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How To Watch Sports Without Cable

Many bemoan that the sports experience is lacking for those that cut the cord and ditch their cable subscription. Not only do I strongly disagree, but I find more value for those that watch sports without cable TV.

I can have live access to every out of market NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA game and still save compared to the average cable TV subscription.

Of course, black-out rules apply to nationally televised games and games within your local teams viewing area. However, solutions also exist for those that want to watch their local teams which I’ll cover in this article. Read on to learn how to watch sports without cable by crafting the ultimate sports entertainment streaming package.

Sports Streaming Services

There are a few Streaming Services that provide a decent amount of live sports programming. I’ll go over those in this section. The rest of the article after that will break down services based on various sports.

Best Live Sports Streaming Value

FuboTV does a great job of providing the most Sports Networks for the least amount of money. For $34.99 per month, they provide access to CSN, NBCSN, FS1, FS2, NBA TV, beIN Sports (1-10), USA, Big Ten Network (BTN), Fox Soccer Plus, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Eleven Sports and more. They also provide other cable TV favorites like A&E, History Channel, HGTV, and The Weather Channel to name a few.

The service also provides a website that will break down which games and matches you can watch through their service. It’s broken down by sport. Here is an example of their NFL Page. It even allows you to record sporting events on their cloud DVR.

I find it a great value. You can see for yourself through this 1-week free trial.

Other Sports Streaming Services

DirecTV NOW: FS1 and ESPN channels along with a ton of other sports networks are available through AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW for $35 per month. Furthermore, you can have BTN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN-U, FS1, MLB Network NBC Sports, SEC Network, Tennis Channel and a ton of other premium cable networks for just $50 per month. Another package offers NHL Network and Golf Channels. Check out the deal on their website.

It even starts with a one-week free trial. You can also check out our DIRECTV NOW Review for more information.

Sling TV: Sling TV is another streaming service that offers networks found on cable and satellite TV. As shown later in this article they offer a way to watch ESPN without cable as well as a way to watch FS1 online. However, as you will see, they are offered through different packages. I recommend checking out the rest of the article for more on what Sling TV has to offer.

Watching Sports Online

If you are interested in watching a specific sport without cable, you can jump to that section or article using the links below.


This information is now covered in our guide to watching ESPN Online Without Cable.

Stream FOX Sports 1 Online

FOX Sports 1 or FS1 is finally available without a cable TV subscription. Like ESPN, it’s available through Sling TV. However, it’s part of a separate base package than the Sling TV option that provides ESPN. Most will likely choose between the two service options, but is possible to subscribe to both.

FOX Sports 1 is available through Sling TVs Multi-stream “Best of Live TV.” Not only can you watch live FS1 Online, but the package provides access to all the FOX Regional Sports Channels. The Regional networks FOX controls are FOX Sports Ohio, FOX Sports West, FOX Sports Florida, FOX Sports South, FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports Arizona, Fox Sports Cincinnati, FOX Sports Detroit, FOX Sports North, FOX Sports Prime Ticket, FOX Sports San Diego, FOX Sports Southeast, FOX Sports Southwest, FOX Sports Sun, SportsTime Ohio, and YES Network.

So for all that have been asking, this is the way New Yorkers can stream Yes Network Online without cable. Keep in mind, you have to live within the regional boundary to have access to the FOX Regional Sports Network.

For details on Slings service offerings and the difference between them, check out my review of Sling TV.


I’ve put together an in-depth review covering MLB, you can catch all the details in my post on How To Watch Baseball Online without Cable.


Watching your local NFL team without cable can be done for free with an antenna. Check out the Grounded Reason Antenna Guide and choose the antenna that’s right for you.

There are a number of ways to watch NFL games online. For instance, if you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you have access to NFL Mobile for FREE when you have Verizon’s More Everything plan! NFL Mobile works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This allows many games to streamed on your mobile device.

I cover Verizon’s NFL Mobile app and many other ways for cord cutters to enjoy the NFL in my post on How To Watch NFL Football Without Cable. Check it out for more information.


I have written a separate article that explains how to Watch NHL games without cable. Please check it out!


UFC is the premier MMA promoter in the world. In the past few years, they have taken the sport to new levels of popularity. After gaining an audience spanning the globe, the sport has finally gained acceptance of mainstream media outlets and FOX has picked up TV broadcast rights in the U.S. For details on how cord cutters can catch all the mixed martial arts action, check out my post on how to stream UFC online.


For those interested in International sports like soccer, watching live cricket online, sailing and more I recommend reading my post ‘Watch Soccer Online.’ It covers great services like Fubo TV and Sling TV and their affordable offering of World Cup class International Soccer. The article also covers MLS soccer from MLS Live and loads of soccer action from Fox Soccer 2Go.

College Sports Without Cable

While a TV Antenna will provide you with some local college sports, every college sports fan should have College Sports Live.

College Sports Live provides live games from 75 different schools featuring 30 different sports. They show over 15,000 live events per year including NCAA Championship coverage. However, if you are looking to catch the yearly major college sports spectacle otherwise known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, check out my post on How to Watch March Madness without Cable.

For NCAA Football check out my article on how to watch college football without cable.


WWE has cable TV in the Crossface Crippler with WWE Network. For $9.99 a month you have access to live stream every WWE Pay Per View, replays of Raw and Smackdown, 24/7 live and scheduled programming, original series, documentaries, and more. Watch WWE on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation 3 & Playstation 4, Xbox One & Xbox 360. Find out how to try it free.

NBA without Cable

I’ve written a sperate in-depth article on How to Watch The NBA Online. Check it out!

NASCAR without Cable

Unfortunately, NASCAR doesn’t offer a live streaming service yet. However, many of the big races air on Fox and NBC, so all you need is a TV Antenna. You can also check out the NASCAR YouTube Channel as they upload all their races within a Week of the live event.

Golf without Cable

The TV antenna is where you will watch most big PGA Tour events. You can also catch live streaming of the Tour on the official PGA website, but they are mostly the events that are available over the air. You may want to pick up Sling TV to catch the Tournaments that air on ESPN and they now offer the Golf Channel, you can sign up for a free trial here.

Black-Out Rules

Black-outs are based on your location. You can easily change your devices perceived location using a Smart DNS or VPN. SmartDNS from Overplay routes your internet traffic through a DNS proxy, making it look as though you are based in another location.

VPN Services like IP Vanish allows you to join virtual networks available at various locations to make regionally blocked content available as well, but have added security and encryption benefits. I go into more detail in my article on how to find the best VPN for your specific needs.

In another article, I cover the difference between VPN and Smart DNS technologies. Check them out for more information.

While this may seem complicated, both IP Vanish and Overplay walk you through the setup on various devices and makes using their services simple for everyday users that don’t want to get bogged down in technical details.

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  • Very informative. But do we need different wands to access the different packages if we subscribe to a combination of services?

    • Most of these services are available on the major streaming devices. For instance if all the services you are interested in support Roku, then you can watch all the services on your TV using a Roku.

      • Except most prime channels require you to have a cable subscription to watch
        What is the point if you're trying to cut cable?

        • That's completely untrue. You just need to take the point of view of which shows you want to watch instead of what network. Sling TV has many of the Top networks available to cover many great shows. Everything else can be purchased through Amazon or iTunes. None of that requires a cable subscription and it's cheaper. You should explore the Cable TV Alternatives article for more information.

  • Dennis,

    Great article, just the info I was looking for! Thank you for your in-depth explanation. I am an Orioles fan and love watching the games live, I see your point about being able to watch 90 minutes later, I do have the radio app and love listening to them. I have never used a DNS service before and I understand its concept, but not how it is used with channels and apps. I do like to be able to watch live Orioles games, if I were to use SmartDNS, would that allow me to watch Orioles games live as well under the MLB.TV app?

    • Thanks for reading Justin! Unfortunately, MLB.TV has really cracked down on VPN/ Smart DNS users. You won't be able to watch from a mobile device with a VPN or smartDNS because they force you to turn location on (which uses GPS not IP address). You can try using a PC, but if they have any suspicion that you aren't in the location your IP alludes to they will request a credit card validation to ascertain your address.

  • I have finally ditched cable so this article has helped! Here are my wants: Dodgers, Lakers, the ability to watch an mlb, nba, or nfl playoff game. Am I asking too much?

    • FOX and TBS have the rights on the MLB postseason, so Sling TV and an antenna will give you the Post season. MLB.TV also has postseason streaming packages available. They typically announce them a month before. The NBA Playoffs are on ESPN, TNT, and ABC so again Sling and an Antenna for ABC. As for the NFL, the entire postseason is on NBC, CBS, and ABC, so an Antenna. ESPN will have a wildcard game so Sling TV again will let you watch that one. It looks like an Antenna and Sling will get you through post season action for Basketball Baseball and Football.

  • How do I know if I'm in a teams viewing area? Our state doesn't have a pro-baseball team... So does that mean we can still watch a neighboring state's team live?

  • How about the Big 10 Network? Sling TV has us covered for the SEC.
    Also, do you know how to get any hunting channels like the Pursuit Channel or the Outdoor Channel? We are anxious to get started.

    • Hey Jeff, I'm yet to encounter a Big 10 Network. As for hunting I think KloudTV may have some options. I'm on vacation this week, so I will try to get some research together when return. If I find anything I'll be sure to post it.

  • So I am confused by all the options. Here is what I need:
    The ability to stream my current favorite TV shows on HBO/Showtime/AMC etc...within 24 hours of them airing.

    Then I need the ability to watch IN MARKET Bruins and Patriots games live. I live in Boston.

    I own an apple TV, a PS4 along with 3 smart TV's. What would you recommend for options?

    Just a thought: there needs to be a website that not only gives you a personalized cost difference but also selects the options for you based on your viewing interestes so you know what to purchase/rent etc...

    • Bruins are going to be tough. You can possibly Use A VPN with the NHL package to catch the Bruins games. The Pats should be available using a TV antenna. HBO and Showtime can be purchased through iTunes and viewed on your Apple TV. For AMC You need to get Sling TV. I'd grab the Sling deal where if you sign up for 3 months of sling you get a free Roku Streaming Stick.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for adding me to your email lists I was moved on my own in March 2015 and tried out Comcast which I did cut the cord and purchased a RCA digital box and antenna. I received about 42 channels some of them are in spanish which I don't there if there is a way to have them not be recognized since I only speak and understand English. Also do you feel at some point with a stronger signal we could possibility get ESPN or I would need to get like Sling TV?

    • Hi Joe, Thanks for signing up.

      The antenna will pick up any signal it can. The way to choose which TV channels you want in your rotation is by removing them from your TVs memory. The auto channel scan will "remember" any channel the TV picks up. There is typically a way to manually remove the one you don't want. Check you TV owners guide. If you don't have one handy, you should be able to find it on the manufacturers website.

      As for ESPN, that's not available over the air. Currently, it can only be received through Sling TV.

  • Hello,

    Im looking to purchase the NHL Game center package and stream via PC on my TV. My only concern is the local blackout dates waiting 24 to 48 hours after the game is over... I cut my cable bill when the season ended in 2014. I'm able to live on antenna TV and streaming online tv shows but I cant and wont live without live Blues hockey.

    How can I avoid the blackout times?
    Can I stream fox-sports midwest?
    Is there an additional fee to pay NHL to watch live market games?

    Thanks in advance,

    • You can try getting around the black-out by using a smartDNS or VPN. Check out the section titled "Black-Out Rules."

      • Also the NHL center ice finish with regular season. The play off game are only on NBC sports which require a cable subscription. Anyway to watch the playoff online?

        • The playoff games will be on the following networks: NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, USA Network, and NHL Network. Playstation Vue is the best bet at catching those. They do offer a free first month, which is almost enough time to watch the entire thing.

  • We just bought a new BIG tv (48") so my husband can watch Sports (Up to now we were still on analog with converter-- Yep!). SO if we start subscribing/paying for different services for each sport, aren't we going to end up where we started-- spending too much. Once you add up the yearly rates for the subscriptions he wants, isn't that among more than cable?


    • It's actually cheaper in most cases. Check out the saving calculator under the "Cut Cable TV" menu. It should give an idea of the total cost.

  • I've ordered the Moku Curve indoor antenna. Is there any way to get Tennis Channel without cable? And can I use my TiVo to record any of what's broadcast?

    • You can use the TiVo Roamio to record the antenna. Check out my DVR article under the "Cut Cable TV" for more details. As for Tennis, Tennis Channel does have this option.

  • It looks like mlb is now requiring viewers be pay tv subscribers. Or am I missing an alternative way to get past the request for pay tv creds?

    • No, you are correct. It looks like the licensing agreements will not allow MLB to stream the playoffs without a cable provider.

  • I live in New Hampshire if I get Sling tv am I going to be able to watch the new England patriots play live?

    • You will need an Antenna to get local NFL teams. Isn't there a station in Manchester NH that broadcasts Pats games? I saw that they broadcasted the pre-season, but unsure about regular games. Check your local listings.

  • So disappointed! Tennis is the greatest individual sport in the world yet none of these streaming devices seems to recognize it. How does one get the Tennis Channel?

      • Hi Dennis, I would describe Tennis Channel Everywhere as content for the tennis fan that can't get enough tennis from ESPN and Tennis Channel through their cable network. It is an add on that features a lot of B matches. You won't get the highlighted matches of the tennis events and you won't get access to Tennis channel. You have to have a provider agreement with a cable company to gain access to the best matches. It is great for the tennis nut that has cable but it is disappointing for tennis fans who don't have cable as you won't be watching the late round matches or featured matches that you would expect or want to watch. I hope that helps.

    • You can watch clips and highlights on their site. However, they currently don't offer full access outside of a pay TV subscription.

  • Hi. I have TWC in NYC. My bill was $170/month for nonsense channels, most of which I never wanted. I don't subscribe to any premium channels. My channel choices are NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, TBS, Bravo, AMC and maybe a few others. We have a PS3. I want to keep my internet, but want to dump the rest of TWC. What option would give me the above stations? I have to be able to watch local and national news live. Thanks.

    • I would suggest the Playstation Vue service. I think it has all the channels you need and it has unlimited cloud DVR (recordings kept for up to 28 days after they air) . NYC customers get the major broadcast networks live included. You can also try Sling but you would need the $25 blue plan to get Bravo and NBC. You need an antenna for CBS, FOX and ABC. I plan on dropping my FiOS and getting TWC 50MBPS Internet for $35 (and there will be no weird taxes or fees if you don't include a TV plan), buy a modem for less than $100 on Amazon to avoid the rental fee, and either keep my Sling plan (I have a grandfathered $20 multistream plan with I think some more channels) or get Vue instead to use DVR which gives a lot of freedom to watch shows on your schedule).

    • You can check my article on cable TV alternatives to walk you through getting all these channels. The broadcast networks are available with an antenna. AMC and TBS is available with Sling. Bravo may be tough. Depending on the Bravo shows you may be able to buy the current seasons from Amazon.

  • Comcast dropped YES Network and there went my Yankees games - I live in CT and MLB.TV will black them out.

    What kind of antenna - outside? inside? could I use to try to get the YES network?

  • Is there any device on the market that will get the following channels? Fox Sports, Fox Cable News, Sun Sports ESPN (other than a regular TV provider)?

    • Update on this. Sling multi-stream package has FS1 and FS2. Many local ones are also covered. I think the landscape is improving here. Unfortunately it's still a choice between ESPN and Fox Sports unless you pop for both Sling lineups at once which doubles the cost.

      Fox News is another matter. They have a Roku app which plays current clips. It's as good as watching it live in my opinion. The segments automatically play. They also have a youtube channel. You'll have to try it for a while to see if it's acceptable to you. I personally like not having commercials.

    • Fox Cable stations currently seem to be against consumers accessing their content without a cable subscription.

  • My husband and I are thinking about cutting the cord, but he's a huge University of Texas fan and wants to be able to watch them (we live in OK). Is there anyway to get the Longhorn Network w/o cable? Also, I saw that someone else mentioned the Big 10 network? Did you ever find any information about that?

    • Not at this time. Did you check to see if the teams games are available on College Sports Live?

  • I guess I just wasn't your demographic, but the last section of your piece is the only one I care about. I want to watch my local ComcastSportsNet, because it has the teams I care about, and the announcers I care about. Your solution for "beating the black out" boils down to "learn how to spoof your location". So I have to resort to the semi-legal to end up getting the visiting team's broadcast? Not for me, thanks. I want to pressure CSN to just sell me a package legally over my Roku or similar device.

    • I agree Andy. Regional sports channels make a mess of it. The only way to fix that is for enough people leave cable to force them to sell directly to customers.

  • Wow, great article. Here is what I need - the ability to watch the Kentucky Wildcats, Reds and Bengals...DIY, Hallmark, Disney XD plus local channels. I believe all I need is Sling TV and an antenna. Am I missing anything?

    Oh and an Internet provider


    • Sling TV will cover most of the non sports channels. The Bengals should be accessible with an antenna. Reds and Wildcats may be tough depending on where you live.

  • Trying out Playstation Vue this weekend. Not being able to watch in-market (Orioles for me) MLB games is really disappointing. Watching the game 90 minutes after its conclusion is no solution. I can't wait until 11PM to watch a game with work the next day.

    • I feel you Sean. I'm an Os fan as well and went old school. I listen on the Radio. Hopefully MASN comes around and starts selling direct as some point.

  • I use my cable account (in VA) to stream games when I'm not at home but last night I was in SF and I could not stream The Warriors game on ESPN due to a regional blackout. I do not have cable in this location just internet. How can I overcome this issue besides heading to a local watering hole?

  • The ONLY reason we still have satellite is to watch Sports (mainly the Patriots) we moved from MA to NC 3 yrs ago and the only satellite that carries Sunday Ticket is DirectTV. I hhhaaattteeeee paying them almost $200 a month but we HAVE to have our Pats. I also like Bravo, TLC, MTV etc. I do have amazon prime but not sure if any of those channels are covered?

    • Currently, the only thing is NFL Game Pass, but the games are on a few hour delay. As the season gets close I will publish an article with all the options for NGL viewing in the 2016 season.

  • If I chose to change my service to the new multi streaming package will I still able to use my Sling TV credentials on the WatchEspn App?

    • Good question. I'll have to test that. It may take a few days, I'm a bit backed up on work at the moment. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Dennis,

    I am a huge New York Yankees fan and usually get the MLB.TV Premium package (it is now $84.99 per year for just the team you want to follow). In your article you state if you subscribe to the Fox1 package through SlingTV it provides the YES Network. Since I live in Raleigh, NC will it black out the Yankees games or would I be able to use the VPN device you mention to watch the games? I'm looking to cut satellite and from paying $84.99 a year to watch the Yankees (on top of $119 per month for DirecTV).

    Also, is SlingTv available to stream through AppleTV? Finally, my family and I record a lot of shows and watch at a later time (i.e. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, HGTV shows, etc.) so what do you recommend we do since SlingTV or AppleTV do not have a DVR option?

    Thanks so much!
    Mike C.

    • Sling TV isn't currently supported on Apple TV and it isn't really suitable for a DVR feel. If you want to watch whenever you like I would just buy shows by the season from iTunes. They are around $25 per season (in SD) per show. So 10 seasons of shows a year would be around $250 for the year, or about $20 a month. You own the shows so you can watch wherever and whenever you want and they are available 1 day after they air on the network.

    • NBC has licensed the 2016 Olympics. While important events may air on NBC, a majority of events will only air on their pay TV networks. However, there is a work around using a Smart DNS or VPN. I'll be putting together an article soon.

  • Hey Dennis- great site!
    Im watching my last night of cable- NBA finals game 5- and am wondering more about local news apps and if there are any of the straight up network apps that include sports in their package or if they always break out the sports programming.

  • Nascar and Soccer Fan

    The new 3 device option with Sling TV with Fox Sports has you completely covered for the 2016 Nascar season. It was the reason I recently became a Sling TV subscriber. I also like Soccer and this has great Soccer coverage.

    I'm a cord cutter as of last July, 2015. I have saved around $80 per month since then. I have:
    - Sling with Fox ($20/month)
    - Netflix (2 screens $9/month)
    - Amazon Prime ($6.33/month, $73 per year with the deal I got)
    - The Blaze (Libertarian News, $10/month)
    - A home phone (Broadvoice $8/month)
    - Fast Internet, 180Mbs down
    - Most of the major streaming services are free to stream with T-Mobile. My wife watches Netflix, Sling, and Amazon prime tethered to my phone from her Chromebook while we're driving! Check out T-Mobile Binge-on.

    Other things worth mention:
    - There are History Channel shows (free)
    - Live Stream for some local news stations, Fox 10 Phoenix, Fox Tucson (free)
    - PBS (free)
    - Youtube has tons of stuff (free)
    - Vimeo, tons of stuff (free)
    - Current Fox News clips are free with their Roku app, just as good as watching it (free)
    - CNN is included with Sling
    - iHeart Radio, streaming radio with genres or just about any terrestrial station (free)
    - Numerous stations have streaming shows available for free!

    We can watch anything, anywhere, which Cox doesn't allow with their streaming. And my wife and I feel like we have more choice than ever before. We have 2 Roku sticks (one time cost, $50 each), which is the best streaming device ever created. And now the Cable company is requiring a decoder box because they are encrypting their digital signal. So you get to pay for each TV connected. I do not understand why anyone would not cut the cord nowadays. It makes no sense to subscribe to cable anymore. It's inconvenient and expensive.

    By the way, this is a great site I love your ideas and content. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the great write up. Readers writing up their experience is invaluable to others that frequent the blog. It's greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Dennis,
    I'm preparing to cut the cord but need to assure my husband that he will get to watch his Lakers and other NBA teams the way he likes to. Typically, he DVR's the games and then starts watching them about half way through when he gets home from work.

    #1-Do I have to get the NBA League pass then use your work around for him to watch all games plus the blackout games? Or can I just use your work around, and watch local and other games on ESPN, FSW, TWC??

    #2-Does he always have to watch them live? Ex. For a 7pm game, he gets home at 8pm...does he miss part of the game? or can he start it late? Does that make sense? He will also not want to wait til the whole game is over, cause that would mean he starts it at like 9pm and has to stay up til 11pm.

    Thanks in advanced for your help!!

      • Then to catch Lakers games you would need to use a SmartDNS or VPN to make it look like you live outside the market. It's the method described in the section on getting around blackouts. It should work, but I haven't tested it with League Pass.

    • I haven't tried the blackout workaround with NBA league pass yet, so I'll have to look into it to be sure. As for the On Demand aspect, league pass should let you, but those other channels may not. Are you in the Lakers LA market?

  • The problem with Sling is that the service cuts out way too much (as opposed to all my other streaming services), and when trying to resolve a billing issue I was basically told they didn't believe me and refused to refund anything - even though it was their fault.

    I cancelled them now I have to find another way. Maybe going to a sports bar isn't a bad idea after all ;).

  • My boss just told me about a box which got me interested in cutting cable. I'm so glad I found your website.
    The website he gave me was thecordcutterbox.com
    As I understand it, once you get the box it's as simple as plugging it in and you get tons of free channels.
    HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, much more.

    Question is, is this a better option than Sling?

  • I tried to read through all of the other comments before posting my questions, but I'm not sure anyone has a situation like mine.

    I live in Bowling Green, KY. I am a big (rabid) Alabama football fan, but I really watch all the SEC games, so I know how we're stacking up. I love NASCAR, and I'm a Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons fan, but again, watch most NFL games. Considering my geographic region, I feel like neither of those two teams will be on the local channels, unless its a Thursday or Monday night game - based on what I have read in your articles.

    I also like shows on regular cable - How to Get Away With Murder, SVU, Criminal Minds, Bates Motel, Real Housewives of NJ, Catfish, Teen Mom, etc. (Don't judge my TV taste! haha)

    So, based on what I've read, I would need the orange/blue combo for Sling. Is there a Sports Extra package for that combo? If I get the combo, how many devices can I stream? Three? Or four? Should I also look into Netflix or Hulu?

    Is the College Sports Live add-on worth it?

    I have an Amazon Fire box (which I don't even use because I didn't realize you couldn't access most channel's shows without a cable subscription).

    I am also a Verizon cellular customer, so I am guessing I need to figure out my NFL Mobile app.

    Any advice would be appreciated...considering SEC games start this Thursday. = )

    • You may want to look at PlayStation Vue or Sling TV They seem to have the combination of what you are looking for. They both will work on your Amazon Fire. I don't think College Sports Live would meet all your Alabama needs. TV. With Sling TV you'll be able to stream 3 streams of everything on the Blue package. However, ESPN and everything on the Orange package will only have 1 stream. But that can be played on any TV. I personally feel Netflix and Prime are great. My Wife likes Hulu, but I could take it or leave it. It's really a matter of preference. They all offer free trials. Try them and keep the one you like best.

  • I love all the O's fans on this thread - and I admit it's what I was looking for too. We tried doing the antenna thing, but it just doesn't seem to be a viable solution.

    Also, please forgive me for sounding nitpicky, but it's the Washington Capitals. ;}

  • Hello, thank you for this siteam we are learning tons! We are located in Alaska and preparing to cut the cords. Before we do, I need a way to guarantee that my husband can watch his Eagles play each week. Of course, he's a football nut and would love not to miss any game, but as long as he can see his Eagles, I'm sure that I can keep him happy. It's the only thing we want to be able to watch. Is there a way to be able to see the Eagles weekly from Alaska? Will it require some sort of work around on our part?
    Thank you for your insight.

  • Is there any word on CSN Bay Area coming to Sling TV, for the longest, sling had an icon saying "CSN coming soon" now all that appears is NBCSN, with no additional mention on the site. I'd love to be able to watch the GS Warriors and SF Giants. It's the only thing missing for me.

    • In July they gave us a "coming soon" on CSN Bay area, but there hasn't been a mention since.

  • Dennis. I have it all set up; Sling TV is streaming to my Roku TV. It's an away game for the Warriors, brosdcast in ESPN. I have the Sling orange package to get all threec ESPN channels. I go to the channel and hit (Watch)...
    Instead of bssketball I get to wath a blsck screen with white letters saying "This content is subject to blackout restrictions in your area".
    They're playing in Canada!
    I think I've been duped. They don't show home games and when they are supposed to include away games they pull this stunt.

    • VPN could be the best option to cut the cable and watch online streaming on channels which might not available in your country. I found stream guides of every big sports events on this website VPNSports.

    • You may be a be able to use the VPN tactic, but I've never tried it with Sling. Keep in mind that this most likely violates Slings user agreement.

  • I am a hockey fan, and follow both Pittsburgh and Montreal, but I live too close to Pittsburgh and am in their 'local blackout' area. (Why the blackout? They routinely sell 100% of their tickets so they can't get any more bodies into the building! Even without a blackout I don't think ticket sales would be impacted at all.)

    HULU now has live streaming which includes NBCSN, but I have not found any information on whether live games, and which games, might be carried. When I had cable, local games were carried on ROOT SPORTS HD (part of the HD premium package with my local cable provider, Armstrong).

    I've watched over the last while where Netflix is cracking down on VPN's that previously had allowed non-US customers to access US content. Is this problem also happening with NHL streaming? If so, is there a workaround?

    • It violates the terms of service, so they could crack down at any time. That's why I recommend paying month to month if possible.

  • I'm ready to cut the cord. Right no my biggest hurdle is figuring out how to DVR NHL Center Ice. I moved away from my home market and it's how I watch games. I typically start watching games midway through games so I don't kill 3 hours. Any solutions?

  • So cutting the cord sound great.... until you start adding up all the details. For sports and some content through Sling TV you still need and Internet Service Provider. If you add up the cost of just interenet (avg. $50/month), sling TV with sports ($20+$5+$5 for other programs) the total is already at $80/month. At that point it's the cost of cable for everything on one monthly bill.

    • The cheapest cable double play deal I can find is $79.99. But that's the advertised Promo. You add $10 for box rental, $5.99 for local broadcast fees, and $5 for the regional sports fee and you are already over $100. then you can add $10 per month for a box for additional TV's and it starts to jump quickly. Not to mention there is no contract with streaming services so you aren't locked into a year long contract. You can switch services every month if you want.

  • PlayStation vue will the allow me to watch all columbus crew, Bengals and Ohio st football & basketball games and USA soccer?

    Other than these teams I watch tons of college football . Other sports I only watch playoffs or occasionally

    • Try fobuTV, if you are big on sports its the best. You do pay for a streaming but it's got everything for sports especially European Football (American soccer)

  • Hello. I am just like most people out there. Sick of cable prices and I really only watch sports. I would like to mainly have all of my college football and basketball services. And a free reign to nfl and nba ...
    I'm thinking dtvnow ... But I'm wondering what would be a better option. .

  • Great roundup and great site. Thank you. I've bookmarked you.

    I run a sports bar in Mexico and pay for sling orange and blue with the sports package. My home address is Los Angeles so I only am getting fox sports west. According to your article I should be getting all the regionals. Has that changed or is there something you know that I don't. I miss 1-2 football games a week on Fox due to not having the regionals. If you know another source I'd gladly pay for one or move my sling somewhere else. Between VPNs and virtual credit cards I can show I live anywhere.

    Also, CBS All Access now has live CBS streams for NFL games. They have a free trial as well.

    • You don't get all the regionals. You just get the regionals in your area. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I recommend checking out the articles for the specific sports your looking for. Most have a blackout solution.

  • Thank you for the great site . Where can I watch MLB network , NFL network , the Red Zone ,ESPN and NBC sports all at one site. Right now I have Sling TV but don’t have MLB network . Thanks again

    Tom Siegler tsiegler1@msn.com

  • My granddaughter can’t afford cable would like to get sports and news. I was going to
    Buy her firestick but they sound complicated what’s best suggestions

      • whats your opinion of firestick and if I purchase for granddaughter what are the pros cons and the best one. It relie on internet vs. signal
        Beverly Colombo

        • Personally, I feel that Roku is a bit more user friendly. It's what my kids use and they love it. You can go with the Streaming Stick. The new one is pretty fantastic.

  • Can you get the BTN big ten network to be able to watch games such as Ohio State live?

  • Thank you for this Great Site and the information. For sports can I get the PAC 12 Conference Online through some streaming service? I don't think channels through the antennae would get all of them. Thanks for your help.

  • i am SO out of my depth. i paid Overplay $99, then I paid MLB.TV $89, and i still can't figure out how to make it work on my Samsung TV (I am NOT watching anything on a laptop.
    I am in contact with Overplay now, they responded yesterday very quickly.
    My point is, NONE of this is easy for me, and probably not for most people reading these words. ARGGGHHH!!

      • it turns out, i am using a non-smart TV (Samsung), and thought i could use Amazon's Fire Stick. but that is not the way to go apparently.
        i also have a Roku, which i almost forgot i had because we've just been using the Fire Stick for streaming.
        your link (thank you) shows the problem: the TVs they show are all Smart Tvs; somehow i missed that essential detail!

        so i intend to re-subscribe to Overplay, then re-subscribe to MLB.TV and see if it'll work that way.
        (fyi, Overplay service was excellent, they responded quickly even when it concerned cancelling!...but i haven't heard back from MLB as of this writing),

        the response btw from Overplay was:
        'We understand that you no longer wish to continue using the service. We apologize that our service did not work for you. No worries, since it's only a couple of days I've now refunded the recent payment and terminated the service effective immediately. Please do not forget to log in to your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment that is set up for this subscription. This is all in good order.

        If you do sign up again in the future and need any assistance at that time we'll be happy to help."

        as i said, very prompt and fair. wish me luck as i navigate this series of rapids...

  • I am readyto ditch Directv. Select package carries no sports. Sports package expensive and they don’t carry many games and don’t even acknowledge as sports team.
    How can iwatch WNBA and mens & womens college softball without
    Paying a fortune?

  • I hooked up a digital converter box along with Hoover HD 250 Ultra Pro antenna can only get 4 channels the wccb channels 18-1 18 - 2 18 - 3 18 - 4. I would like to be able to get some more local channels my antenna has a 50 mile plus range and I placed it up high in the house. Any suggestions. Thank you so much