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How to Stream HGTV Online

Courtesy: HGTV

Aside from watching sports, one of the channels I’m asked most about watching without a cable TV subscription is HGTV. Shows like “Property Brothers”, “Flip or Flop”, or “Fixer Upper” provide high drama we all can relate to.

Thankfully, those of us without cable TV are not left out in the cold. There are multiple streaming services that allow you to stream HGTV without a cable TV or satellite subscription.

How to Watch HGTV without Cable

As with most content on cable today, there are alternate ways to enjoy the channels and shows you want without forking over mountains of cash to a cable TV provider. Here are a few of the cable subscription free ways you can stream HGTV online.

HGTV on Sling TV

HGTV is offered as one of the many channels on Sling TV.  It’s included in every base package  Sling TV offers starting at $20 per month. Sling TV provides a live stream of HGTV so you are able to watch exactly what would be airing on HGTV just as if you had cable.  Furthermore, Sling TV’s cloud DVR provides a method of recording your favorite HGTV shows. There is even HGTV network on demand, and you can pause and rewind the HGTV live stream.

Courtesy: HGTV

With online access to HGTV streaming, you will never miss great shows like “Fixer Upper”, “House Hunters”, “Flip or Flop”, “Love It or List It”, “Brother vs. Brother”, “Property Brothers” and more. Sling TV also offers HGTV content on-demand. The content available on demand does rotate. So don’t expect the entire HGTV archive to be available.

Along with HGTV, you will receive other Scripps Network Channels like the Travel Channel, and Food Network as part of the base package. DIY Network is also available through the “Lifestyle Extra” package as a $5 per month add-on package.

Sling TV is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and more, so it’s not a problem to enjoy HGTV on a TV, tablet, computer, or other smart devices.  There are more channels than I’ve mentioned available on Sling TV than what I’ve mentioned here. To find out more about what Sling TV has to offer, and more information about Sling TV device compatibility, check out my detailed review of Sling TV.

The review includes information on a Sling TV free trial and ways to get discounted (and Free) streaming devices so be sure to check it out. Currently, there are offers for a 7-day trial, free Roku, and $50 off an Amazon Fire TV.

Sign up for a free trial to Sling TV!

HGTV Streaming on Direct TV Now

AT&T’s Direct TV now service is another way you can watch HGTV Online. Like Sling TV they offer it as part of their most affordable “Live a Little” package. Although, the price is a bit steeper at $35 per month. You can check out everything this service offers by taking advantage of their free trial or read about it in my DirecTV Now review.

Philo has HGTV

Philo is non-sports streaming service that offers HGTV as part of their basic lineup for only $16 per month. It’s the most affordable ways to get HGTV without cable. However, Philo keeps costs low by not offer any sports channels.  It’s one of the most affordable ways to watch HGTV without cable. They even offer a free trial for you to test out their service.

Watch HGTV on Hulu

Hulu is another way you can stream live HGTV. Previously Hulu was known for their vast on-demand streaming library. Recently, they have added a Hulu Live TV service that offers Live HGTV Online Streaming. Hulu Live TV also includes the following features:

  • The basic package comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. (Upgrades available)
  • Watch on 2 screens at once. (Upgrades available)
  • Comes with 6 customizable profiles
  • Includes entire Hulu streaming library

Check out their free trial here.

HGTV on PlayStation Vue

Sony launched its nationwide rollout of its PlayStation Vue service in March 2016. It’s a great way to get a ton of TV channels without needing a cable provider. Vue’s entry package costs $30 per month and delivers over 50 channels over the internet.

These are channels you would typically see as part of a cable package like TBS, Discovery, and of course HGTV. While you may assume that Vue is only available on PlayStation, that isn’t the case. Vue is also available on Amazon Fire TV and other streaming devices. See my review of PlayStation Vue for more details on what channels are available and device support.

Update: HGTV has recently been added to FuboTV.

Purchase HGTV Shows Online

If you are simply interested in a few HGTV shows, you can purchase the full run of the current season online from Amazon, Itunes or another service.  This may be a cheaper option than purchasing a streaming service to deliver all HGTV has to offer.

For instance, season passes to the latest season of “Fixer Upper”, “Brother vs. Brother”, and “Flip or Flop” cost around $25 each. If those are the three HGTV shows you watch, then that only comes to $75 dollars a year which is under $6 per month.

That said, there you may be interested in shows on other networks. In that case, you may be better off going with Sling TV.  It ultimately depends on how many shows you are going to follow in a year. Almost every popular show is available online and once you purchase it, you own it.  That means you can watch it whenever you want.

All the options I mentioned so far give provide you with either a live stream of HGTV or the current episodes of shows one day after they air live. For those that can wait a little longer, some of the top hits from HGTV are available on Netflix and Hulu. It’s a great way to catch up on older episodes, but it sometimes takes a year or more for the current season to show up on those services.

Streaming HGTV if you Have A Pay TV Account

If you have cable TV,  you can watch HGTV online using the HGTV app. It’s available on almost every streaming device on the market. However, as I said, this requires a cable TV or satellite subscription. The HGTV  streaming app requires your (or someone else’s) Pay TV provider login credentials to access the content.

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  • Dennis thanks for another informative post. I was an early adopter of Sling but I'm moving to Vue because streaming quality is much better, the cloud DVR feature and more channels. It's worth the extra $10 per month because Sling is just not technically ready for prime time.

    • I never tried Sling because it lacked a DVR, but we love Vue. I even got my 88 year old parents set up with Vue. They love it. My mom gets HGTV and my dad gets all the sports he wants. The only negative is that in our market, the only network that's currently available is the local CBS. Not a big deal because we have Tablo DVR for OTA, but would be nice if we could watch everything in one app. BTW. For us, the DVR function is mandatory. I hate sitting through commercials.

  • If I cut the cord but have my moms cable login credentials would I be able to use the HGTV app at my house?

  • It appears a lot has changed since this article was written. Netflix doesn't have HGTV programs and Sling doesn't include it in their base package. Guess too many of us have cut the cord. Thoughts?

    • HGTV is still on Sling. You are correct about Netflix though. The contract expired this year. I'll have to update the article.

  • Watching Sling is next to impossible. I have come so close to shutting it down but there are so many of our favorite home shows; we just have to put up with it freezing constantly. Sling really needs their IT people to step up.

    • We've had good luck with PlayStation Vue on Fire TV, We have a PS3 and Roku also, but prefer the Fire TV app for Vue. Vue also has cloud DVR, so you can record your favorite HGTV shows (or any others) and FF through commercials. Not sure if Sling has DVR?

      • Sling TV just released their DVR. I agree that aside from a PS4, the Fire TV is the best device for PlayStation Vue.

    • I use it all the time and don't have an issue. You do need to have a good connection. If you are having trouble over Wifi, I'd try ethernet and see what happens.

  • Does anyone know how much it cost for hgtv on roku? I don't have sling TV and I'm not finding anything on Netflix or hulu.

    • Currently it's only available through services like Sling TV without cable.

  • I have paid cable TV through spectrum charter they said they are not Time Warner I have tried several options to get the app to work and it will not take my charter password and you have no option for charter cable as a link. I love to watch it on my Roku or. Fire stick . Please help.

  • I too am an avid proponent of PlayStation Vue. I have the least expensive package and enjoy all the shows that I used to watch on cable.
    I am a 73 year old retired lady and had no problem cutting the cord after reading Dennis's directions and revues on Amazon's Fire TV box.

  • Dennis, Just found you a couple days ago. I don't know very much about computers,no play stations, no smart phones. I have been off satellite and land line for 4 years now. I have an older tv set, a converter box and a wireless MoHu inside antenna 60 mile radius. I just get 10 channels. What I really want are all the Christian channels I once got on satellite. Can you help me? Martha

  • I was able to get HGTV,DIY, and food channel through our internet. We have a Roku and was getting it on there until I updated the apps a few months ago. Now it's giving me an error message that I can't watch it. Has anything changed with that.

  • Hi, now this seems a silly question maybe, but how can we get access to HGTV in the UK, when I log onto HGTV it says, sign in with provider, but of course we do not have one, there must a way ? :-)

    • That's the TV anywhere App. In The U.S. we have services like Sling TV and DirecTV now that make channels available outside of a traditional provider. However, I'm not aware of any services in the U.K. like that.

  • I have cable but channel lineup doesn't include HGTV, so I can't watch it on Roku.