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Watch Soccer Online Without Cable

For the 2017-2018 season, every English Premier League (EPL) match is now available to watch live online.  This guide will cover how to watch EPL and almost every other soccer league around the world. Whether English Premier League, World Cup, La Liga, or MLS, there are plenty of ways to watch soccer online and without a cable TV subscription.

Below are various online sources to get your soccer fix for 2017-2018.

English Premier League Online

English Premier League, now known as Barclays Premier League, is the most watched soccer league in the entire world. Many readers of this site have asked when and how they could stream it. Well, they finally have a way to enjoy Premier League with Sling TV’s Blue Package. Sling TV Blue carries NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), USA, and even live NBC in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Hartford, Conn., Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and Washington D.C. You can try Sling TV Blue free for 7 days!

Sling TV Blue will provide access to almost every Premier League match every weekend. You will only miss about 2-3 matches a week. Those are the matches on Premier League Extra Time and the NBC Sports App. However, just looking at the schedule below you can see Sling TV Blue provides most the action.

One game a week may be shown on broadcast NBC. Therefore, if you do not live in one of the markets where Sling offers the NBC network, you may want to look into getting a digital antenna. It’s worth it for the free network channels alone.

Matches Not Airing On TV

The top matches every week will air on NBC, NBCSN, or CNBC. However, there are many matches that do not air on television. For die hard EPL fans who want to see those matches, pick up the Premier League Pass on the NBC Sports Gold app.

The Premier League Pass costs $49.99 for the EPL season and will air every match not airing on TV. That’s roughly three extra matches every weekend. Combing Sling TV Blue with Premier League Pass will allow you to watch the entire 2017/18  online without a cable TV subscription.

The service will stream live and on-demand EPL matches on Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Chromecast, and modern web browsers.

Other Soccer On Sling

Sling’s International sports package offers live and rebroadcasted soccer matches for soccer fans in the United States.

While Sling is owned by DISH Network, a satellite or cable subscription is not required to enjoy the Sling International Sports package. The subscription provides access to beIN SPORT, beIN SPORT Espanol, One World Sports, Universal Sports (for rugby fans) and more.

If you want to hear my account of Sling TV, check out the episode of the Grounded Reason Podcast where we examine Sling TV. The podcast it’s free! Click this link to listen on iTunes. If you don’t have an iOS device or iTunes installed on your PC check this show notes page for other options.

Sling TV is essential cable TV over the internet. You can watch it on all major streaming devices. For more details either listen to the podcast or check out my review of Sling TV.

Watch Soccer Live Online

The draw here for soccer fans is One World Sports and beIN sports. Between those two channels, subscribers have access to Chelsea TV, Arsenal TV, Bayern Munich TV, NASL, J-League, Copa America 2015, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualification,  Championship, League Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey and more. This is huge for fans of the top clubs around the world and those who want to watch the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches.

The Sling International Sports Package runs $10 a month, and now you can Sign up Here. However, if you sign up for 3 months of Slings base Package you receive your choice of a free Roku Streaming Stick or 50% off a Roku 3.

The base package provides ESPN, TNT, TBS, AMC, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, and more for $20 per month. You can then decide to add the International sports package or Slings $5 sports add-on which provides Universal Sports and beIN Sports for soccer and rugby in addition to ESPNU, ESPNEWS and the SEC Network and more.

For those taking the Roku deal, there is only a 3 month commitment, otherwise subscribers can cancel anytime. For example, those interested in watching during certain times of the year can activate and deactivate their subscription when it suits them. That’s a smart way to save those hard earned dollars.

Not only does Sling offer Soccer from the top clubs around the world, but International Rugby, Surfing, sailing and much more. Furthermore, Sling offers a way for those living in the U.S. to watch live cricket online.

Aside from the sports,  subscribers receive access to a number of English speaking international channels. Sling packages come with Bloomberg TV, EuroNews, and France 24 among others.  Subscribers also have access to foreign films and new releases. That’s a huge plus for those soccer hooligans that are also into Bollywood.

Sling App

Sling is supported on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones. You can also watch it on Mac and PC. Of course, it is exclusively on the Roku with it’s own channel, streaming international soccer right to your living room television.

Upon signing up for the service, the setup only takes a few minutes. Simply download the app from their website, login, and you are ready to watch. The service offers quality sound and video with little buffering and short load times.

The International Sports package is just one of the packages offered from Sling. They also offer non-sports television content from around the world. Packages include Hindi TV, Arabic TV, Taiwanese TV. Mandarin TV, and numerous other international content bundles. Some of the top packages even include the sports package free of charge. Please check out their other offers if the sports package doesn’t seem like the right fit.

Watch Soccer with FuboTV

FuboTV is a streaming service dedicated to Soccer. FuboTV provides live and on-demand access to beIN Sports, GOLTV, and Univision. All in both English and Spanish. The service also includes El Rey Network, Galavision, Sport TV Americas, Benefica TV, and more.

These networks provide access to La Liga, Serie A, MLS, Liga MZ, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, and Brazilian Serie A. You will also have access to Championships like Copa America, Copa America Centenario, CONMEBOL, English League Championship, English League Cup, and Swiss Super League.

It’s a ton of soccer. You can cancel any time. FuboTV is supported on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, along with iOS and Android devices. If you want to test out FuboTV you can sign up here for free 1-week trial.

MLS Live Online

If your a fan of MLS and don’t have cable, then not to worry. MLS Live allows you to stream every out of market game, all season long. MLS Live allows you to watch live soccer on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and both iOS and Android devices. You can also use your Mac or Windows PC to stream live MLS action.

Black-out policies do apply, but they aren’t nearly as bad when compared to most U.S. sports. They tend to only black-out games carried by a major network, namely ESPN and NBC. Both of those networks can be viewed without cable using Sling TV or an OTA Antenna.

MLS Live carries a price tag of about $79.99 bucks for the entire season. That’s a great value compared to other online sports streaming packages. The service has full DVR-like functionality allowing you to pause, rewind, or even put a play in slow-motion.

When you pull up past games on demand, MLS Live has bookmarked goals and key plays, so you can get right to the most exciting parts of the game. MLS Live even provides you with information about the formations used on offense and defense, with stats, scores and other information as well.

Fox Soccer 2 Go

Fox Soccer 2Go offers world class soccer from Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga. The service is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and Apple TV via Airplay.

Fox also has the rights to Men’s and Women’s World Cup Soccer. Fox will have the rights to air FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2018, 2022, and 2026. The rights to air FIFA Women’s World Cup are owned by Fox in 2019.

Unfortunately the live broadcasts are blacked out for nationally televised matches. However, even with all those blackouts, over 500 matches are streamed live on the service every year. The service is pricey, but there is a ton of content.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll address them as soon as possible.

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  • Called up sling for the sports package but you have to purchase the basic $20 a month package in order to get the additional sports. Do you know any other way to watch soccer online without buying the general packages?

    Thank you

    • Scott,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I looked into it and you can still get the international sports package here. This service used to be called "Dishworld", however when Dish released "Sling" they changed the Dishworld content to "Sling International". You can still get that for $10 per month by clicking the link above. This article was written when they were still dishworld, and somehow the link to the international sports content was routed to the Sling base package page. Thanks for pointing this out, I really appreciate it.

    • Thanks for the Fox 2 Go link but there are not women's games posted and I can't seem to find out if this site will broadcast the World Cup.

  • What about watching the English Premier League, currently under NBC (who have provided excellent coverage this past season, btw)?

    • Arsenal is on sling, but other games require a little creativity. You can try using a VPN to make it look like your computer is based in the UK. Then you could use the BBC iPlayer.

      • I'd like to follow Man United's games. I checked out BBC's iplayer but found it pretty opaque with regard to payment, whether it is possible to watch live, and what's on offer. Can you tell me more?

        • Sorry Rahul, I personally haven't used BBC iPlayer. However, I dug a little deeper and it looks like they only show highlights from English Prem. If I come across anything that helps you out on this I'll be sure to post it. Likewise, if you figure anything out send me an email (it's in the "About" section) and I'll be sure to add it to the site. Sorry, I couldn't have been more help. :(

  • Fox soccer 2 go is not available in Canada? I bought a Roku 3 and now I can't watch world cup... Any suggestions on what channel I can stream live soccer games?
    Please help. Thank you

    • Rich I just took a closer look. NBC Sports requires a cable provider login to access content. From their FAQ
      *What is the cost of this service?

      This is a free service. For NBC Sports Network programming it's an added value to your regular cable, satellite and telco TV subscription through participating television providers."

  • Are you sure that FOX soccer 2Go provides broadcast to Premier League, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga ? beside Champions league, i cannot see any other league in their website . is there any other way to get all these in 1 pack?

    thank you

    • I just updated the article to correct this. The TV rights to Premier League are now on NBC Sports. Unfortunately, they do not offer a streaming package. I'll look into an alternative for streaming English Premier.

      • Accurate list of football leagues broadcasted and on-demand (real on-demand!!) by foxsoccer2go: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONCACAF Champions League, MLS, 2 Scottish Leagues and Bundesliga (only major European League broadcasted). No English, French, German, Italian or Spanish Leagues. For those I use Fubo.tv, but the lack of on-demand is annoying. They just released a DVR function this week...but it's not stable yet. It might take them a couple of weeks/months to get it right. The difference between DVR vs. on-demand is that for the DVR you have to know what you want to record ahead of time and actually schedule the recording; whereas with on-demand, the games are all automatically recorded, accessible to watch at any time (about 2-4 hours after the game ended) and available for a couple of weeks. I'm in the US and don't have cable, so the ESPN, NBC...online versions of the TV providers are out of the question for me. So between foxsoccer2go ($150/year) and fubo.tv ($66/year) I can watch ALL European Leagues.

    • Technically the local team control their broadcast rights, so it depends on the team. The media coverage breakdown in this wiki will tell you which network you can catch games on. Slings international channels may help you out here. It really depends on which teams your interested in following.

  • My husband like Manchester united I don't know anything about sports or what league that is....so would be able to watch their games with one of these?

    • Sorry Mariah, Premiere League is tough without cable. Currently there are no legal means to watch Manchester United games in the U.S.I am keeping my eye out though.

  • We want to watch English Premier League football in Florida but our tenancy agreement prohibits the installation of a dish. We're happy to pay subscriptions to watch the games but need a way to access them without a satellite dish, can you recommend our best course? Thanks for a great resource.

    • Why not just get any packages on your laptop and run an HDMI to your tv. And bam no say issues. I was given my uncle's Comcast info and can watch all cable channels and movie channels from laptop to tv. Only downfall is I don't get csn mlb nba nhl of NFL networks. But I get all the Premiere League games via. Nbcsn USA and their extra time channels online. Good luck

    • Prem is currently locked down in the US. I'm looking into a solution but am yet to find one.

      • We are considering buying the Eurobox platinum for our home in NYC. I have Fubo and Fox Soccer 2 Go, which are both fantastic for everything but EPL. I only get EPL games via my antenna when NBC ever-so-rarely shows them, or when Telemundo shows them, somewhat more frequently, but not frequent;y enough. I usually have to go out to watch my team (Tottenham, who are obviously about to win the League).

        Anyway, I digress. I am concerned about whether or not it will work, or if our ISP will prevent us from getting the channels. Know anything about this? Here is the linkto the site.

        • I do not know much about this device. If you wind up trying it out. Please let us all know.

          • Okay - will do. We are purchasing next week, I believe. It is about £130 for the box, plus about £30 per month for the service. A huge amount of channels, including rugby, cricket and darts from all over the world. That's nice, but I just want a chance to watch Premiere League without folding to NBC. I'll report back later this spring.

  • I watched most of the Women's World Cup matches last summer with Fox Soccer 2 Go. Do you know if they will show other USWNT games like international friendlies and the Olympics Qualifying Games in April? Thanks so much for this great info!

    • Hi, I contacted Fox Soccer 2 Go support and all they could tell me is some of those games may be available on a delay because they would first air on Fox Soccer channel. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the list and comments! You don't mention NGSN (ngsn.com). They have the Dutch league (live and on demand) and many other leagues. But maybe this is a sponsored article?

    • It's not sponsored. There are affiliate links for products I've used and approve of, but that doesn't mean I won't discuss others. I'll look into NGSN and add it to the article.

  • what about watching USWNT friendly matches that are on FS1 and ESPN channels? How about the summer olympics?

    • Sling will cover anything on ESPN and allow you to stream FOX Sports 1 online. However, they are through different base packages. Fox Soccer 2go may be showing those though. NBC will be airing the Olympics, so all you need is antenna to watch. They have also said they will be streaming most events live on the web.

  • Looks like fox soccer 2 go is not free? What about watching local soccer games like la galaxy in california? They show them in different channels. Sometimes time warner, fox sports, and Univision deportes. We have sling with sports package but we are still missing nba games, english league and the galaxy games. Any ideas?

  • I'm trying to find something like mlslive that will allow me to watch on demand mls games. I would love mls live but it doesn't allow use from England sadly.

  • Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for the update. I have been humming and hawing about Sling for a while. So after reading about Sling Blue I've gone and signed up for it. As a Brit living in the US (32 years!), I can't wait for the start of the Premier League season, next month.

    • Hi Dennis, how did it work out? I too have been in the US for a good while and do not have cable so I'm looking for options to watch footy! Let me know if you get this as I'd love to hear how everything went?



      • I haven't used the NBC Gold personally. However, my friend uses it and says it works great!

  • Didnt anyone bother to read the article?

    Sling TV. $25 a month. Shows ALL Premiership games. Fox Sports abd NBCSports is available plus 40+ other channels. CNN, Comedy Channel, AMC etc.

    All you need is wifi/internet and a streaming device. Roku/Apple TV/Firestick.

  • Hi I would like to know how to watch the Boca Juniors games from Argentina . It seems tyc show all he games but the ones from Boca and River . Thanks

    • But how can I use vpn to connect to US fuboTV and get premium package with vpn if I currently have Canadian fuboTV account?

      • It may be possible to VPN into a US server and then sign up for the U.S. package. Be aware, I haven't tried this. Furthermore, while it may work, it likely violates terms of service.

  • Hi, I am currently live in toronto and I want to watch fuboTV premium package from us but fuboTV only offers an special package for Canada which pretty poor. What can i do?

      • I'm Unsure. I haven't tried. If any reader has please feel free to jump in.

    • But if I pay for a basic account how can I get the premium package which have another cost? I understand that vpn will let me to access to us but what about the account? Can I use my Canadian fuboTV account?

      • Sorry Jay, but I think you would need a U.S. package. They are different account types.