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Watch ‘Better Call Saul’ without Cable

If you are anything like me, the first season of “Better Call Saul” was a welcome fix for the withdrawal symptoms from the series finale of “Breaking Bad”. Thankfully, season 2 of “Better Call Saul” will begin it’s 10 episode run on Monday, February 15th.

The series stars Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman; the popular, unscrupulous lawyer from the hit show “Breaking Bad.” The show will also has Jonathan Banks as a series regular reprising his role as everyone’s favorite cleaner Mike Ehrmantraut.

If you are like me and refuse to pay for cable or satellite TV, you won’t have access to watch on AMC. However, there are extremely affordable alternatives to watch “Better Call Saul” online and without cable TV.

AMC through Sling TV

“Better Call Saul” is now available on Sling TV which provides access to AMC without a cable subscription. Sling TV Also Provides access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TBS, TNT, CNN, Food Network, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, A&E, History Channel, Disney Channel and much more for $20 per Month. That’s a great value considering that those are the most watched cable TV networks. There is no contract required and you get a 7 day free trial. You can check out my review of Sling TV to see all it has to offer.

Buy Better Call Saul Online

You can purchase the entire 1st Season of Better Call Saul for only $16.99 from Amazon. The HD price is $26.99, but if you click the “more purchase options link you will see the more affordable SD option for $16.99.

Episodes are available to watch the very next day after airing, and the price you pay is to own the entire season of the show. Since it’s not a rental, you can watch it whenever you want and own it forever. “Better Call Saul” is also available for purchase through iTunes.

Once you buy the season pass you can watch current episodes with any device that supports Amazon Instant Videos or iTunes apps. That includes smartphones, tablets, and TV streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Purchasing TV shows this way leaves how you watch completely up to you. You can watch “Better Call Saul” online, on the go, or even on your living room TV. Episodes of Better Call Saul will start airing on February 15th, and you get a new episode each week one day after airing.

Purchasing Content Online Saves You Money

Paying only for the shows you want to watch makes sense. I get every broadcast station for free with my antenna, and my Netflix subscription provides loads of content for me to enjoy.

However, there are shows I watch like “The Walking Dead”, “The Americans”, and “Mad Men” that aren’t available on Netflix. I simply buy the current season from Amazon or iTunes and watch like everyone else at a fraction of the price people pay to watch on cable TV or satellite.

Americans paid an average of $64.41 for Cable TV in 2012. That figure doesn’t include the internet and phone that are often bundled with a cable subscription. For that price you can pay for a Netflix subscription and own full seasons of 32 different current TV shows.

Not that I have the time to follow 32 television shows. We only buy around 4-5 a year, which allows us to enjoy everything we used to watch with cable TV for around 1/3 of the price.

If you are the type to buy your favorite shows on Blu-Ray, this is an added savings since you will already own the show upon airing. While you can purchase the shows individually for $1.99, I prefer the discounted season pass to save a little more money.

Click Button to Purchase and Watch on Any Device
“Better Call Saul” – Season 2

You Can Always Wait for Netflix

TV shows will eventually end up on Netflix, so you can always wait until the current full season airs. Typically it’s about 9 months to a year before it’s viewable on Netflix.

“Better Call Saul” season 1 is available if you need a refresher. Season 2 will be available on Netflix sometime after the season ends. So if you think you can avoid the spoilers throughout the season, you can wait until all the episodes air and then view them through Netflix.

Whichever way you decide to watch, “Better Call Saul” is a show that you will not want to miss.

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  • I already purchased this on my iPhone but I guess I don,t know how to watch itwww.groundedreason.comAntoinette

    • See if it shows up in itunes store first. Click "more" then "purchased", then "TV shows". It can be played from there. It should also show up in the "Videos" app. If it's not under purchased content in iTunes store then I would make sure you were charged. If you were then contact support and let them know the TV isn't showing in itunes.

  • I am familiar with purchases on iTunes but not on Amazon.

    If you purchase a show on Amazon, and then you choose to allow your Amazon Prime membership to lax, will you still have access to your purchases for future viewing? Or would you lose them as you would when you turn in a cable box DVR?

    • Purchasing from Amazon Instant Video is completely separate from Amazon Prime. You don't even need to be a Prime member to purchase a movie or TV show. It's always wise to see if you have access to something through Prime before purchasing from Amazon Instant Video, but the two are completely separate.

  • I'm just in the beginning stages of cutting the cord. I have brought in broadcast local channels by antenna to 4 tvs which is working great. I have a netfix account and amazon through prime membership. I'm presently in free trial period with slingtv which also is working good. We like fox news channel (the five show & bill oreilly etc) but it seems this channel is not available anywhere? Can you get any channels in real time through streaming? I've subscribed to your website but can you shed some light now regarding my questions and offer any other things that might help? Thank you

    • There are quite a few news channels that do live streaming. Sling TV and Klowd TV both have live offerings. Unfortunately, Fox news doesn't seem to be a fan of cord cutting. They haven't provided a means outside of Pay TV to watch their channel. I'll keep an eye out for other options and If I see any other live offerings I'll be sure to put a post together.

  • I've had SlingTV for about a year now and also just realized that some shows like Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead offer On Demand viewing. So if you missed an episode and can't record it using your OTA DVR, you can go back and watch.

    Speaking of DVR's, I haven't cut the cable yet and am reviewing my DVR options. Since you connect the antenna to Tablo and it only streams (no HDMI connection), is it possible to watch live or streaming TV without using the phone/tablet app? My concern is, while I'll be able to navigate my viewing options there may be a few times a year we have guests or house sitters and I'd like for them to be able to use our remotes and at least watch live OTA TV or stream Netflix without having them download an app and give them a class.

  • Seems like 'pay only' for Season 2 of Better Call Saul:

    Amazon has it, but for 3 bucks an episode. Screw that!

    A&E does NOT have it "in season" and they are NOT showing it on the Fire Stick TV app
    NOR on the Roku app.

    This is where the "cutting the cord" runs into the bullshit of the Digital Rights Management Assn.

    The worst of the offenders is HULU. What a POS! And Sling isn't much better if you live on the West Coast, it's all East Coast feed. Why do I need that? I hated Sling TV.

    I thought by this point in time, that Cable TV would be dead, long dead, but those of us that still have it are still subsidizing those idiots who MUST have their coveted "sports packages" which the licensing fees alone are in the hundreds of millions for just ONE SEASON. We're paying the "slack" for those who DO get the "sports packages".........

    • The season pass is the way I go. Even if you follow 10 cable shows a year that's only $250 per year. It's much cheaper than cable.

  • I cut the cord and I love the savings! Here is what I did (and my wife and kids are not complaining at all):

    1. Put a huge huge huge antennae in my attic (70 mile range).
    2. Purchased a Channel Master DVR+ (allows free TV Guide forever with no subscription) and allows me to record shows broadcast to my USB hard drive that I can attach on any of it's usb ports.
    The ChannelMaster DVR+ box was about $260. It came with a universal remote that controls the DVR, my TV, and power to the box. It also controls the OTT channels like Slingbox. So, the menu is all in one! One remote for everything!!! Awesome.
    3. With the ChannelMaster DVR+, you also get internet stations for free. So, I get WGN in chicago for free and can access it from my menu of all channels from the same one remote....
    All together I get 200 broadcast stations (which look very crisp since they are in HD) and a bunch of internet stations (I think about a hundred) and then the OTT options including YouTube and Sling.
    4. I decided to pay the $20 bucks a month for 20 stations on Sling so that I can get CNN and History channel... These are also controlled with the same remote control.

    So, now, I only pay $20 per month and get everything I used to get when I was paying $130+ per month. I do not get FOX news though. But, at least I have CNN on Sling and all the other networks either on broadcast or internet stations (including RT, ABC, NBC, and some other ones I just discovered).

    I love it. I had to fork out a total of $120 (antenna) + $250 DVR + $60 (Hard Drive) + $50 (ant amp) up front (total = under $500). But I have already saved that amount in the first 4 months. My wife and I are still married and she is happy too.

    I don't work for any of the companies I mention and just love the fact that I am saving so much money. I hated Cox cable's bill every month. Now I only pay for data from them.

  • I just signed up for Sling TV so I could get all of the FX and AMC shows I want, but when I search for them nothing comes up. Better Call Saul, Halt and Catch Fire, Louie, etc.

    Atlanta comes up. Only the most recent episode of The Walking Dead comes up. Am I doing something wrong or is it false advertising to say they have all of the shows on the networks they claim to have?

    • The On Demand is different from network to Network. Sling TV offers live TV, so to catch those shows you would need to watch them when they air.