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KlowdTV: A New Way to Watch TV Online

What is KlowdTV

KlowdTV is a streaming service that allows you to watch TV using your internet connection. The service offers a variety of channels you can watch live, just as you would with cable TV. However, you pay for only the channels you want, making it much more affordable. Additionally, there is no monthly contract so you cancel the subscription any time.

The company is a startup company co-founded by Michael Grams. His dream is to change the way people purchase TV.  Instead of buying these huge bundles, he’s hoping people will be more interested in purchasing just the content you want with no commitment. As you can imagine, the big TV conglomerates are not a fan of his plan.

Grams set up his service to allow consumers to choose their content by genre’s like “Sports”, “News”, “Entertainment”, etc.  Subscribers of KlowdTV simply pay a $3.99 monthly charge to cover taxes and fees.  After that, they pay for the genres they want at a ridiculously affordable price. For instance, “News” only costs $2.99 per month.

KlowdTV Deal: 3 Months Free

If you want an extended trial of KlowdTV, follow the steps below and you will get three months of Cloud TV Free.  Choose as many channels as you want.  They are all free for 3 months.

  1. Sign up through this link.
  2. Then click start my free trial
  3. Enter a valid email and choose a password.
  4. Chose your Channels and enter coupon code FBKTVC3FM

KlowdTV Device Support

KlowdTV is available on your Mac or PC browser as the service supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+. But, if you’re like me you want to watch either on a TV in the comfort of your own living room or on the go with a mobile device. In those cases the following devices are supported:

  • Mobile Web Browsing: Most Android devices 4.1 and higher & iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Streaming TV: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Sony Smart TVs, Hisense TVs, TiVos, Samsung Blu-Ray Players, and other OperaTV enabled smart devices.

Live TV Streaming With DVR

KlowdTV is one of the first services to offer live streams of TV programming with a cloud-based TV. You simply subscribe to their different storage plans, and you can record any shows you want.

They allow you to record an unlimited amount of shows simultaneous as long as you have storage space. All of your recorded shows are hosted by KlowdTV, so there is no need for you to purchase any extra equipment. Simply record the shows you want by selecting them to record in the program guide, and watch them whenever you want.

What Channels are on KlowdTV

As I said before, the big media conglomerates are not happy about Gram’s plan, so it keeps big players like ESPN and TNT away from his service. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see on KlowdTV. Below is a breakdown of the channels available and the monthly cost of each genre.

KlowdTV Sports Package

The Sports Package costs $3.49 a month and is great for soccer fans due to the inclusion of beIN Sports and GolTV.

beIN Sports – Soccer, Motocross, Tennis, Cycling, Rugby, and more. KlowdTV offers beIN Sports in English and Spanish.

GolTV – Also available in English and Spanish, GolTV offers tons of soccer action from around the world.

Fight Network – This channel offers every major combat sport you can think of, from MMA, to boxing, and even some WWE.

FNTSY Sports Network – It’s a network 100% dedicated to fantasy sports.

Outdoor Sport Channel – A channel highlighting all international Football Leagues, F1, Car racing, NASCAR, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Golf, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and all regular programming related sports news.

FightBox HD – This channel offers every other combat sport you can think of.

Fast & Fun Box HD – It’s all adrenaline sports, all the time.

KlowdTV News Package

For the news junky, the KlowdTV news package Features six different news channels, for $2.99 a month you’ll be able to keep up with current events easily.

Bloomberg Television – Global business, financial information and news

America News Network One – 24-hour world news from an Americans point of view

Newsmax TV – News delivered in an entertaining way.

RT – News from  perspective outside the mainstream

America France 24 in English – International news, with a French perspective on international affairs.

KlowdTV Entertainment Package

TVs original purpose was to entertain. Here are channels with shows aimed to do just that for only $2.99 a month.

AWE (A Wealth of Entertainment) –  Want to watch shows featuring travel destinations, outrageous cars, culinary delights, and amazing homes? Then AWE is for you. Their programming also includes live world championship boxing, health and fitness and more.

YouToo America – A unique channel that is fueled by the viewer.  The channel includes interactive programming centered around topics ranging from sports, cars, music, celebrities to technology, food and the great outdoors.

Vibrant TV Network – Offers a wide array of compelling, entertaining, award-winning content in comedy, drama, sports, reality, lifestyle genres from around the world.

RTD – An award-winning documentary channel.

Ducktv – Various children’s shows and entertainment for kids.

Rev’n – A channel dedicated to cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, events, and auctions.

Tuff TV – A channel for men offering Sports, Lifestyle, Drama, Reality, Talk, Specials, and Movies.

KlowdTV Outdoor Lifestyle Package

Do you like TV shows focused on the outdoors? This package features eight different outdoor channels for $2.99 a month.

Ride –  A network dedicated to the horse culture and lifestyle

HRTV – A channel about horse sports. It features live thoroughbred racing. The coverage includes trainers, English sports, rodeos, and much more

ChukkerTV – A channel all about Polo

DocuBox –  A non-fiction channel featuring programs on world culture, wildlife, history, popular science, and more.

Pursuit Channel – A channel all about hunting and fishing.

Hunt Channel – Features hunting, fishing, shooting and an array of other outdoor activities.

eScapes – A channel focused on the beauty of landscapes.

The Outdoor Cooking Channel – Open Fire Outdoor Cooking which includes BBQ, Grilling, Dutch Oven Cooking, and much more

KlowdTV Outdoor Lifestyle Package

KlowdTV also offers over 30 Spanish Language channels through 4 different packages. You can subscribe to Canales Mexicanos, Canales Colombianos, Canales Latinos and Tus Deportes, all costing just $3.00 a month.

Subscribing to KlowdTV

You can currently try a 1-week free trial to KlowdTV.  This will give you a feel for the service to see if it’s a fit for you. If you continue past the trial, you can still cancel anytime as there is no contract or commitment.

KlowdTV’s founders seem committed to breaking the cable TV monopolies and changing the way we can watch television. To that end, they are always looking for new channels to add, and expanding their service.  If you are like me and want to see more viable options for cord cutters, it’s important to support services like KloudTV. If they succeed, it will entice other networks to make their channels available online. Furthermore, KloudTV is so affordable, it’s hard to pass up.

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