.

    please advise, thanks.

    • "Cutting the Cord" just refers to getting rid of Cable TV. You are correct that most would still have to purchase internet access from a cable providers. Companies like Starry are trying to change that.

  • I just recently cancelled my cable at the beginning of 2016 and I think that it has been one of the best decisions that I have made thus far. Like a week ago, I signed up for SlingTV and used the promotion to purchase my Roku 3. I am new to all of this, but so far I am enjoying my device and all the capabilities that it offers. Outside of my normal expenditures for Netflix and Hulu Plus, the cost of watching and enjoying tv has been reduced in half. One thing that I like about the Roku devices is that it has a number of free channels that offer some great tv and movies - if you really don't want to pay for a SlingTV account, then that is a great alternative.

    I currently have Charter for internet only, but can anyone tell me of any other internet providers who have a better speed and connection besides Charter? I live in Montgomery, AL. Thanks for all the help.

  • I'm a real dummy when it comes to this techy stuff. Are you saying that even though I have a great antenna, a smart tv, Netflix and Hulu and fast internet, I still need a service like Sling TV to watch the news, HGTV, and TCM (those are the only channels I watch on regular basis)? (Please do not add my email address to a mailing list.)

    • Yes. Current seasons of shows on those channels are only available through Sling TV or Vue.

  • My husband and I are about done with cable; just too much. We need to upgrade our Internet speed. But we have a DVD/BluRay player on our main TV that has wifi...and on our other TV we have nothing (just regular DVD player). If we get an interior antenna to get basic channels, then SlingTV , AMAZON PRIME, and then Hulu/Netflix we should have all of our bases covered for TV and movies.? Can we stream this stuff through our wifi bluray player on the main TV and then get a Roku or chromecast type device for the other TV so we can run stuff off our samsung galazy tablet onto the TV? Also, I know a lot of shows are also available for free on the Internet through the tv stations websites...can we also stream those through the player or Roku/chromecast? I am just trying to figure out what all we will have to change for when we get rid of cable. We don't have movie channels or anything with cable and it is costing a fortune. My husband and I have been debating whether to get prime recently anyways because of the new "must spend $49 for free shipping". We currently don't stream, so it isn't worth it to us...but if we start streaming it would work out great!

    • My advice would be to get Prime and give it a shot with one steaming device to see if you like it. If it seems like a fit, then expand it to other TVs and drop cable. I feel prime is worth it for the shipping alone and if you use your Blu-Ray to stream you won't be out any real money while experimenting.

  • Another question, what is the difference between using the Roku vs. Chromecast when it comes to using a tablet and streaming to a TV?

    • Roku is a fully self contained streaming device. The Chromecast requires you find content on you mobile device and "cast" it to the TV. I personally prefer the Roku.

  • Okay, I admit it, I am turning into a liberal... Now, how do I watch that liberal station MSNBC? It appears that SLING TV is the only option, but I have chosen Apple TV as my streaming device. Am I destined to watch MSNBC in a granulated, unclear APPLE air mode through mirroring my MAC? Is there some service out there that I don't know that can pick it up for my APPLE TV streamer? Or, should I just sign up for SLING TV, and get the free ROKU 3, and use both Apple TV and Roku? (Why is Apple missing out on the Sling TV market so I don't have to connect Roku as well?)

    • Sling TV doesn't have MSNBC. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that will stream MSNBC to the Apple TV. And there is nothing wrong with being a bit liberal or a bit conservative. They both have their place in the world. The problems arise when we stop judging ideas on there merit and instead judge them because they are perscribed a certain label.

      • Thanks for the comments (I was being rather flippant with my Lib comment, as the other remarks I have seen posted have been from Fox fans). It appears that there is currently no method to stream MSNBC live without a cable connection (I tried searching the internet, but found nothing to mirror with my apple tv)! I guess I will have to start watching CNN for my campaign coverage.

  • Recently cut the cable cord and have a few questions. Bought Amazon Fire TV, thinking my less than desirable Internet speed might require an Ethernet connection to stream at an acceptable level. We also have Sling TV. Networks such as HGTV are not coming in very clear. According to the settings on Fire TV, my wifi signal is "Very Good." Would using the Ethernet connection remedy the poor reception? I haven't tried this because my router is upstairs and my TV is not and I'm not sure what it will take to move the router. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, will any cable line (such as the one recently used for Direct TV) carry the internet signal needed for the router or is that a different type of connection?

    • Yes any cable line should deliver internet. However, the more splitters between the line into the house and the router degrades the internet signal. It's recommended that the line going to the cable modem comes off the first splitter.

  • If I watch Sling on an Apple device using Airplay Mirroring, does that still count as a streaming device? What I mean is, could my kids watch Disney on the Roku while my wife and I watch a different channel on our Apple device?

    • No. It's just one stream on the single stream option. The Fox option is Multi-stream.

      • Thanks for the clarification. That's a bummer. My wife and I were totally sold on Sling, but we weren't aware of the streaming limitations. Unfortunately, The Disney channels are a requirement for our kiddos, but the parental units need our tv channels, too. Guess I'll have to do some more creative thinking to find a way around this. Anyway, thanks again for all the tips. Your blog is excellent!

  • Is there a way to record shows from sling tv. Will the new Tivo OTA work or do you need a different way to record shows to view later. Thank you for all the advice. We are dropping Direct Tv and going to the antenna etc.

    • No, you can't record from Sling TV without some creative technology to capture the video from the wire. There is nothing commercially available that will do this. Good to hear you are dropping Pay-TV. Welcome to the club!

  • Great summary, and unlike a "cord cutter" websitethat is obviously an ad for sling, your seems pretty much unbiased (thanks for disclosure).

    • I know what you mean. I only promote services I actually use myself. I also re-evaluate based on the concerns of readers. For instance, I’ve been getting some VUE users complaining about constant service lock outs so I adjusted the article to point that out.

  • We are going to disconnect in November when our plan runs out. You have given us some very valuable information. Thank you

  • Ok, I'm trying to figure all this out. A lot of great info and I'm slowly understanding how the SlingTV works with a router and modem, etc. You have explained everything in great detail and VERY easy to understand. However, I have a question, similar to the others...

    We pay WAY to much for cable TV and I'm tired of it going up up and up! So, looking into Sling TV, Roku, etc. We have 3 people in house, usually all watch something different. We own our own modem, however, may need to upgrade, since it is 3-4 years old.

    Anyway, if we get a Roku 4, subscribe to Sling TV, already have Netflix:
    How do we watch it on other TVs?
    Is that what the Roku sticks are for?
    Do I need to have a certain type of TV?
    If I subscribe to Best of Live TV Single Stream (Disney) and Sports Package, can they be seen on any of the TVs?
    Is there a contract with SlingTV?
    My husband is a huge fan of sports and mainly MLB, NFL, College Football, and College basketball does the package I mentioned above work for those?

    Looking forward to getting answers, hope you can help. Would like to make a change as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Jacki,

      There is no contract with Sling TV so you can cancel any time you like. The Disney Sling TV package is single stream. So while you can watch it on any device, you can't have 2 devices simultaneously using Sling TV. Any TV you want to stream to will require a streaming device. The devices are independent of one another, so you could technically get 3 streaming sticks and make every TV "streamable." You can check out my post on The differences between Roku versions for more information. It will also let you know what ports your TV needs to work with the different versions of Roku.

      Sports can be tough. NFL is usually easy since you get use a TV Antenna for most local market games. You can check out my article on how to watch sports without cable for more info for him.
      When we cut the cord, I found the best approach was not to worry about which networks we wanted, but instead focus on which shows we wanted to watch. Streaming tends to be more TV show focused and network barriers tend to disappear. I recommend taking a look at my guide on how to watch TV without cable for a comprehensive overview of cutting the cord.

      I Hope that helps.

      Take care,


  • On which device is Discovery available? I have looked but am unable to find it as of yet.
    Thank you for any help.

  • Ok, I am looking to finally dump TWC when I move in August. I'm finding lots of very helpful info on here. I have looked at the Sling website and compared packages. I think I also looked at another (I am overloaded with new info right now, it's hard to keep straight). My question is....where can I find the E! network and Bravo? Nothing I have looked at includes those channels, even in extra packages. Those and ABC are the 3 most watched channels in my house and I need to know how and where to get them before cutting the cord for good!

  • Hi Dennis, I have been researching cutting cord for about 6 months now. I just recently came across your website and was blown away! I purchased two Roku sticks today and will be subscribing to Sling TV (both basic packages) with a couple of adds. Looking forward to when DVR recording will be available with just using the stick.. At the end of this week, GOOD BY DIRECT TV!!!!!

    • I purchased Sling TV to view on my Apple TV 4th Generation device on 6/14/16. I have 10 MBPS download speed on my device, but I have had nothing but difficulty viewing this app. Within minutes of selecting a program my screen experiences scrolling, failure of the app, crashing, etc. I purchased this app to view HGTV, but after less than 30 days of attempting to view their programming, I have more than 40 shows that have failed while viewing. I will be cancelling my subscription since they blame all their issues on Apple. I would not recommend this app for viewing HGTV or any other programming they claim to offer. They do not inform new customers that several of the channels they claim to offer, are not really offered. FXX for example is not available live. There are a very limited number of programs that are available on demand for this channel, but no access to the channel's programming. They apologize for their app's failures, but do not offer to refund fees or free time. They claim they are working on the issues,and ask customers to be patient while continuing to collect payment.

      • I'm sorry to hear that. I used their service with Roku, and haven't had an issue. It's hard to isolate issues like this, because the issue can sometimes be due to the network in ones home. That said, I wish you would have had a better customer support outcome.

  • I cut the cord 2 years ago, I have Tivo Roamio OTA with a 2016 Samsung Smart TV. I would like to watch the AMC channel, the walking dead, fear of the walking dead. Will Sling Subscription work without cable service? I have the internet. I have purchased the shows thru Amazon. But it gets costly. Will I need the Roku too to work with Sling?

    • If it's only a couple of AMC shows then it's only going to be about $30 per show. For Sling TV, you will need a supported device to watch on. I don't list all the Samsung TVs that support Sling TV, so check Sling TV's website for full details on supported Smart TVs.

  • I still do not quite understand watching NFL. I live in the foothills near Sacramento and I do not get a signal for satellite due to trees and I do not have cable available and I am out of range of antenna. I do not live in one of the markets such as San Francisco. So am I out of luck watching live NFL games on Fox and NBC through sling on my home TV? I really want to watch live football on Sundays.

    Thank you so much for all this info.

    • The only option I think you have is using the workaround with NFL game pass.

  • Okay, I thought I understood this, but now I am doubting myself. We are looking at cutting the chord very soon, but just not sure which route to go. I will let you know we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, XBOX One, a Roku and one Apple TV device. None of the TV's in the house are smart ones. My wife and I usually watch recorded TV, and lately the kids only watch Netflix. My question is regarding Sling. I keep reading that it is only a one stream device. So if there are two different live TV shows that want to be watched, is that going to be possible with one Sling?

    • Good question. Basically the Channels on Sling Blue can be streamed on 3 devices simultaneously. Channels that are not on Sling Blue, but are on Sling Orange can be streamed to 1 device at a time. So you can use Sling TV on multiple device with the Orange package, just not at the same time.

  • I only have one smart tv that I can get Netflix and Hulu. Once I get Sling and Roku will I be able to get those on the other tvs?

    • In the post below Dennis obviously meant to say Sling Blue (not Sling Orange) allows you to watch 3 streams simultaneously.

    • Yes, but you would either need to move the Roku to the TV you want to use or have a Roku on each TV. Remember though, Sling Orange only allows you to watch one stream at a time where Sling Blue allows you to watch 3 streams simultaneously.

  • I had TWC and when it switched to Spectrum, my bill shot through the roof. I've been such a loyal customer to them and I get no relief. I now refer to them as Rectum and you can imagine why. Grrrr. I am SO ready to cut the cord and this website is amazing but I still have questions, which I'm sure I will be researching until it's time to pay the next month's Rectum bill.

    Long story short, I have 2 Smart TV's, both of which are being watched at the same time but usually different channels or shows. If I had, say, the Sling Blue package, allowing for 3 streamings at once (I think that's what I read), then would I be able to watch whatever on one TV and would he be able to watch something different on his TV at the same time?

    And also, with them both being smart TV's, would I still need a streaming device if I am interested in Sling? I have a PS3 but I don't love the Vue lineup as much as Slings. I don't want to buy a Roku if I can somehow do the same thing just with having a smart TV.

    Lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS INFORMATION TOGETHER FOR US. Let's all stick it to the cable companies together!!!!! :)

    • It depends if your Smart TV supports the Sling TV app. Check here for more info. AS long as you have the multi-stream package you can watch different channels on different TVs. Thank you so much for frequenting the blog!

  • I live in Toronto...is O.K subscribing to slimg tv? I really interested in watching tennis ...then is the orange package good for me?
    thanks in advance

    • Unfortunately no they only service the U.S. This is typically due to complex licensing rules around TV networks.

  • What is the cheapest way to get the main networks ABC, CBS, and NBC and ditch Directv? Our zip code is 49953, so I am trying to figure out if we can get these and how and cost?

    • Not sure if you are still looking or not. If you have a Roku you can access the USTVNow App and get those channels for free. Their basic package includes local broadcast channels and is free and they have a paid subscription package that includes A&E, FX, and some other channels. You have to go and sign up for the USTVNow free account before it will show up on the Roku since it is a private App. Hope this helps.

  • I have U-verse 450 package and channel 1748 is Fox Sports Midwest. During the season they blackout the live Cardinal MLB games. Are you saying that if I get Sling TV subscription I can overcome the Cardinal blackouts?

  • I no longer have cable and I have 1 smart tv in my room and a regular slat screen tv and my kids room . I f I want to get sling tv whats the first thing I need to do ? I have amazon prime and we have xbox one, ps4. I want to try the sling blue

    • All you would need to do is sign up for Sling TV and install you app on your Xbox (PlayStation Doesn't support it). You can check on Sling TV's website to see if your Smart TV works with Sling. If not you would need to get a device like Roku to use Sling TV.

  • Dennis, in one of your replies you stated that an internet signal could be transmitted through the same coaxial cable that was used by the removed DirecTV system.

    How is this accomplished? I'm not a real "Techie" type but I thought the only way one could connect to a router was by using a CAT (not sure this is correct term) type of cable?

    Really like your site for I just recently "cut the cord ". Currently only viewing OTA channels but need to get a streaming device and. DVR device....seems like most all of these systems work better with a wired connection vs wi-fi.
    Thanks again.

    • You can use it from the Internet line in to the modem/router. From their it would be all WiFi and Ethernet (Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat6)

  • I have Sling and I am located in Florida. Is there a way I can get a sports package down here for the Detroit Tigers? I currently can watch the Marlins & Rays and a game now and then with the Tigers.

    Thanks Tim

  • Where can one get low cost internet? If I break the bundling at Comcast, internet (alone) goes up to $90 a month.

  • It says
    "While cloud recordings can currently only be activated on Amazon Fire TV, recordings can be viewed on Roku and Android as well. Functionality for recording with other devices will be rolled out in coming months"
    So does that mean you can't record on Apple TV yet? Doesn't it have the DVR service that started in March of this year?

    • They just put it on Apple TV this week. I need to update the article.

  • Love all of info! Thank you I am a huge college sports fan. Is BTN available?

    Thanks again.

  • I am so excited to see that fox sports Ohio is an option. This is the reason I need to ditch my cable as I just received my bill today and it went up 50 bucks. Thanks so much! Now I won't miss my Cavs games!

  • I really liked YouTube TV but dropped it before the trial ended. They do not offer enough channels for the cost and it can't be used on a Roku. Your Sling TV review was one of the few positive ones. So, even with all the negative Sling TV reviews online, I decided to try Sling TV Blue with 40+ channels for $25 a month trial anyway. The have many shows I like.

    I also just purchased a new 5th generation Roku Premier. I had the older 1st generation Roku XD. I'm surprised at all the free content available on the Roku Premiere that is not available with the older Roku XD (less memory and space). Sling TV has had no buffering problems at all. Plus they have many on demand episodes of my favorite shows. My all time favorite show is History Channel's Ancient Aliens. So, I was hooked at seeing 120 on demand Ancient Alien episodes. Thanks Dennis.

  • Sling TV is the WORST!!!! I primarily subscribe to Sling TV for the HGTV programming. I often can't get through one episode of a program without Sling TV crashing. I understand that internet-based TV will sometimes need to load. HOWEVER, when Sling TV crashes, it DOES NOT SAVE YOUR LOCATION WITHIN THE PROGRAMMING. You have to start over from the beginning, and THERE IS NO FAST FORWARD OPTION!!!! So if you have watched 20 minutes of a 30 minute programming, and Sling TV crashes (which happens 60-80% of the time, you have to START THE PROGRAM ENTIRELY FROM THE BEGINNING. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • It's primarily a Live TV service. If you want to record and watch later or fast forward you should use their cloud DVR. As for the quality of the service. I find many times that is due to a poor WiFi network. Live streaming services need a bit more clarity in the signal than something like Netflix. I'd recommend trying a wired connection to see if there is any improvement. If there is, you may want to improve your wifi network.

  • I have Roku 4 and I have been plying with it. My main question is what subscription streaming service offers Fox News Channel? I do not want the other cable news offerings.
    Thank you,

    Gary Strader

  • I have roku 3 older, last years fire tv. Thinking about getting air tv. Dose it have rca for or hdmi sound? Can I stream sling from air? Of all those boxes which is best for sling?

    • It's HDMI, Unless you want to use the antenna features I stick with your current devices.

  • Dennis--thanks for the review. If my family is interested in streaming onto laptops and smartphones, will Sling work without additional hardware (other than an hdmi cord on the rare occasions we want to put something onto a tv screen? Thanks,

    • Hi Mayra, I'm pretty sure the CARIBE package on Sling TV offers Wapa, give them a call and check.

  • What's the difference between sling tv and Hulu? Doesn't Hulu have live tv also?

    • Hulu, I believe, has only specific network SHOWS/EPISODES. The shows you want may or may not be among their limited offerings.

      • Hulu has a live offering now. It's pretty good and even streams local channels in many markets.

    • They do, it really comes down to the channels they offer. I'm slowly working on a comparison of all the services. In the meantime, check out my Hulu Review.

  • I like the Sling Orange line-up best, but what's the best service to watch BTN (Big Ten Network)? I really want BTN in my streaming service, or are there other options for BTN? (example - get Sling Orange and another cheap way to watch BTN?)

    • An Antenna is usually the best/cheapest way to watch free over-the-air networks, depending somewhat on your location. CBS went off on it's own, so antenna is the only way to get that network without paying an extra fee just to CBS. If you get the network, the picture will be crystal HD.

    • Dennis, Thank you very much for the review, it lays it all very clearly.

      I have cable as well and I'm ready to ditch it. However, my wife watches FOX News Channel, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNBC, C&I, ID, Oxigen, and CNN.

      I saw that having Blue + News extra would provide all channels but I don't see ID, C&I, Fox News and Fox Business on the lineup.

      What do you advise.
      Thanks, David

  • I've read conflicting reviews of the video quality for Sling TV. I would be using a Roku device with an Ethernet connection - any opinion on how the picture quality would be on a large screen? What has been your experience?

    • I personally don't see any issues. I suspect a lot of the issues with Live TV streaming services are due to poor Wi-Fi. Just because you have 4 bars doesn't mean your neighbor's WiFi isn't interfering with yours causing lag and buffering.

  • Thank you for such a well-written guide. I have been trying to get the nerve to cut the cord for over a year now. I live in between NYC and Philadelphia, probably over 60 miles from each city. My only internet option is Comcast. I have a Roku tv, a smart tv with Tivo, an xbox one and a tv which will need a streaming device. We definitely have to be able to watch the NY Giants play. We also watch A&E,AMC, FX, USA, TNT, Fox news, HGTV, Lifetime, TBS, Fox, ID,SPIKE, comedy central and cartoon network. I will add on HBO and SHO and we have Netflix and Verizon cell service. After countless hours researching I was going to try Sling, until I read your info on Fubo. Which do you think this is the best option for us? I need an expert opinion! Thank you.

    • It sounds like Sling TV will be a better fit. Both offer free trials, so you can try them both and see which one is the better fit.

  • Hello, I'm interested in getting the Blue & orange package. I have DISH, the two programs I really watch, I don't see in these packages. I watch Centric & OWN

    • I have sling orange +blue package, I saw mamas family and silver spoons when I was trying it out. But now I can't find it on my guide, I've typed in the search option but still can't find it. Does anyone know what channel it's on?

  • If you subscribe to Sling Orange, are you able to have two streams of channels from the orange package going at the same time? It says you can only have one stream from the Orange package of channels.

    • You can only run 1 stream at a time with the Orange package and 3 streams simultaneously with the Blue package.

  • The more I read about cord cutting, the more confused I became (I can function, but am in no way techie)...so I just took the plunge. Ordered the newest Roku box. Signed up for Sling Blue so we could watch SF Giants on CSN Bay Area. We live in 93955. Still pay $90/mo for Comcast internet (kills me) and subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. What I didn't take into account was football season . My husband is apoplectic. I need access to NFL fast! Oakland Raiders being the priority, but the more variety the better. Also I miss live news (local and national). I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Also... any updates on Sling regarding cloud recording anytime soon? Thanks!

  • Thanks for the Sling TV breakdown. Question regarding the streams that the orange and blue packages put out. I understand that orange has one stream and blue has up to three. When you combine the two packages together, will the orange package be able to stream on more than one device or tv or does it remain able to stream on one device only? Would be nice if orange was able to stream on more than one since you are combining the two. We are a sports family and sometimes the same channel maybe be on in multiple rooms. Hard to do on one stream. What options do I have to stream orange channels to more than one device? Also can one Sling account cover the entire house when streaming from multiple TV's?

    • Unfortunately, if a channel is exclusively Orange, then you only have one stream. However, if a channel is on both and you subscribe to both, you then get 4 streams of that channel. It's ridiculous, but it's not entirely Slings fault. I think the single stream channels were part of an older contract. I hope it gets renegotiated at some point.

  • Let me know when you get Fox News until then you are a usless product. Too many other channels are missing as well. I'll stick with Cable for now.

  • Sling TV needs ID channel, that's only thing keeping me from getting sling TV. I gotta have my ID. Get with the program sling

  • I have spent weeks trying to get ready for a streaming program.
    I am tech ignorant.
    I just really want the Walking Dead without cable, cause antenna TV works for me.
    Thanks for the info

    • Just buy it from Amazon. They will offer the current season for around $27. You get the whole season and the episode airs the day after it airs on AMC.

  • I love Sling TV. Would like to know if you will be adding the new Halmark Drama channel to Lifestyle. Would love to have it too, I love me some good Halmark movies.

  • I have searched and searched and can't seem to find a list of which channels are live with blue. I live in Tampa so I saw the list of local stations I'll get but that's it. Can someone help me if there is a list somewhere for live channels on the $25 blue package without add-ones? Thank you!

    • Their channel descriptions are quite vague (purposely?), but apparently you do NOT get all the free over-the-air antenna channels - you don't get the free ota PBS, CBS, CW?, at all, and only parts of the free ota NBC & FOX if you live in certain areas & maybe only certain on-demand shows (doesn't say if you have to pay extra for each on-demand show episode or not). That's what I got out of it - but it IS very ambiguous and hard to make sense of.

      • I think it's because depending on the deal services are at the will of the the networks when it comes to On Demand. It's difficult for them to tell you exactly what you will get. In some situations the network doesn't own the show and it's up to a third party if it's available On-Demand or not.

    • All the cable channels are live. Your local Fox affiliate is live on Sling TV Blue. However, NBC is on demand.

  • I am thinking about going to Sling TV and a hardwired ROKU device to get away from my extremely overpriced XFINITY account. I have a few questions:

    1) We have 2 televisions in the house - will we need just 1 Sling account but 2 ROKU devices?

    2) Which ROKU device do you feel offers the best value for a hardwired option?

    3) We have 10 to 75 MBPS internet in our home - is a hardwired connection still the best way to go, or could one or both TVs get decent service from wireless ROKU devices?

    4) Will we also need some sort of additional antenna for local channels so we can watch the local news and programming on channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, etc? If so, which type of device would you recommend for zip code 32656?

    • I like TiVo. You purchase the unit (Roamio) and receive a really GREAT TV Guide interface (for free if you get the Roamio OTA unit, $12/mo with the OTA & Cable unit), with varying hundreds of gigabytes/terrabyte of space on it to record shows.

      You can set up a "season pass" for series you like and it will record each episode for you (whether it plays now or next season) so you can watch it whenever you like. I never watch live TV, I record everything so I can either instantly "skip" commercials with one button, or fast-forward thru the commercial if it is a show that doesn't respond to the "skip" button. When you stop a fast-forward with the "play" button, it automatically backs up a bit (corresponding to how fast you are fast-forwarding) so you don't have to try to hit it the spot you want perfectly. The slowest fast-forward will still show you captions (if you have them on) and will stop at the point where you release the FF button.

      It has access to many apps such as Amazon & Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.(I think even SlingTV). (you have to register with each app you want to use of course). You can use limited parts of some apps just by registering without paying a monthly fee (Amazon is one), but it is very limited use.

      If you want to use it with another TV(s) you can get a little box that will "sling" it around the house so you can watch on any TV.

      The interface and remote are wonderful.

      Besides pause, fast forward, and rewind, you can also INSTANTLY "SKIP" commercials on most shows, by pressing one button.

      You can add in apps, if one you want to use isn't there. It turns any TV into a smart TV.

      I don't have the OTA (OverTheAir) unit, my Roamio can use cable (with a cable card insert) and also OTA, but I'm assuming the interface is pretty much the same. You can ask them if there are any differences.

      I put cable/antenna through the TiVo and from there to the TV. I can't remember if the sound system & blue ray are hooked up to the TiVo or the TV.

      My TV is a Smart TV, but the TiVo interface is so much nicer than the television's that I run it through the TiVo interface/remote.

      Good Luck

    • Too many sports channels thats one thing we dont like about satellite too many sports that we dont watch. Any ideas of which service is better.

      • I agree. I have zero interest in Sports channels and I'm not willing to pay for them to get a few channels I'd like.

    • Hi, Julie. Roku just revamped their devices. The Roku Ultra is currently the only one that offers a hardwired option. You will need 2 devices for 2 TVs unless you don't mind moving one around. As for the antenna, It's hard to say without seeing a signal report.

  • Can i use sling with my old school tv that i need cords for and how do i get the boxes and hook ups for them

  • I signed up for Blue package but would like to watch Animal Planet too. Does that come included? I can't seem to find it been looking.

    • I want Animal Planet, too. And NatGeoWild. I couldn't find these in their basic lineup.

      I don't care AT ALL about Sports (except for Olympic Figure Skating), or any news except MSNBC MTP daily & Sunday. Paying to "add-on" stuff makes it cost more than my cable. PLUS, apparently you don't receive CBS at ALL and NO PBS or CW. Can't really tell whether you get NBC or FOX ? Maybe only if you live a certain few places.

      I guess an antenna would give me more of what I want (for free). Plus I could schedule & record my shows to TiVo to watch when I want, and could transfer cooking shows to my PC.

      If someone would offer 4 channels: MSNBC, plus NatGeoWild, HGTV, & PBS (I may get PBS with an antenna) for a reasonable price I would definitely take it, SYFY, APL. BBCA, & maybe Bravo, would be nice, too. If I can't get these shows if I drop cable, I will just watch what I DO get (over the air & on Amazon Prime+Acorn).

      SlingTV is just way too expensive and throws in SO much I don't want, while separating things I DO want into separate (packages), some providing for multiple TVs - which I do not have. To get just a few channels, I would be paying for LOADS of stuff that I don't want and capabilities that I don't want and can't use.

  • Thank you for such a great article, this has really helped me understand. I have definite channels I want and see most of them in Sling Blue package like History Channel and BBC America (need to watch Doctor Who), but what I'm not clear on are the Fox channels. I must have both Fox Business New (FBN) and the regular cable Fox News that airs Tucker, Hannity, Fox & Friends etc. Are these included in Sling Blue encompassed in the 'Fox' channel? If not, where can I get these? I appreciate any insight. Tera

  • If I subscribe will I have to wait untill next day to watch Walking dead or can i watch it as regular programming like every one else?

    • You can watch it live. It's just like having it with a cable subscription.

  • Can I use this in Ontario and get my local sports ect. Or what would you recommend.

    • No, it's not available in Canada. I'm not sure of any alternatives up there. My knowledge is mainly in the states.

  • The hardest part of this whole cord-cutting project is finding an internet provider offering a reasonable speed for a reasonable price. In the NY and PA & surrounding areas you can get 100Mbps for $15/mo. Where I am, it's more of a monopoly & here they want $50-$75/mo for 10Mbps!!! If you drop cable, they add $15/mo onto your internet bill (a monthly fee for NOT paying them for cable). When the outfit offering the 100Mbps/$15/mo comes into an area, the prices for internet drop precipitously. I'll be happy when they get to my area.

  • I have 2 tvs. I just bought a Roku streaming+. I am using Sling service. What do I need to stream to both TVs? Just buy one more roku stick? under one account?
    Thanks hope someone can answer my question!

    • Yes, If you have Sling Blue then you can stream to 3 devices at the same time. You would just need the 2nd Roku stick. Us the same Sling TV credentials when setting up the Sling TV app.

  • I thinking of Trying Sling but I'm affraid I won't like it can you cancel after a month or two without penalty if you don't like it? Also what is the minimum internet speed? I currently stream Netflix and Amazon (although my provider seems to slow down my speed if I watch too much Netflix).

    • You can try Sling TV with the free trial and just cancel before the 7th day if you don't like it. You are only charged for the first month if you go past the free trial.

  • Thanks so very much, Dennis.With your advice, I cut the cable last year and am using a Hulu 50 and Roku, but the only thing I’ve subscribed to is Acorn.
    I’m a recent widow and we had just moved to a new state when my husband, the guru of all tech, died. I’m clueless about setting this kind of stuff up and a neighbor kindly set up the tv and Roku device for me. I think I need a true antenna because local stations fracture badly, and I’m very interested in Sling, but is it difficult to set up? When you wrote about the specifics of the router necessary, you completely lost me. I live in Raleigh and have high speed internet from ATT, but no clue to the router’s speed or capacity or what ever those numbers defined. Clearly, I’m going to need help. What would be your best suggestion for where I should look for that help ... Best Buy or the like, Lowes or HD, or should I be looking at another source that I haven’t yet imagined.
    And just want to add, if not for your postings, I’d still be a victim of Time Warner/Spectrum.

    • Sling is fairly simple to use. As for assistance, I would ask around in your local area. I find people usually know someone who can help you out with this sort of thing and it's cheaper than just randomly deciding on a company. If you don't have any luck with that you can try Geek Squad at Bust Buy for networking and streaming devices. As for the antenna, DirecTV does antenna install now. However, there is likely a local business that will do this for you.

  • I just signed up for the 1-week Sling trial. I selected the blue instead of orange package as I thought blue contained the FOX new channel. Upon accessing blue, I don't see any FOX news channel(s). Does anyone know otherwise?

  • I listen to the music channels on my fiber optics right now, does sling have any oldies music stations? Maybe Pandora or I heart music?

  • Hi Dennis, do you know if it’s possible to access Sling TV with Google Chromecast? Thank you!

  • At present I have xfi internet, phone, mobile phone and TV. How do I replace my internet?